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Wonderful Year 1909 - January
A Mansion House Fund was opened by the Lord Mayor of London for the sufferers from the Italian earthquake.
Old Age Pensions
JANUARY 1ST, 1909, will be ever memorable as the day that witnessed the first payment of the weekly pension granted by the State to the aged poor of the British Isles.
The Messina Earthquake
THE year 1909 opened blackly for Italy, and the whole world was horror-struck at the- news of the terrible earthquake which had overwhelmed the town of Messina in Sicily, and of Reggio on the mainland.
Wireless Telegraphy
THE immense value of the invention of Signor Marconi to the cause of humanity was demonstrated in a remarkable manner in January.
The King's State Visit To Berlin
THE King's State visit to Berlin in February was attended with great enthusiasm and friendliness on the part of the German people.
The Gettysburg Address
FOURSCORE and seven years ago our fathers brought forth upon this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.
The Revolution In Turkey
THE bloodless revolution which saw the Young Turks in the ascendant at the close of 1908, inaugurated a new era of constitutional rule in Turkey.
The Annual Cost Of The World's Great Navies
SIR EDWARD GREY, in a speech on the Naval Estimates in the House of Commons, referred to the above expenditure in the following terms: Surely the extent to which this expenditure has grown really becomes a satire, and a reflection on civilisation...
The United States Presidency
MR. TAFT was inaugurated as President of the United States in succession to President Roosevelt on March 4th, under remarkable weather conditions.
Charles Darwin
I SEE no good reason why the views given in this volume should shock the religious feelings of any one.
David Lloyd George
THESE, here was the unknown factor of the future, here the potentiality of politics.
Lord Rosebery And The Budget
LORD ROSEBERY signalled a brief return to politics by a letter in The Times, in which he referred to the Budget of the Government as a Revolution.
The Martyrdom Of Jeanne D'arc
WITHOUT any formal secular sentence, the Bailiff of Rouen waved his hand, saying, 'Away with her.'
George Meredith
George Meredith, Poet and Novelist, was one of the Titans who made the nineteenth century a famous epoch in the history of our literature.
Princess Juliana Of The Netherlands.
IF ever a child was born to be the darling of a nation, it was the Princess Juliana of Holland.
General Botha's Farewell Message
SPEAKING to Reuter's representative at Southampton just before sailing for South Africa on September 26th, General Botha said that South Africa was grateful to all political parties in Great Britain who contributed towards passing the Union Act.
South African Union
WITH South African Union accomplished, we face a new Empire.
Sir Gilbert Parker, M .P. (extract From Article In The World, October 19th.)
THE visit to England of representatives of the Press from all parts of the Empire in the early days of June, was a memorable event, and evoked a sympathetic welcome from their colleagues in the home-land.
The Marquis Of Ripon, 1827-1909
GEORGE FREDERICK SAMUEL ROBINSON, R.G., first Marquis of Ripon, who died July 9th, was one of the few remaining links with Gladstone in his prime.
Lieutenant Shackleton's Return
FEW events of the year 1909 have created more interest than the return to civilisation of the explorers who, for a time, had been lost to the world in their endeavour to solve the mystery of the Polar seas.
The Ascent Of Mount Erebus
On March 5th, 19o8, a party of six men, Professor David, Douglas Mawson, Adams, Brocklehurst, Marshall and Mackay began the ascent of the mountain, and in the face of difficult ice and very low temperatures made steady progress upwards.
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