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John Walsh And John Moncrieff Glassmakers

John Walsh Walsh, Ltd. (Soho and Vesta Glassworks), of Birmingham, England, has been in business since 1801, continuing under the direction of the members of John Walsh Walsh's family without a break since its foundation. Walsh Walsh crystal glassware is entirely a handmade product, which interprets the spirit of the age, or reproduces "period" glass with utmost accuracy. Skillful cutting on well shaped, crystal clear glass may be considered a fair, unqualified definition of Walsh Walsh glass. Although prismatic form and that type cutting has been rather completely exploited, this firm is remarkably successful in its continuance. Intangibly, their highly refractive ware reflects utter confidence in their ability to outdo others using the same tools and materials.

Essentially their decorations are deep cut on rather thick metal, but they belie any such characterization in their airy little animal figures of blown opaque glass; and their uncommonly beautiful colored glass of lighter metals.

John Moncrieff, Ltd., Perth, Scotland. In 1924 this old firm of industrial glassmakers entered the decorative field with their "Monart glass," a distinctive colored product. In it the color has been incorporated into the body of the handmade glass, to attain amazing effects; flecks, marbling, streaked glass-random or controlled in design-and innumerable other striking color patterns. As yet the production is largely confined to lamps, flower bowls, jars, and ornamental pieces.

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