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Spain - The Present And Future Of Spain
CONTEMPORANEOUS Spain is full of disorder. The political, financial, and social machinery is out of joint, and civil war, active or latent, is carried on almost in every province. The ruin wrought by these incessant domestic wars is incalculable.Successive Governments have had recourse to miserable expedients without being able to disguise the bankrupt condition of the country.
Spain - Government And Administration
SINCE September, 1818, when a revolution upset the Government of Isabella II., Spain has passed through a series of revolutions and convulsions, terminating in December, 1874, in the accession of Alfonso XII., a son of Isabella. Soon afterwards the revolt in the Basque provinces raised by Don Carlos, the 'legitimate' king of the country, was suppressed, and the work of internal organization...
Portugal - General Aspects
PORTUGAL, one of the smallest states of Europe, was nevertheless during a short epoch one of the most powerful.It might appear at the first glance that Portugal ought to be a member of a state including the whole of the Iberian peninsula; but it is neither to chance nor to events purely historical that Portugal owes its separate existence. The country is one by its climate, fauna, and vegetation, and the inhabitants dwelling within it naturally adopted the same sort of life...
Portugal - Northern Portugal
THE mountains of Lusitania are a portion of the great orographical system of the whole peninsula ; but they are not mere spurs, gradually sinking down towards the sea, for they rise into independent ranges; and the individuality of Portugal is manifested in the relief of its soil quite as much as in the history of its inhabitants.
Portugal - The Valley Of The Tejo (Tagus)
THE lower course of the Tejo, called Tajo in Spain, separates Portugal into two portions differing much in their general aspect, climate, and soil. The valley itself is a sort of intermediary between the north and south, and the vast estuary into which the river discharges itself.Where the Tejo enters Portugal, below the magnificent bridge of Alcantara, it is still hemmed in between precipitous banks, and is neither navigable nor available for purposes of irrigation.
Portugal - Southern Portugal, Alemtejo And Algarve
THE mountains beyond the Tejo rarely assume the aspect of chains. For the most part they rise but little above the surrounding plateau. This region is the least attractive of all Portugal, and between the Tejo and the mountains of Algarve there are only plains, monotonous hills, woods, and naked landes. Human habitations are few and far between.
Portugal - Present And Future
LITTLE Portugal no longer shares with her neighbour, Spain, in the dominion of the world, as in the fifteenth century. The secrecy observed with a view to the retention of the monopoly of trade with countries newly discovered proved in the end most injurious to Portugal. Other nations appeared upon the stage which the Portuguese had dreamt of occupying for ever...
Portugal - Government And Administration
PORTUGAL is an hereditary and constitutional monarchy. In accordance with the Carta de Ley of 1826, as revised in 1852, the King is charged with the executive, and shares the power of making laws with two chambers. He receives a civil list of 41,000, enjoys the income from certain Crown lands, and possesses magnificent Crow n jewels, amongst which the 'diamond of Braganca' is the most famous.
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