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Decorating Your Bathroom With Antiques

THE BATHROOM IS A COMPARATIVELY modern innovation, but that does not mean that it must therefore be a room forgotten by the lover of antiques. By the simple addition of a few accessories, even the smallest bathroom can take on some of the antique charm which flourishes in the other rooms without losing its modern, utilitarian character.

Start by adding a mirror. Any style which pleases you will do; however, the adverse effects of the steam from hot water will be detrimental to any glue, so it is best to avoid veneered examples. Place the mirror opposite the existing mirror in the medicine chest; this will allow you to see the back of your hair for easier setting and for that last minute primping. Dad may spend a little time grumbling about his growing bald spot, but after a while he will get used to seeing it.

Almost any sort of small, hanging cabinet or whatnot can be a useful addition to the bathroom.

A pine spice cabinet does not take up much space while its small drawers will hold all kinds of necessary items to help eliminate clutter in the medicine chest. Its handy drawers can hide such things as bobby pins, hair clips, curlers, small combs, rubber bands for pony tails, nail polish, cotton pads, new razor blades and that orangish lipstick that you only wear with the orange print cotton dress.

A pretty silver or ivory napkin ring can be attached by a thin ribbon to the side or bottom of the spice cabinet. This will provide a handy, wrinkle-free holder for a11 little daughter's hair ribbons.

If your family prefers tub baths to showers, a hanging salt box can be placed above the tub for your scented bath salts.

If the size of your bathroom will allow, a shallow cupboard or a small commode will serve for towel storage and at the same time release valuable space in the linen closet. A Victorian wash stand takes little space and can be used to hold perfumes, cologne and bath powder as well as be a place for guest towels. A towel rack is stili smaller but lacks the table area.

A hall tree would be welcome in the modern bathroom, to hold your robe while you bathe, or, when you have an overnight guest, for that guest towel that has no place. With more limited space, you might look around for a jamb hook which can be attached to the back of the door or the wall, and used for the same purposes.

Brass or other decorative drapery rods can be substituted far the more modern towel racks.

With the color scheme monochromatic (one color, or different shades of one color) and the antiques all finished in their natural wood, the total effect is one of modern efficiency surpassed by antique charm.

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