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Antiques for Every Taste

THERE ARE As MANY KINDS Of antiques as there were people who made and used them. This allows that there will be antique furniture to suit your needs no matter what your personal tastes.

The essence of a house is that it must express the family it houses. Your home is actually an extension of yourself and your family: of your requirements, your work and play habits, and your individual and collective preferences. All these variables must be taken into consideration when furnishing a home.

The size of your family will effect the kind of antiques you will buy for your home. A family consisting of just a husband and wife will be able to utilize the finest in their home. Add some small children and the requirements demand more rugged furnishings. Older children are not so destructive, yet they need more space to stretch and a chance to express their parts as members of the family unit. Any members of the older generation living with you will also have their requirements as to privacy and conveniences which may at times conflict with others.

Knowing your family as only you can, keep all those requirements in mind when selecting antiques in the neighborhood "Shoppee."

Do not let yourself be swept away by a spur of the moment purchase which will be impractical in your home.

The great variety of styles allows for an equal variety of choice: the woman who feels most comfortable in chic tailored clothes,shirtmaker dresses, plain shirts and skirts, might very well choose the straight lines of Sheraton styling as her preference; while at the same time her sister who prefers lacy garments, ribbons, jabots and bouffant skirts would rather have frilly Victorian furniture in her home.

Fussy Victorian, delicate Hepplewhite, graceful Queen Anne, heavy, sturdy Empire, bold, masculine Chippendale, tailored, straight-lined Sheraton, casual country pines: different character istics to appeal to different personalities-yet each has its honored place in the hearts of antique lovers. Same styles appeal more to certain people than others, and some people have more than one favorite.

Whatever your tastes, there is just the antique for you, all you have to do is search for it--and that's half the fun.

Encourage friend Husband to help select your furniture. He has to live there too, and who knows? He may just come up with a suggestion that will add a spark to an otherwise plain room.

Shopping around from store to store, diligently seeking out that one special piece of furniture you need is not always to a man's liking. If, on the other hand, you do the preliminary shopping to eliminate what is not suitable, then Husband will not object so strenuously to looking in just one or two shops to help make the final decision. Just as a mother avoids asking, "Would you like some green beans for dinner?" by the subtle question, "Which do you prefer, green beans or peas?" thus keeping the child too busy deciding which of two alternatives to choose to realize that he did not really want either; so it often is with the shrewd antique shopper. Let your Husband decide which of two or three specific antiques he would prefer to have in your home.

The amount and kind of entertaining that you do will have some bearing upon the antique furnishings for your home. Formal entertainment of your Husband's business associates, important social obligations and stuffy business contacts require a more formal decor than entertaining of a casual nature, consisting mostly of family and personal friends.

A card party for the "girls," a cocktail party, a summer barbecue, junior's Boy Scout troop meeting-each so different from all the others, and yet the same house must provide, and provide graciously, for each event.

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