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Jacobean Furniture

Jacobean is the term used to cover all English style furniture from the reign of James I to James II-1603 to 1688.

The first furniture made on our side of the ocean, then, was the same Jacobean that was being used in England at that time. What little furniture was produced during this time was sturdy, but stiff and uncomfortable. It consisted mainly of chests which were paneled and carved, cupboards, trestle tables and wainscot chairs. Also the Brewster and Carver chairs were made with numerous spindles filling their straight frames. They take their names from two distinguished Colonists.

Flemish scrolls, paneling, applied split spindles and carving, along with rush seats, Spanish feet, bulbous ornaments and twist or spiral carvings were the decorative features, making this straight massive furniture formal as well as formidable in appearance. Oak was the most popular wood used along with some of the abundant pine. Oak paneling with linenfold and Tudor rose carving completed what must have been dreary interiors.

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