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One Young Man In Camp
WITHIN a fortnight this one young man was in camp at Crowborough. The contrast to his previous life as a city clerk, where mud was unknown and wet feet a rare occurrence, wasmarked indeed.
One Young Man On Active Service
SYDNEY BAXTER was sent with his unit to Rouen. He writes: We were tightly packed in a small tent at Rouen Camp.
One Young Man At Hill
MANY have described in vivid, and none in too vivid, language the fighting in the spring of 1915. This one young man went through it all, through the thickest of it all.
One Young Man Receives A Letter
GEORGE'S stepfather wrote to Sydney Baxter as soon as he received the heartbroken letter tellingof his chum's death. To this letter from the father I devote a chapter. It must stand alone.
One Young Man In The Salient
THE city of Ypres, which Sydney Baxter had entered some few months previously, was now a heap of ruins. The whole country was desolate: the once picturesque roads lined by trees werenow but a line of shell holes, with here and there leafless, branchless stumps, seared guardians of the thousand graves.
One Young Man's Sunday
To tell you that I am at present on this Sunday afternoon lying on the grass watching a cricket match no doubt seems strange. But that is what I am doing and with quite an easy conscience.
One Young Man On Trek
IT was on August Bank Holiday Monday that Sydney Baxter's battalion made its long journey south.
One Young Man Answers Questions
SYDNEY BAXTER'S American correspondent has sent me a letter which gives such an admirablepicture of the day-to-day life of a Tommy at the front that it merits a separate chapter.
One Young Man's Leave
HE again writes: We had done two days out of our six in the trenches a little south of Albert. They were in such a state that it was impossible to walk from one post to another. The mud was over our knees and all communication was cut off by day.
One Young Man Again In The Trenches
ON his return from leave Sydney Baxter writes: January 29th, 1916. I am writing this in a small estaminet which is much overcrowded, and in the conversation can only be described as a din.
One Young Man Gets A "blighty"
SYDNEY BAXTER'S Division was on the left flank of the British attack at Gommecourt, which met with great stubbornness on the part of the enemy, and resulted in heavy losses.
THERE are those who think that one should not to one's forebears and that it savors of pride not consistent with latter-day democracy.
Some Stories Of The Pioneer Days
I CANNOT leave the old folks without relating some stories of the pioneer days, for some of which I am indebted to my cousin, Mr. Edward Harris.
My Youth And Education
THE MAJORITY of people who write autobio- graphics seem to think that the details of their entry into this vale of tears is of intense interest to the public. Suffice it to say that I was born in Bay Street, Toronto, on January 21st, 1855.
Youth And Education - Vienna
LATE in the summer of the year 1878 I returned to England on my way to Vienna. At that time and for many years after, until the war, Vienna was the Mecca of hundreds of medical students of all nationalities.
Professional Life
I ARRIVED in Halifax in January, 1880, and immediately hoarded an Intercolonial train for home. We arrived at Riviere du Loup one evening and shortly after pulled out. I went to bed and was soon asleep. In the morning I woke up much refreshed and thought I had never had such a sound sleep in a Pullman.
Military Life, The Fenian Raid Of 1870
WHILE at home for the Christmas holidays, I was induced in January, 1870, to join No. 4 Company, Queen's Own Rifles, as a private. I did it for a lark with others of my friends. I was under the legal age for enlistment, but so were the others.
The Northwest Rebellion, 1885
IN THE reorganization of the 10th Royals and the appointment of Lieut.-Col. II. J. Grassett as commanding officer in the fall of 1880, I applied for a commission and was gazetted assistant surgeon of the battalion, now renamed The Royal Grenadiers, on January 13th, 1881.
My Venture In Politics
I HAVEalways been interested in public affairs. To my mind every citizen owes it to himself and his country to take an interest in them, for, after all, the country's business is his business.
Formation Of The Association Of Medical Officers Of The Canadian Militia
MY EXPERIENCES in the North-west Rebellion, related elsewhere, impressed upon my mind the necessity for reform in the Medical Service of the Militia, but it was some years later before I saw my way to do anything to bring it about.
Order Of The Hospital Of St. John Of Jerusalem
Its ancient origin and its modern works of beneficence. His Order is probably the most ancient now - existing in Europe, having been founded by Peter the Hermit in 1030 A.D. at Jerusalem. It had its origin in the necessity for medical aid during the Crusades.
British Red Cross Society
THE BIBLE tells us that the story of humanity I began with one man and one woman. The story of the Red Cross begins with one man only.
Canadian Red Cross Society
IN PURSUANCE of the idea, which almost obsessed me, of furthering the development of themedical service of the Militia, I entered into a correspondence with the National Society for Aidto the Sick and Wounded in War (which bore the subtitle of British Red Cross Society) to ascertain if it would be possible to establish a branch in Canada.
THE WORD Spain evokes thoughts of ro mance: Spanish galleons, gold, buccaneers, conquistadores and senoritas.
Diamond Jubilee
IN THE year 1897 Her Most Gracious Majesty, Queen Victoria, completed sixty years of her glorious reign, and representative people were called to London from the Dominions, India, and the colonies and dependencies of the Empire to celebrate this great...
Coronation Of King Edward VII
ON JANUARY 22nd, 1901, the great Queen Victoria died, greatly beloved and respected throughout the Empire and the world; and her eldest son, Albert Edward, Prince of Wales, ascended the throne under the style and title of Edward VII.
United Empire Loyalists Association
THERE is no occasion to tell Canadians who the Empire Loyalists were, but as this book may fall into the hands of those whose knowledge of Canadian history is limited, it may be well to write a few paragraphs in explanation.
South African War
DURING the summer of 1899 the distant grumblings of a war storm in South Africa reached Canada. It seemed so far away that it did not, at first, awaken any echoes.
KIMBERLEY showed all the signs of having gone through a siege. Buildings were shattered, shelters had been built and in the park was a high tower on which a bugler had been stationed to give the alarm when a great shell from the Boer's Long Tom was coming, so that the people could take refuge in the shelters and disused mine heads.
South African War (continued)
REMAINED only two days in Capetown, during which I fed well and slept a great deal, after which I picked up rapidly and began to visit the hospitals at Woodstock, Wynberg and Rondebosch.
Hungary And The Hungarians
I HAVE always suffered from Wanderlust and have crossed the Atlantic Ocean twenty-four times and the continent of North America six times. I spent four weeks at sea going from Halifax to Capetown during the South African War and three months going and returning from the Orient.
The Great War
DURING the spring of 1914 we enjoyed delight-weather and we were all very happy looking forward to a pleasant holiday at our summer residence at Oakhurst, Sturgeon Point.
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