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The Grassland Strip
WHAT was there 2,000 years ago where Cambridge now stands ? A bird taking flight from Castle Hill would have had below him a shining streak of waters, such as you see when the floods are out on the commons.
The Romans
IN the Teeth's time the great Roman Empire, under those Caesars who commanded that all the world should be taxed, had spread northward and westward from Rome till it reached the English Channel.
The Province
WHEN the Romans were masters of the land they used many of the old British hilltop forts as camps or outposts and built others of their own fashion.
Saxon Times: Pagan And Christian The Desolation
FOR a hundred years Cambridge and the rest of Britain suffered grievous things. As the shining legions of Rome marched away south the prosperous Britons and Roman settlers were left to themselves.
The Danes
BUT while Cambridge began to draw the life of the countryside round its two towns, the coast of Anglia was overhung by a worse form of the danger that had always threatened it since the Roman Count had watched for pirates on the Saxon shore.
The Norman Years
ALREADY we have traced a number of changes in the life of Cambridge. We come now to the greatest, the Norman conquest ; each left some mark in the customs and character of the people here as in the rest of England, and this the most.
Mediaeval Cambridge
IN the fight for Ely, Cambridge was the King's headquarters, and Castle Hill must haveswarmed with the barons and their vassals, called in from all the townships and towns, with all the supplies too and the serfs who had to bring them...
Monks And Friars
IN Cambridge of the Middle Ages three main streets led south and east. Bridge Street linked Huntingdon Road with the main road to Colchester, known as Hadstock Way, with Barnwell Gate where the Post Office now stands.
Port Arthur - General Information
Population: U. S. 1940 Census of city proper, preliminary report, 45,500; conservative estimate of metropolitan area, 62,000.
Port Arthur - Oil And Roses
FROM AN ALLIGATOR-INFESTED AND FEVER-RIDden swamp, in less than a half-century, to a modern, pulsing, landscaped city of nearly 50,000 inhabitants—more than 60,000 in its metropolitan area—seventh among United States seaports and third among those of Texas; this is the story of Port Arthur, product of one of the most amazing promotional schemes ever pushed to realization.
Port Arthur - Indians To Empresarios
ABORIGINES, EXPLORERS, PIRATES, SHIPWRECKED mariners, missionary priests, trappers, and settlers move in a shadowy pageant across the early background of Port Arthur.
Port Arthur - Sparks And Aurora
THE REGION WAS NOT UNTOUCHED BY THE TEXAS Revolution against Mexico of 1835.36, for 30,000 Texans, retreating before General Santa Anna's armies, fled overland to Beaumont, then followed the Neches River down to Joseph Grigsby's place, where they were able to cross into the United States.
Port Arthur - Dreams And Brownie
INTO THE JEFFERSON COUNTY SCENE IN 1895 CAME Arthur Edward Stilwell, erstwhile successful insurance salesman, head of a transportation system and trust company, and believer in dreams, hunches, and the supernatural creatures that he called Brownies to build what he later described as - the only city ever located and built under directions from the spirit world . . .
Port Arthur - Boom And Building
AMID ITS STARKLY NEW BUILDINGS THE INFANT city of Port Arthur, like a young girl going to her first grown-up party, preened itself with hastily perfected improvements—including a 2,500-foot export pier—for a great excursion of home seekers that would make or break the Stilwell dream of a port metropolis here on Lake Sabine.
Port Arthur - Bulls And Bears
MORE THAN ONE STORY HAS BEEN TOLD AS TO why John Gates was known from coast to coast as Beta-Million.
Port Arthur - Climbing The Hill
PORT ARTHUR HAD BROUGHT THE SEA INLAND to its doors, but its bitter struggle for maritime progress continued in the offices of legislators and between factions.
Port Arthur - Port City
JOHN WARNE GATES DIED IN PARIS ON AUGUST 9, 1911, with an ocean between him and the city where he had conceived such magnificent schemes.
Port Arthur - Post-war Years
PORT ARTHUR, MORE. THAN MANY OTHER CITIES of this country, felt the profits and dangers, the alarms and more prosaic but equally as spectacular business activities, of the World War.
Port Arthur - Defeating Depression
BUILDING BOOMS, LONG A FAMILIAR EXPERIENCE in Port Arthur, took a spurt after the port was opened to all railroad lines.
Port Arthur - Oiling The World
PORT ARTHUR HAS KNOWN EVENTFUL YEARS during its very recent history. Important civic events and developments, tending to foreshadow the future of this city built upon the dreams of Stilwell and the spectacular ventures of Gates, were many in the decade of the 1930's.
Port Arthur - Points Of Interest
ST. MARY'S HOSPITAL, GATES MEMORIAL (open 10-11 a.m., 2-4 and 6-8 p.m. daily), 1931 Ninth Ave. has a $600,000 plant, operated by the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word.
Port Arthur - Points Of Interest - Contuined
THE PORT ARTHUR-ORANGE BRIDGE (free; parking forbidden)-, 5 m. E. of the Port Arthur city limits on State 87, spans the Neches River, and in 1940 was the tallest highway bridge in the South.
Port Arthur - Chronology
1543—July 25. Survivors of the Hernando de Soto expedition are driven ashore near Lake Sabine by a storm.
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