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Mirrors and Miniatures

Considered as furniture, mirrors were made in many styles and sizes from small courting glasses to full length cheval glasses.

Early looking-glasses had wide bevels around the edge following the frame. This was very slight but can be felt by rubbing the fingers gently over the glass. In contrast, the modern bevel is sharp and distinct.

Shaving mirrors are those nice little mirrors set on a frame above several small drawers. They were made in many different styles, and give a decorative touch to any room as well as being a handy aid to last-minute primping.

Cheval glasses are large mirrors on standing frames. For the house without a full length mirror, one of these is the answer to straight seams and even hems. These too, were made in several styles.

Consider the decorative aspects of mirrors and use them to fullest advantage in your house. Place the mirror where its reflection will repeat a pleasant setting or create a sense of space to a small area. Strategically placed mirrors can improve your home decor greatly.

These charming little articles are to be found in almost every variety of furniture. There is considerable difference of opinion as to the original purposes of miniature furniture. Some sources contend that they were made as children's toys for doll furniture, while others just as vehemently state that they were samples of a convenient size for salesmen to carry around in order to sell the full-size models. Whatever the first reasons for making miniature furniture, they are lovely little articles with a multitude of uses today.

Miniature chests of drawers are especially desirable for their tiny storage areas in such a decorative setting. Ideal for gloves and scarves, as a jewelry box, for handkerchiefs, stockings, or any small items which must be kept handy. One can be used as a sewing box, its little drawers holding scissors, needles, threads, odd buttons, hooks and eyes, pin cushion and tape measure. For the woman who sews it might also keep her patterns filed away neatly.

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