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IL ritorno del contadino, a quell' ora insolita, prima del tramonto, turbo la servetta : tanto più ch' egli le sernbrô pallido e preoccupato.
The Vigil
THE return of the peasant at that unusual hour, before sunset, troubled the little servant-girl all the more as he seemed pale and preoccupied.
Elegy For B. H. W. (1915)
I CALL you, and I call you. Oh, come home, You lonely creature. Cursèd be the clown Who plugged you with that lead, and knocked you down.
The Smiling Soldiers
MY month's tour on the Trentino and Cadore front has left me the impression of a harmonious whole, where every detail of the complicated machinery at work is accomplished thoroughly, serenely, and confidently both by officers and men.
The Italian Red Cross
ON the blood-stained field of Solferino, during the second war for the unification of Italy, Henri Dunant, the Swiss philanthropist, conceived the idea of a voluntary association having for its object the ministering to the sufferings of the wounded in war...
Sweetwilliam A Child's Story
IT was a hot evening in September. Two children, a boy and a girl, were alone in the old wainscoted room of an ancient market town. They were very quiet, almost sad, as children are wont to be after romping all day and when bedtime is drawing near.
The Poet And The Stockbroker
THERE were two men who had been friends at school together and afterwards at Cambridge ; and the friendship continued when life called them in different directions, for one became a poet and, by his cerebral output, earned a sufficiency, but the other, going about his father's business, became a stockbroker and amassed real wealth...
In The Mountains Of Italy
LOOKING towards the long range of snow-covered mountains from Lombardy, one wonders what strange secrets are shrouded in their mists. They are ever-changing one moment all is hidden beneath heavy storm-clouds, then a snow-peak, flushed by the rising sun, gleams out, and gradually the clouds roll away in weird fantastic shapes like wandering spirits.
Donna Rosa
ROSE of the south, whose young fair face Has borrowed all the rose's grace, Straight as a lance, you aptly claim The heritage of Manfred's name...
THERE is no creature in the world so proud as a gondola, unless perhaps it be a camel in his own desert, or in the market-place of some desert-bordering city.
Tre Cime Di Lavaredo
MOST of us who have lived a good long time have found some part of the world to look on as the happy hunting-ground of our spirits, the place most blessed by memory. And within that sacred circle there will be some spot above all others, enchanted.
A Tuscan Episode
THE two sat looking at me with that wistful, pleading expression in their eyes that most of us have seen in the eyes of a suffering animal which knows its pain, but would seek also to know from us the reason why that pain should have come to it.
Where The Mountains Meet The Plains
THROUGH the blank horror of this war, many of us no doubt have prayed, even unconsciously, that the beauty of Italy might be spared for the refreshment of a world, beaten and bruised, lacerated and despoiled, as our world is to-day.
A Fine Italian Gentleman Of The Old School
TOWARDS the close of the last century the writer of these lines, investigating the social and economic situation of South Italy, alighted at a small wayside station in Old Calabria, in the far-away heel of the boot of Italy a remote spot unvisited by the tourist, unknown even to the travelling Italian.
A Visit To Garibaldi
ALLA gentile Miss Cobden. G. Garibaldi - stands at the foot of a photograph which is one of my most cherished possessions. The photograph represents Garibaldi seated ; around his shoulders is wrapped an Algerian burnous, and on his head is a smoking cap.
Some Lessons From The Venetian Arsenal
IN the present European conflict the problem of the industrial organisation for war is the one which is en-gaging public attention to an unprecedented degree.
An Historical Parallel 1350-1915
HISTORICAL parallels, though interesting and curious, cannot safely be pressed too closely in the hope of acquiring rules and lessons for future guidance. History does not repeat itself, as the experiment can be repeated in the laboratory to demonstrate a conclusion.
Leonardo Da Vinci And Cesare Borgia
SEVERAL of Leonardo da Vinci's biographers refer to the personal relations of the artist with Cesare Borgia, generally called Il Valentino, in the years 1501-2, and do not refrain from assigning special importance to that intercourse which according to them lasted some time.
Luca Beltrami
The reproductions of Leonardo's sketches relating to the study of the flight of birds and of flying machines, from the Codex Atlanticus, appended to this article, have been kindly lent to us by Senatore Luca Beltrami.
Bathing In The River
PIETRO REGGIO was one of the numerous Italian musicians who settled in England in the seventeenth century.
Neglected Pisa
TOURISTS are like sheep ; where one goes, another goes. Also, tourism has its unwritten laws rarely disregarded.
Lights Of Florence
TWENTY years ago I saw Florence with the eye of sense for the first time, though to my mind's eye the old city, within the first circuit, which was ancient even in Dante's time (the area still contains much of what brings the perpetual stream of pilgrims to Florence), was more familiar than almost any other city space in the world.
Romance And Adventure
IT WAS September 9, 189-. From sunrise to sunset through mist, sunshine, shower, and shadow we travelled, and the nearer we drew to our first destination, the wilder the country became, the more water-fowl we saw, and the more the river banks were marked with traces of big game. Here signs told us that three caribou had crossed the stream, there muddy water was still trickling into the hoofprint...
In Quest Of Treasure
IT WAS an ideal day and the season and the country were in keeping. Soon the trading posts faded from view, and when, after trolling around Fishing Point, we entered White River and went ashore for an early supper, everyone was smiling. I revelled over the prospect of work, freedom, contentment, and beauty before me; and over the thought of leaving behind me the last vestige of the white man's ugly...
Oo-koo-hoo's El Dorado Our Winter Camp
BEAR LAKE was beautiful. Its shores were fringed here and there with marshy reeds or sandy beaches; and its rivulets, flowing in and out, connected it with other meres in other regions. At dawn moose and caribou came thither to drink; bears roamed its surrounding slopes; lynxes, foxes, fishers, martens, ermines, and minks lived in its bordering woods.
Oo-koo-hoo Plays The Game
MY son, a good hunter is never long in doubt; for when he discovers a bear track and follows it for a few hundred paces, he knows whether the track was made by day or by night, whether the bear was large or small, old or young, male or female; whether its coat was in condition or not ; whether the beast was merely wandering or travelling with a purpose in view...
Meeting Of The Wild Men
CHRISTMAS week had arrived and now we were off for the New Year's dance to be held at Fort Consolation. Instead of travelling round three sides of an oblong as we had done to reach Oo-koo-hoo's hunting ground by canoe, we now, traveIIing on snowshoes, cut across country, over hill and valley, lake and river, in a southeasterly direction, until we struck Caribou River and then turned toward...
Wild Animals And Men
ONE evening, while sitting before the fire in Oo-koo-boo's lodge, we heard sounds that told us that Amik had returned, and presently he entered the tepee, full of wrath over the havoc a wolverine had wrought along his trapping path. The pelts of more dead game had been ruined; deadfalls had been broken; and even some of his steel traps had been carried away.
Life And Love Return
'My SON, it is ever thus, when spring is on the way,' rniled Oo-koo-hoo, as Granny entered with glee and displayed a new deerskin work-bag, containing needles, thread, thimble, and scissors; a present from Shing-wauk The Little Pine—Neykia's lover. 'Now that Spring and Love are going to hunt together,' further remarked the Indian, 'the snow will run away, and the ice begin to tremble when it hears the home-coming birds singing among the trees. Ah, my son, it reminds me of the days of my youth,' sighed The Owl, 'when I, too, was a lover.'
Business And Romance
THOUGH Wawe Pesim (The Egg Moon), or June, had already brought summer to the Great Northern Forest, the beautiful Athabasca still waited in vain. Son-in-law had not yet appeared. After all was he but a fond parents' dream? I wondered.Soon the picturesque and romantic Fur Brigade would be sweeping southward on its voyage from the last entrenchments of the Red Gods to the newest outposts of civilization a civilization that has debauched, infected, plundered, and murdered the red man ever since its first onset upon the eastern shores of North America.
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