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Colonial Furniture

"Colonial" is a name given to the furniture made while our country was one of the English colonies and covers the years from 1620 to 1776 or a little later.

There is no definite Colonial style as such. What is considered Colonial is actually the typically American version of the furniture popular during that time.

Simpler, plainer furniture was better suited to the needs of the settlers than the finer, more elaborate furniture being made at the same time in England. The wealthier people in the big cities followed English styles more closely than other segments of the population.

Native woods such as pine, ash, hickory, apple, pear, cherry and maple were used, and reed and rush seats were common. Slatback chairs, Carver chairs, settles, hutch tables, gateleg tables, Welsh cupboards, pierced tin pie cupboards, board chests, blanket chests, butterfly tables-all sorts of the simpler furniture can be classified under this heading.

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