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History Of Rene Lalique

Rene Lalique was represented at the Paris exhibition of 1900 and acclaimed, but in the field of jewelry rather than glass. Finding this field too limited for his ambitions and enamoured with crystal and glass, he started, about 1902, the manufacture of art pieces in the little bulb plant which he took over at Combs-la-Ville, in the suburbs of Paris. Soon he was creating worthwhile glass and gained quick recognition.

While Lalique was thus engaged, Galle was acclaimed for productions in which he used superimposed layers of colored glasses to obtain effects similar to those of cameo engraving.

Lalique's approach to glass, however, was different. While Galle was primarily a painter, Lalique is primarily a sculptor. He works through the crystalline purity of glass, always depending upon the sheer solidity of the pure hard glass for decorative foundation. Occasionally eerie tints embody in his glass ethereal shadows quite indescribable if one has not witnessed fairies capering under a fading rainbow. He is the rare combination of artist and practical man. With all his delicate shades, balance, and pleasing lines, the utility of the piece is his first consideration. Thus he subtly commands respect as well as admiration for the beautiful. This unusual artistic equilibrium, linked with technical knowledge and captivating decorative ideas, endows Lalique's creations with a natural individuality. The glass of some of his productions, in its peculiar iridescence, seems alive with phantom glows like that of the tomb-seasoned glass of the ancients. "For decorative effects he gets his inspirations from nature, adapting, however, the motif, with rare sagacity, to the object whose beauty it is to enhance."

His use of the cire perdue process (glass blown into clay molds) has enabled him to create unique pieces which have found their way into the homes of collectors of rare and unusual examples of artistic creation. Every design that comes out of his work-shop is Lalique's personal creation. The name LALIQUE is etched into each piece.

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