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Paperweights were made after 1850 at Sandwich and several other American glass factories. Sandwich paperweights were of the millefiori and candycane type; and also with fruit and flowers on a lattice background. Among the well-known Sandwich weights are a pink poinsettia, or a purple or blue dahlia or a pansy on a white lattice background. Some paperweights have tiny pears, apples, or cherries, and green leaves on a white lattice background and one of the loveliest Sandwich weights has five strawberries with leaves and dew bubbles on a fine lacy ground. The Mt. Washington Glass Company made a paperweight with a salmon-pink rose held by a hand with a gold ring on one finger. Cameo weights with heads of Washington, Lincoln, and Victoria and Albert were also made. New England Glass Works made a blown pear and apple set on a crystal base. They are distinctive in that they are not encased in glass. One of the most distinctive American paperweights is the Milleville Rose. The rose is usually pink, white, or yellow, and stands upright on a heavy circular foot with a cylinder or baluster stem. Other paperweights include a hunting scene and sentimental subjects with inscriptions such as "Friendship," "Home Sweet Home," "Hope," and "Remember Me" set within a wreath, anchors, butterflies, or patriotic or Masonic emblems.

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