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New Steuben Creations

( Article orginally published December 1953 )

Nineteen new designs in Steuben crystal were recently displayed by Steuben Glass, at 718 Fifth Avenue, New York City.

The new pieces were designed primarily in response to the steady demand for gifts of fine crystal. The first group consists of one vase; four bowls; an old fashioned glass; a whiskey sour glass; a liquor glass; a compote dish; a cigarette urn; a sauceboat; and a small pitcher. The presentation pieces include three vases, a bowl, two covered centerpieces and a new engraved vase designed by Bruce Moore.

The Tulip-shaped Vase, 8 1/2 high, is a deep flower vase sheathed in two petal-like layers of crystal which give added brilliance to the piece when it is used as, a flower container.

The triangular Tricorn Bowl is 9 1/2" in diameter, with a base composed of three brilliant petal forms. This versatile piece, intended for flower or fruit arrangements, is equally useful as a serving bowl for desserts or salad.

The Butterfly Vase, with deeply sheared sides, is 6 1/2" high and will appeal particularly to those who enjoy experimenting with unusual decoratsve arrangements of fruit or flowers.

The Whirlpool Bowl, 9 1/2" wide, and the Star Bowl, 10 1/2" wide, are two especially effective additions to the Steuben collection. The former is a wide, deep piece, its brilliance accentuated by rhythmic waves of light shining within the crystal. The latter is a shallow bowl with a deep center, supported on its pedestal base by four shining prongs of crystal.

The three drinking glasses, a 1 1/2 ounce Liquor, 5 ounce Whiskey Sour and 9 ounce Old Fashioned are designed to match highball and cocktail glasses introduced by Steuben last year, and already greatly in demand. All are comfortable to handle, and are distinguished by narrow, heavy bases. The Liquor Glasses were designed also to accompany a Liquor Decanter introduced last Spring.

A curving handle of solid crystal highlights the flowing lines of a Compote Dish 8 3/4" long, for appetizers, nuts or candy.

A flared Cigarette Urn, 3 1/2" high and supported on two entwined crystal drops, is a useful and decorative accessory for a dining room or small side table. Also for the dining table are a bright crystal Sauceboat, 5 1/2" long, for sauce, mayonnaise or whipped cream, and a small, ten ounce crystal Pitcher.

The group of presentation pieces is characterized by unusual use of applied crystal ornamentation. Two Vases, one 14" and 13" in height are slender and cone-shaped, with narrow rims. In each, an outer layer of crystal is fused into the basic form in a free and fluid design. A third Vase, 12" high, has a wide mouth and narrow base decorated with four ribbon-like strips of crystal.

A covered Centerpiece, 10 1/2" high, is, a rounded bowl resting on a heavy, blown base. Two leaping sea-creatures form an ornamental finial. A second Centerpiece, 12 1/2" high, is sharply flared. Applied, cut decoration highlights the base and finial. A wide, shallow Bowl, 15" in diameter, is supported on a separate base with four curved feet. Bombus, Bruce Moore's new engraved vase, 10 1/4" high, completes the collection. It is a delicate and classically simple form, engraved bv copper wheel with a design of bees and clover.

In conjunction with the showing of new designs, Steuben Glass is opening its newly decorated Mezzanine Room, for the display of crystal particularly interesting to men. Drinking glasses and accessories, and articles for smoking, are given pre-eminence in this quiet and comfortable room, to which men looking for particularly suitable personal or business presents are cordially invited.

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