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Finger Ring History

Author: D. Tudor Harrell

Blest ornament! how happy is thy share, To bind the snowy finger of my fair! O, could I learn thy nice concise art, Now, as thou bindest her fingers, bind her heart.

The circle known as the finger ring, has been the object of ornament for thousands of years. Sometimes authorities connect Prometheus with finger ring, but Pliny says the inventor is unknown, and it was used by the Babylonians, Chaldeans, Persians and Greeks.

It has also been said that Dschmeid who made known the solar year introduced the ring.

Rings, from ancient times, denote power. Pharoah put his ring on Joseph's finger as a mark of power he gave him. People cried "Bow the knee."

Curtius tells us that Alexander the Great sealed the letters he wrote to Europe with his own ring seal, and those to Asia with Darius's ring. When he gave his ring to Perdiccas, it was understood to nominate him as his successor.

The ring Pharoah gave to Joseph is thought to have been a signet ring, designating him chief authority in that state, and giving authority to documents to which it was officially affixed.

The King of Persia gave his seal ring to successive ministers Haman and Mordecai (Ester VII-8).

In a ceremony, at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth I, she was wedded to the Kingdom with a ring she always wore, and which was filed off shortly before her death. (R-391-Edwards).

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