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Val Saint Lambert, Artist Of Fine Glass

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Liege,the seventeenth century glass center of Belgium, produced quantities of glass largely in imitation of the German and Venetian. However, it met little beyond local favor and by 1800 Liege and its glass had lost in the race against the new English flint glass.

Between then and the rise of the industry at Val Saint Lambert, there was only one little glimmering of nice glass, that being at Namur where the Zoude family did some worthwhile work. Here at Namur has been excavated an ancient glass factory possibly of Roman construction.

The Val Saint Lambert factories, founded by the Frenchmen Lelievere and Kemlin in 1825, began their greatest development later when Jules Deprez assumed management. Their exports perhaps exceed those of any other brand. Characterizing the glass are a peculiar ring and a unique limpidity. It appears in a wide range of styles; molded, pressed, and blown, with a full range of decorative schemes. Heavy cut crystal is specialized in at their Walloon Works, also shallow wheel engraving in gossamer designs and lacy traceries. Val Saint Lambert cased glass embodies very real craftsmanship in wheel cutting over the laminated layers of several tints. In this ware colorful jewel effects gleam through the varying depths of the cuts, changing with every light focus. Particularly appealing is the gold and engraved work of K. Graffarth, of Val Saint Lambert.

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