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Discovery Of The Magnetic Pole
Early in the spring the party divided, Professor David. Mawson and Mackay undertaking an expedition to the Magnetic Pole.
The Cross-channel Flight
I am more than happy that I have crossed the Channel.
The Rheims Aviation Week
THE Rheims Aviation Meeting held during the last week of August attracted acted world-wide attention.
Flying At Juvisy
To Juvisy the people of Paris went in thousands, and some remarkable flying took place, in spite of unpropitious weather.
Doncaster And Blackpool
IN the third week of October flying meetings were held in England at Doncaster and Blackpool, and attended by enormous numbers of spectators.
Zeppelin III. And The Clement-bayard Airships
WHILST attention during 1909 has been generally centred on the development of the heavier than air flying machine, some remarkable results have been achieved by dirigible balloonists.
Australians In England
THE principal feature of the Cricket Season of 1909 was the visit of another Australian team to England, and the defeat of the mother country in the rubber of the five test matches, of which the Australians won two, lost one and drew two.
Kent The Champion County
FOR the second time in the course of four years Kent succeeded in carrying off the County Championship.
The York Pageant
JULY 26-31.THE historic pageant at York was one of many which have been held during the past few years ; indeed it might be said that every considerable town in England with a history has either carried through or contemplated this form of revival of the past.
The Navy In The Thames
LONDONERS had a unique experience for one week during July. At the invitation of the Lord Mayor the Admiralty arranged for the Fleet to visit the Thames.
The University Of Birmingham
THE opening of the new University buildings in Birmingham by the King on July 7th recalled the origin of this progressive centre of education.
War Of The North Pole
IN September 1st news was received by telegraphOn the Brussels Observatory, that Dr. F. A. Cook, an American explorer, who had been given up for dead by his friends, had reached the North Pole on April 21st, 1908.
The Atlantic Records
WHEN some few years back the blue-ribbon of the Atlantic service for speed was captured by a German liner, the English Steamship Companies were put on their mettle, with the result that the twin-mammoth boats, the Mauretania and the Lusitania were constructed.
Opening Of Dover Harbour
THE great National Harbour at Dover, which has been in course of construction since 1898, was opened by the Prince of Wales on October 15th.
Count Lambert's Great Flight
THE illustration opposite is from a direct photo-graph of the remarkable flight made by the Count Lambert from Juvisy to Paris on October 18th.
On Irish Disestablishment, 1869
I DO not know in what country so great a change, so great a transition, has been proposed for the ministers of a religious communion who have enjoyed for many ages the preferred position of an Established Church.
Old-time Makers Of Medicine
Under the term Old-Time Medicine most people probably think at once of Greek medicine, since that developed in what we have called ancient history, and is farthest away from us in date.
Great Physicians In Early Christian Times
What we know of the life of the Founder of Christianity and how much He did for the ailing poor would make us expect that the religion that He established would foster the care and the cure of suffering humanity.
The first great Christian physician whose works meant much for his own time, and whose writings have become a classic in medicine, was Aetius Amidenus, that is, Aetius of Amida, who was born in the town of that name in Mesopotamia, on the upper Tigris (now Diarbekir), and who flourished about the middle of the sixth century.
Alexander Of Tralles
An even more striking example than the life and work of Aetius as evidence for the encouragement and patronage of medicine in early Christian times, is to be found in the career of Alexander of Tralles, whose writings have been the subject of most careful attention in the Renaissance period and in our own...
Fall Of Aegina
Another extremely important writer in these early medieval times, whose opportunities for study in medicine and for the practice of it, were afforded him by Christian schools and Christian hospitals, was Paul of AEgina.
Further Christian Physicians
Another distinguished Christian medical scientist was Theophilus Protosbatharius, who belonged to the court of the Greek Emperor Heraclius, in the seventh century.
Arabian Christian Physicians
That this is not a partial view suggested by the desire to make out a better case for Christianity in its relation to science will be very well understood, besides, from the fact that a number of the original physicians of Arab stock who attracted attention during the first period of Arabian medicine, that is, during the eighth and ninth centuries, were Christians.
Great Jewish Physicians
Any account of Old-Time Makers of Medicine without a chapter on the Jewish Physicians would indeed be incomplete. They are among the most important factors in medieval medicine, representing one of the most significant elements of medical progress.
The life of one of the great Jewish physicians, who has come to be known in history as Maimonides, is of such significance in medical biography that he deserves to have a separate sketch.
Great Arabian Physicians
In order to understand the place of the Arabs in medicine and in science, a few words as to the rise of this people to political power, and then to the cultivation of literature and of science, are necessary.
Medical School At Salerno
The Medical School at Salerno, probably organized early in the tenth century, often spoken of as the darkest of the centuries, and reaching its highest point of influence at the end of the twelfth century, is of great interest in modern times for a number of reasons.
Constantine Africanus
Probably the most important representative of the medical school at Salerno, certainly the most significant member of its faculty, if we consider the wide influence for centuries after his time that his writings had, was Constantine Africanus.
Medieval Women Physicians
Very probably the most interesting chapter for us of the modern time in the history of the medical school at Salerno is to be found in the opportunities provided for the medical education of women and the surrender to them of a whole department in the medical school, that of Women 's Diseases.
Mondino And The Medical School Of Bologna
The most important contributions to medical science made by the Medical School of Salerno at the height of its development were in surgery.
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