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Outdoor Living And Antiques

Do you have a large patio or just a postage stamp sized porch? A large elaborate barbecue pit or just a tiny folding grill? In any case you want to get the most of those hot, lazy summer evenings. Old kerosene lamps can be found in several sizes and many pleasing designs-some so simple of design that they look positively modern. Use them just as they are for outdoor lighting. Let Husband take care of the lamps and the kerosene just as he does the gasoline for his power mower.

The long-handled cooking tools that once provided protection from open fireplace cooking are ideal for your barbecue.

Use woodenware as much as possible to save worry about breaking good dishes or bowls. Do not hesitate to wash woodenware articles! Scrub them well, but avoid soaking in water. It is better to have a slightly warped bowl, knowing it is dean enough to eat from, than an unwarped one which has you in doubt.

Some women wash and sterilize old chamber pots to use as expendible punch bowls for outdoor parties. They can also be used for soup tureens, and in either case will be a sure "conversation piece."

Large copper and brass kettles will make attractive planters for your lawn or patio and need not even be leakproof. A few holes on the bottom will provide drainage as well as a reasonable price for you; with colorful petunias spilling over the top no one will ever know.

Weather vanes and door knockers can be found in many shapes and add to the appearance of any house.

You can use furniture which was made especially for the garden, such as the formal, cast iron variety, or you can humorously make use of whatever is not fine enough for the inside of your house. A coat of exterior enamel paint in white or any color which harmonizes with your house will transform even the roughest cast-off into an acceptable garden seat. Here the quality will not be the first consideration, but price. Look for poorer specimens to be used this way, as they will be exposed to the elements all summer you will not want to misuse a fine antique this way.

Old wagon seats with legs added to bring them up to a comfortable height, and gaily painted, are most attractive. A discarded cobbler's bench will provide both table area and a seat. Split log benches are a rustic delight.

A place to sit makes your garden much more enjoyable. Let your imagination run wild; use whatever catches your fancy. If you feel artistic you might try gay peasant designs and motifs.

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