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Aquarius - Astrology And Astrological Signs

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Aquarius and Self-Knowledge

The eleventh sign of the zodiac is famous for its unique and descriptive qualities, classified astrologically as the sign of individuality itself. Its ruling planet, Uranus, stands for individualized self-hood expressed at a high level. Therefore, when we enter the "Sign of the Water-bearer," we contact an interesting quality. People of Aquarius are different. They are individualistic, positive, creative, often advanced beyond their time. Their ruling planet and lucky star, Uranus, is outstanding in our solar affairs for his original way of conducting himself in our system of planets. His five satellites revolve around their major in an orbit perpendicular to the equator of the planet, rather than from east to west as our moon orbits around the earth. Could it be that Aquarians have a new approach to life, a "vertical" way as opposed to a "horizontal"-of seeing life, i.e., a highly individualized outlook on humanity and its affairs as distinct from the older "race thought" attitude? This idea is indeed food for thought. At least we know that Uranians are definitely not members of the "herd."

Aquarius is the sign of the patient teacher, the one who endeavors to awaken a spark of pure individualism within the hearts of his listeners, perceiving or understanding the requirements of his pupils. Thus they sow mental seeds within the minds of their listeners. They possess great powers of reasoning, and are capable of comprehending the most abstruse subjects and of receiving the most highly technical training. If they are not fortunate enough to obtain this training, they can, through exercise of their own ingenuity, achieve knowledge for themselves by personal endeavor so that they may put it to constructive use in their chosen directions. Many Aquarians are self-made men or women.

These types are number one among our tireless social workers, humanitarians, and teachers. It seems superfluous to mention that this is the sign of universal brotherhood whose objective is the establishment of universal peace. Let us, then, enter upon the various problems which Aquarians may meet in life, those occasioned by the twelve Labors. We can guess that, as Aquarians, they have a very unique way of handling their problems.