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Verlys Of America

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Verlys of America is a product of the Verlys division of the Holophane Glass Company, Newark, Ohio, which in turn is associated with the Societe Anonyme Holophane of Les Andelys, France, parent company of Verlys of France.

In as much as Verlys of America, in general, use the designs and molds of their French company, the American product differs only slightly from the French Verlys, which is described under French glass. Verlys of America produces molded glass only, whereas the French company makes considerable blown ware. The American Verlys is producing some interesting applied color designs (the French company does none of this). In this process, a frit composed of finely ground glass and an oil color is applied to the undecorated cold glass. When refired at low temperature this colored frit fuses into the glass while the oil oxidizes, leaving the desired color as part of the original glass. Verlys of America produce their appealing new color "dusty rose" by this process.

With the exceptions of American Verlys blue and amber, which are somewhat deeper than the French Verlys, colors in Verlys glass are all derived from the French company's formulas. Hence the discussion of colors in connection with Verlys of France also applies to Verlys of America.

All American Verlys is hand signed. The name Verlys is scratched in with diamond pencil; the French ware ordinarily carries only a mold impressed signature.

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