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Pottery Barn, I Love The Barn

Author: Sharon Stajda

The Pottery Barn was founded in 1914. The first stores were based in Manhattan, New York. There were 21 stores. In 1986 Pottery Barn sold to William Sonoma Inc. It has since evolved into the number one home furnishing retail store in the USA, and now in Canada. There are 120 stores across the USA, and most likely more to come. After Sonomas great success with Pottery Barn, the company was prompted to launch Pottery Barn Kids, and Pottery Barn Bed And Bath.

Pottery Barn also has a wonderful Internet site. The site is user friendly, and offers a wide selection of goodies for the home. The store catalog can also be ordered from the site. Last year over 98 million catalogs were distributed. To quote Forbes Magazine, “Pottery Barn best of the web”. How to find a Pottery Barn near you? Just go to www.potterybarn.com. You will find the option Store Locator. I found this feature to be a great plus, not only will you be able to find your nearest Pottery Barn, they offer a handy, easy to read map. My first shopping spree was great...

Pottery Barn is a one stop home decorating meca. The stores are large, with wonderful large worktables that enable one to lay out fabrics and such, to help you put all your decorating items into perspective. It truly helps when trying to put together that special look. I have always found the staff to be very helpful, friendly, and always ready to aid with decorating needs. The staff are also helpful with pointing you in the right direction, to aid in finding just what you're looking for. I always come away with loads of goodies.

I suggest all Brides register at Pottery Barn. They have such a wide variety of household items, with many styles to choose from. Just about everything one could need to set up a new home. From furniture, to all your bed, bath, and kitchen needs. I suggest a visit to the store, (with a friend or two) pick out all your goodies, then go home, get on-line, and register all your gift choices. Take your time, and enjoy making yourself a dream list from the comforts of your own dwelling.

The Internet site does a booming business, and is so easy to navigate. One can actually browse room by room, for ideas on how to decorate, color styles, you name it. While you are visiting the Pottery Barn Web site, take the time to order your free catalog. It only takes few moments. The form is short, without personal questions, in regards to credit and such. I received my catalog in 5 days. Catalog shopping is a nice option. You can order via mail, telephone, or on their Web site.

On-line shopping at the Pottery barn site is a breeze. First you must register. They ask all the questions one might expect to be asked when shopping on-line. Nothing out of the ordinary. If you order a couple different delivery methods are offered. Which is good, in case you need your item in a hurry. I might add there is no problem in returning an item, if you find you are not satisfied, for one reason or the other. Another great feature of the site, you can pick a gift, have it wrapped and sent to the giftee, all in good speed. Naturally for this wrapping service there will be a small fee.(I believe $4 or $5. But this cost is relatively small, if compared to going to the card store and making your selection of wrapping items. I mean have you checked out the cost of wrapping paper lately, not to mention bows? A good option when picking a gift is to use the sites feature Gift Ideas. This feature offers lots of ideas on gift giving, and one option is gifts listed by price. This can save time in narrowing it down to what you are interested in spending. This can your make your on-line shopping a bit easier.

All And All “I LOVE THE BARN”. I give it the thumbs up, for being a one stop home decorating store, and an all round good place to shop.

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