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Cambridge Glass Company

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The Cambridge Glass Company was established at Cambridge, Ohio, in 1901. Their production consists of pressed and blown glass of either lime or lead base. Etching, coloring, cutting, gold decoration, and enamelling comprise the bulk of their decorations.

In their colors, Cambridge royal blue is derived from zaffer, forest green from chrome oxide, amber from sulphur, and selenium produces their beautiful peach-blo. Cam bridge glass is perhaps most characterized by its unusual colors, intricate and lacy acid etchings, remarkable transparency even in the pressed wares, and the precise and pleasing designs of their cut crystal.

In pressed ware, which is a considerable portion of their production, they heed aesthetic satisfaction by adapting utilitarian grace to the lines and shapes of the pieces. The Cambridge designers sense that duplication of a beautiful shape or design can escape banality, when the original is truly beautiful and the reproduction authentic.

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