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Availability of Antiques

MANY FINE EXAMPLES Of antique furniture have found their way into our museums. These, then, since they belong to the museums, in a way become everybody's property. Being on display for all to see, these excellent pieces benefit the whole populace and are doubly valuable in this respect.

It is important that there be displays set up in the various historical societies so that this important phase of the past will be permanently preserved.

This is fine as far as it goes, but there is another side of this subject which is less beneficent. Consider the individual who spends a pleasant afternoon at the local museum or historical society viewing some superb examples of the carver's and cabinetmaker's art, then goes out in futile quest of similar items far her own domicile. This is particularly apt to occur in the larger cities, such as New York-where Philadelphia highboys shake hands with Rhode Island block front furniture in the famed Metropolitan Museum.

The most highly desirable articles were made in limited quantities; some now reside in the better museums and some are heirlooms in the mansions of the wealthy. They are proudly handed down from one generation of blue bloods to the next, with no thought of selling.

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