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Mississippi Valley
On the Continent of America the works of nature are on a great and extensive scale; and in estimating their magnitude, the mind is actually lost in wonder. 'When we think of the valley of any river in this country,' says an English writer 'we have only in view a district of ground measuring at most a hundred miles in length by less than the third of that extent in breadth...
Anecdote Of Dr. Adam Clarke
The following singular narrative was given by Dr. Clarke at the conclusion of a sermon recently preached by him on behalf of the Royal Humane Society, and is extracted from the Wesleyan Preacher:---'Now, my dear hearers, I wish you to prepare yourselves for a story that will make you, perhaps, feel a little, and feel so much as will cause you to give some glory to God.
First Oath
'My lads,' said a captain, when reading his orders to his crew on the quarter deck, to take the command of a ship, 'there is one law I am determined to make, and I shall insist upon its being kept; indeed, it is a favor which I ask of you, and which, as a British officer, I expect will be granted by a crew of British seamen. What say you, my lads, are you willing to grant your new captain...
Teeth Care
A person cannot be too careful of his teeth, for much of his comfort depends upon attention to their cleanliness. Care ought to be taken that no grit be in any composition that he may use. Charcoal, however useful, ought to be used with caution, for even the finest contains sharp edges, which by friction will wear away the outer coat, and produce speedy decay.
On the 11th of March, 1544, was born at Sorrento, near Naples, Torquato Tasso, the great author of the Cerusalemme Liberata (Jerusalem Delivered.) His father was Bernardo Tasso, also a scholar and a poet, in his own day of considerable repute. The life of Tasso was almost from its corn-mencement a troubled romance. His infancy was distinguished by extraordinary precocity; but he was yet a mere child when political events induced his father to leave Naples, and, separating himself from his family, to take up his abode at Rome.
David Hume And His Mother
Hume, the historian, received a religious education from his mother, and, early in life, was the subject of strong and hopeful religious impressions; but, as he approached manhood, they were effaced, and confirmed infidelity succeeded. Maternal partiality, however alarmed at first, came at length to look with less and less pain upon this declension, and filial love and reverence seem to have been...
Horns Of Cattle
Amongst the causes which tend to the cheap production of any article, and which require additional capital, may be mentioned, the care which is taken to allow no part of the raw produce, out of which it is formed, to be absolutely wasted. An attention to this circumstance sometimes causes the union of two trades in one factory, which otherwise would naturally have been separated.
Gaming Houses Of London
The gaming-houses of London at least those on a great scale are all situate in the modern and elegant quarter of the town, and are among the greatest wonders of this world of houses and human beings. In the slang of the town, such dens of vice and plunder are designated Hells, a name too applicable to the nature of the business transacted within them.
Snufftaking - Smoking
Some time since, during the argument of a heavy cause in the Court of Chancery, a friend having in vain endeavored to draw the attention of the witty Sir G R from his brief, as a last resource presented him with a pinch of snuff. Sir Ghowever, on declining the offer, observed with an air of solemnity, 'Had the Creator intended my nose for a dust-hole, he would not have turned it upside down.'
A Fearful Adventure
The fierce brigands of Calabria are notorious for the audacity of their deeds. Desirous of a little more accurate information on the character of the outlaws of this part of Italy, we turned to the letters of Paul Louis Courier, whose works are little known in this country. Our readers may be interested by the following little story, which we translate for their edification.
Kentucky Sports
We have individuals in Kentucky, kind reader, that even there are considered wonderful adepts in the management of the rifle. To drive a nail is a common feat, not more thought of by the Kentuckians than to cut off a wild turkey's head, at a distance of a hundred yards. Others will bark off squirrels one after another, until satisfied with the number procured.
A Turn For Business
Next to a thorough grounding in good principles, perhaps the thing most essential to success in life is a habit of communicating easily with the world. By entering readily into conversation with others, we not only acquire information by being admitted to the stores which men of various modes of thinking have amassed, and thereby gain an insight into the peculiarities of human character...
The Ocelot
One of the most beautiful of cats is the Ocelot. It is smaller than the leopard, being generally about three feet in length and eighteen inches in height. Upon a gray ground, slightly tinged with fawn, are marked longitudinal bands, of which the margins are perfectly black, and the central parts of a deeper fawn than the general ground.
Earth's Rotation
The earth which we inhabit is not precisely a spherical body, but a spheroid flattened at its poles, similar in shape to an orange. Its shortest diameter is about 7940 miles, its longest about 7966 miles ; their difference being about 26 miles.This body passes through its orbit, which is nearly a circle of 190 millions of miles in diameter, in a solar year ; it also revolves uniformly upon its shorter diameter as an axis, so as to make a complete rotation in 23h. 56m. 4s...
A curious thing it is, this same fact, that children in general are only interesting in the eyes of those who are parents, while brats in particular are held as pests by all but their immediate father and mother. Some lightheaded author has compared the rush of children which takes place at the conclusion of family dinners, to the incursion of the Goths and Vandals.
Successful Courage
The narrations of a frontier circle, as they draw round their evening fire, often turn upon the exploits of the old race of men, the heroes of the past days, who wore hunting-shirts, and settled the country. In a boundless forest full of panthers and bears, and more dreadful Indians, with not a white within a hundred miles, a solitary adventurer penetrates the deepest wilderness...
Ginger is a native of the southeast of Asia ana the adjacent isles. It was naturalized in America very soon after the discovery of that country by the Spaniards; indeed, at so early a period that it is scarcely believed to be an exotic, and is supposed to have been found indigenous in the Western World.
While some are lost in dissipation and thoughtlessness, there are others whose minds are absorbed in diligent and laborious study. And, indeed, he who has no taste for intellectual pleasures, seems to be but a small remove from the animal tribes. Ile who cannot bear thinking, or at least has no disposition for investigation, but takes things merely from the report of others, or as they are imposed...
Icebergs are large bodies of ice filling the valleys between the high mountains in northern latitudes. Among the most remarkable are those of the East Coast of Spitsbergen. The frost sports wonderfully with these bodies, and gives them the most fantastic, and sometimes the most majestic forms.
Religious Education Of Children
Do not press your children too much during their early years on the subject of religion. Show them, by your example, that it is the object of your own reverence ; but suffer their religious principles to form gradually, as their understandings open. Do not make religion appear to them a burden; do not lay them under unnecessary restraints; do not let them see religion clothed in a dress repulsive...
They Are Gone!
Loss of memory, or forgetfulness, certainly cured, by a grateful electuary, peculiarly adapted for that end ; it strikes at the primary source, which few apprehend, of forgetfulness, makes the head clear and easy, the spirits free, active, and undisturbed ; corroborates and revives all the noble faculties of the soul, such as thought, judgment, apprehension, reason, and memory...
President's House
On the 14th of March, 1792, the Commissioners of the City of Washington offered a premium, by advertisement in the public papers, for a plan for the President's house, and another for a design for the Capitol, to be presented on the 15th July.The plan for the President's house, presented by Capt. James Hoban, was approved, and on the 13th October a procession was formed for laying the corner-stone of that building.
Great Earthquake At Lisbon In 1775
Many natives of Portugal yet remember the morning of the first of November, 1775. The day dawned clear and beautiful. The sun shone out in its full lustre; the whole face of the sky was perfectly serene, and no one conceived of the horrible contrast, which was soon after to present itself. The earth had trembled at short intervals for a year.
Hunting The Zebra
There are but three animals of the horse. The horse, which is the most stately and courageous; the ass which is the most patient and humble; and the zebra, which is the most beautiful, but at the same time, the wildest animal in nature. Nothing can exceed the delicate regularity of this creature's color, or the lustrous smoothness of its skin; but on the other hand, nothing can be more timid...
Harbor And Town Of Muscat
Muscat, the principal port on the eastern coast of Arabia, is under the government of an independent chief. The harbor, which lies in latitude 38' north, and longitude 59 1.5' east, is formed by a small cove, or semicircular bay, environed on all sides, except at its entrance, by lofty, steep and barren rocks, and extending not more than half a mile in length from the town...
Aesop, And His Fables
In all ages and nations, the fables of AEsop have been resorted to for the instruction of young people, and have supplied matter for the wisdom of more advanced years. If the infant mind can be taught to abhor violence and injustice by the fable of the Wolf and the Lamb ; if the advantages of persevering industry can be inculcated by the story of the Hare and the Tortoise...
Arabian Hospitality
Haji Ben Hassuna, a chief of a party of the Bey's (of Tripoli) troops, pursued by Arabs, lost his way, and was benighted near the enemy's camp. Passing the door of a tent which was open, he stopped his horse and implored assistance, being exhausted with fatigue and thirst. The warlike Arab bid his enemy enter his tent with confidence, and treated him with all the respect and hospitality for which...
Dogs Of St. Bernard
The convent of the Great St. Bernard is situated near the top of the mountain known by that name, near one of the most dangerous passages of the Alps, between Switzerland and Savoy. In these regions the traveller is often overtaken by the most severe weather, even after days of cloudless beauty, when the glaciers glitter in the sunshine, and the pink flowers of the rhododendron appear as if they...
Small Cape Eagle
This fine little eagle appears to have escaped the notice of Le Vaillant, and of all the other writers on the ornithology of the neighborhood of the Cape of Good Hope. It is, however, as we learn from Dr. Smith, its first, and hitherto sole describer, found throughout the whole of South Africa.The length of this bird is about two feet four Inches. It feeds commonly upon carrion, and is generally found in company with vultures throughout the whole of South Africa.
There are some things in this world which astonished me when I first opened my eyes upon it, and which I have never since been able to understand. One of these is the popular ridicule about the business of a tailor. The arts and crafts of all alike refer to one grand object, the convenience and pleasure of the human race ; and though there may be some shades of comparative dignity among them...
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