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How Europe Looks At India - The Problem Of Response
The study of cultural relations, far from being a merely intellectual subject-matter to be treated academically, involves the scholar in an analysis of what might be called cultural dynamics, a study of parallel developments, influences, and cross-currents...
How Europe Looks At India - The Enlightenment
The nineteenth-century romantics were by no means the first to 'discover' India. Already during the eighteenth century we can feel the first breath of a new dawn it frequently comes from the most unexpected sources.
How Europe Looks At India - The Vision
While the two Frenchmen, the sceptic 'and the priest, laboriously collected materials for their books on India, the one stressing the historical tendencies that manifested themselves in contemporary India...
How Europe Looks At India - The Moral Challenge
The English response to India before and during the French Revolution was the result of criticism levelled by Englishmen against the British administration of India.
How Europe Looks At India - The Reaction
Just as the political history of a continent is very largely the result of the continuous struggle of opposing forces in conflict, cultural evolution also is determined by similar antithetical currents and movements.
How Europe Looks At India - Buddhism And The Superman
The preceding chapters attempted an analysis of the European response to the discovery of the East, the way in which some outstanding leaders of Western thought at the end of the eighteenth and the beginning of the nineteenth century reacted to Indian religions, philosophy, and art.
How Europe Looks At India - Integrating The East
Three more countries remain to be considered. In all of them alike the impact of the East led to a revival both in the domain of literature and of religion. We have already seen how the discovery of India affected the romantic revival, especially in Germany.
How Europe Looks At India - The Modern Dilemma
A study of the contemporary western response towards India is possible only on the basis of the nineteenth-century conflict between ideal and practice, theory and realization.
How Europe Looks At India - Bibliography
S. RADHAKRISHNAN : Eastern Religions and Western Thought. Oxford 1939
Introduces One Young Man
THE boys in the office were, I fancy, a bit prejudiced against him before he arrived. It wasn't his fault, for he was a stranger to them all, but it got about that the dear old chief had decided to engage a real good Sunday-school boy.
One Young Man Joins The Army
SYDNEY BAXTER was most decidedly getting on in business. And then the war came. I do not want you to have the impression that, at this time, he was one of those sturdy, strapping young fellows who gladly rushed into the ranks for the very joy of fighting.
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