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Pattern Milk Glass

In milk or opaque glass the patterns most available include Strawberry, Sawtooth, Wheat, Blackberry, Grape, Princess Feather, Waffle, Daisy, Scroll, Basket Weave, Cosmos, Shell, Swan, Cameo and Beaded Jewel. Many patterns with openwork design are beautiful and plates with borders of these patterns, which include Arch, Lattice, Gothic, Wicket, Scroll and Leaf, Diamond and Shell, Fan and Circle, and S and Backward C, are popular with collectors of milk glass. They are found both in black and white glass and occasionally in blue. Milk-glass plates were also made in sentimental patterns such as Three Kittens, Owl, and Chickens. Compotes, bowls, dishes, and platters, including the well-known "Retriever" platter and "Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread," are also available to the collector. Bottles include a fluted flask, a duck bottle, and bear bottles. Historical bottles, including Grant's Tomb, Statue of Liberty, Bunker Hill Monument, and Columbus Column, are rare. Covered dishes include ducks, turkeys, hens, swans, rabbits, fish, dogs, cats, eagles, deer, lions, birds, and other animals as well as battleships. The best-known covered dishes were made by McKee Brothers of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and by the Atterbury Company. Opaque caramel, custard, and purple slag or marble glass was made in less quantity and in only a few patterns. For this reason it is harder to find.

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