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Famous German Artists of Glass

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The Deittsche Werkstatte in Munich has produced, with the artist Seyfried, some classic engraved glass adorned with his characteristic sport figures, small animal grotesques, et cetera. Especially attractive are his dessert pieces and drinking glasses. Other Munich artists working with the institute are Emmerich, Susz, Rehm, Vietor, Hillerbrand, and Neeb-Seyfried.

Wilhelm von Eiff, of the Arts and Crafts School at Stuttgart, a painter as well as glass artist, is master of all types of glass cutting, from bold reliefs in his magnificent cameo work to the laciest intaglios. His artistry is applied also to quartz, rock crystal, lapis lazuli, onyx, and other semiprecious stones. The quality of von Eiff's work can be gauged by the fact that, prior to the war, he was making numerous objets d'art for Rene Lalique and his discriminating clientele.

Richard Sussmuth at Penzig in Silesia is outstanding in the realm of glass. His art seems built around a philosophy that there are no limitations imposed on the artist who ex presses himself in glass. His figurative design mysteriously subordinates the glass to its effect, never assuming the appearance of an addenda. Geometric configurations always reveal a common origin with the shape of the piece. Prismatic calculations subtly guide some of his most "careless" slashes; and enhancing light refractions creep into designs to produce eerie nuances in the crystal.

The influence of Haertl and Benna at the Breslau trade school is felt throughout the Silesian factories and showrooms. Another German artist, Rudolph Ville, specializes in the application of true artistry to household glass; Walter Nitschke is recognized_ for his employment of delicate decorative lines of almost microscopic proportions; Karl Friedrich for his excellent colored glass; H. Sattler for his superb cut goblets. Among others who have done noteworthy work are Ida Paulin, Jean Beck, B. Bayerle and K. Bertsch.

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