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The Antique Booze Bottle

As in the case of bitters, bottles began bearing advertisements of the product they contained. In 1860 a distiller, E. G. Booze of Philadelphia, sold his whisky in a log cabin bottle bearing his name, address, the word "whiskey," and the date 1840. Although the word "booze" was used in Elizabethan England, this may have been the origin of its popularity in America.

In this field of bottles the collector can proceed along many lines and in various price ranges. There are a number of extremely rare types and colors, as well as many very common ones. Pictorial bottles or flasks satisfy the collector who desires rare pieces, beautiful colors, handmade, or early American glass. Perfume bottles are favorites, and exquisite pieces from Stiegel-types to the Steuben glass of today can be acquired for an historical collection. Bitter bottles are not as beautiful as many of the other types, but fascinating with their odd shapes and queer advertisements.

This is a field that interests men collectors. There are many who collect glass, including even table settings of pressed ware. Usually older and rarer pieces appeal to men more than later American glass. You can make collecting a family affair with even the children participating. In one family, the father collects pressed glass in wine and cordial glasses, the mother a table setting in pressed ware, and the little boy, glass toys.

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