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A large number of reproductions, especially in pressed ware, are being manufactured. Those sold with the factory label are usually found in department stores or gift shops. Unfortunately, there are some small glass companies that are making unmarked reproductions. These appear for sale as originals in antique shops with or without the dealer's knowledge. The reproductions made in the early 1930s are harder to spot since they include some blown glass, such as Burmese and pictorial bottles. Ruth Webb Lee's revised Antique Takes and Reproductions is helpful for checking up on your pattern. Usually there are some discrepancies between the old and the new glass. If you are paying a large price for a piece, ask for a statement of authenticity from the dealer and the privilege of returning the article within a stated time.


For those of you who want company in your search for either an addition to your collection or to your store of knowledge, a membership in an antiques study club or a purely glass study club is well worth while. The former can include your friend who collects china; the latter will undoubtedly give you more immediate knowledge of your chosen field. Both types of clubs can be located through magazines devoted to antiques.

As an Englishman, writing on the collection of old glass said, "Good hunting."

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