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Pairpoint Glass Corporation

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The Pairpoint Corporation of New Bedford, Massachusetts, was established in 1865. Inasmuch as they make no pressed glass, Pairpoint is almost exclusively a lead base product. All blanks are made by free hand blowing or blowing into plain molds; those of heavy metal are ordinarily decorated by deep cutting, while the lighter blanks are dec- orated by stone engraving of the rock crystal type cutting. In Pairpoint's deep cut heavy crystal the designs are quite freed of the excessive prismatic precision of the glistening nineties. The noble old pin wheels, stars, and fans have given way to more natural lines; lines which harmonize with shapes and enhance transparency rather than create overdazzling effects.

Glyptic facets and highly polished nodules "en cabochon" under modern artificial lights are considerably more ostentatious than they were under the dimmer, yellow lights of the nineties. Happily, Pairpoint designers maintain a satisfying balance between brilliance and aesthetic cutting. Especially attractive among Pairpoint cut decorations is the gray cut design; this effect is achieved by smoothing the cuts with a stone instead of polishing to transparency.

Cobalt blue and light ruby are perhaps the most characteristic colors of Pairpoint glass. Little or no enamelling is done at present.

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