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Life And Travels Of John Ledyard
LEDYARD was an American. He was born at Groton, in Connecticut, in 1751. He was first designed for the law, a study which did not suit his romantic turn of mind; secondly, for a missionary among the Indians, which proved as uncongenial to his habits and dispositions.
The Curassow
Is a bird which bears much resemblance to the pheasant, though naturalists have agreed in considering it as a distinct genus. It comprehends four or five species, with some varieties, but they are all of them foreign birds, and belong only to the warm climates of America.
Diamond Beetle
This Beetle belongs to the weevil tribe, and its scientific denomination is the Imperial Weevil. It inhabits South America, chiefly Brazil, and is the most resplendently colored of all the insect class.The ground color of the wings is a coal black, with numerous parallel lines of sparkling indentations round, which are of a green gold color, highly brilliant, from minute reflecting scales, like the scales of a butterfly.
Filial Affection Of The Moors
A Portuguese surgeon was accosted one day by a young Moor from the country, who, addressing him by the usual appellation of foreign doctors in that place, requested him to give him some drogues to kill his father, and, as an inducement, promised to pay him well.
Volumes on the subject of the United States continue to succeed each other in London with a rapidity, which proves that a deep interest has been awakened in the minds of the people of England, with regard to our country. We find the following notice of the quick growth of Vandalia, in Illinois, in a book recently published...
Rats In Jamaica
In no country is there a creature so destructive of property as the rat is in Jamaica; their ravages are inconceivable. One year with another, it is supposed that they destroy at least about a twentieth part of the sugar-canes throughout the island, amounting to little short of L.200,000 currency per annum. The sugar-cane is their favorite food; but they also prey upon the Indian corn...
Burning Mummies
The Arabs who inhabit the neighborhood of the great cemeteries of Upper Egypt have a strange way of cooking their victuals. Whenever fuel is wanting, they descend into their tombs, and, dis-lodging a mummy, and throwing it on their shoulders, return to their tent. Then taking a hatchet, and seizing the mummy by one leg, they hew the body into two at a blow, and, afterwards cutting it into smaller...
The Cork Oak
THE Cork Oak is not so large a tree as the common oak. There are several varieties: a broad leaved and a narrow leaved, which are evergreens; besides other varieties which shed their leaves. The broad leaved evergreen is, however, the most common, and it is the one from which the cork of commerce is chiefly obtained.
The Teak Tree
THOUGH the Teak Tree is a tree of quite at different family from the oak, and a native of India, it is used in ship-building like the oak, and has some resemblance to it in its timber. It is a tree of uncommon size, with leaves twenty inches long, and sixteen broad, and bears a hard nut.
Tea was first imported into Europe by the Dutch East-India Company, in the early part of the seventeenth century; but it was not until the year 1666 that a small quantity was brought over from Holland to England by the Lords Arlington and Ossory: and yet, from a period earlier than any to which the memories of any of the existing generation can reach, tea has been one of the principal necessaries...
Bisset, The Animal Teacher
Few individuals have presented so striking an instance of patience and eccentricity as Bisset, the extraordinary teacher of animals. Ile was a native of Perth, in Scotland, and an industrious shoemaker, until the notion of teaching animals attracted his attention in the year 1759. Reading au account of a remarkable horse shown at St. Germain's, curiosity led him to experiment on a horse and a dog...
The above engraving is a portrait of one of the most beautiful of the cat tribe in the Zoological Gardens in London. This creature appears perfectly mild and playful; sleeping, for the most part, in the day ; but sometimes rising when interrupted by a stranger, and occasionally knocking about a little ball in its cage.The puma is a native of the New World, and is principally found in Paraguay, Brazil, and Guiana.
Steel Plates For Engraving
For several years past sheet steel has been used in large quantities, instead of copperplates, by the engravers. By this fortunate application of so durable, and, it may be added, so economical a material, not only has a new field been discovered admirably suited to yield in perfection the richest and finest graphic productions, which the ingenuity of modern art can accomplish...
General Putnam
Few men have been more remarkable than General Putnam for the acts of successful rashness to which a bold and intrepid spirit frequently prompted him.When he was pursued by General Tryon at the head of fifteen hundred men, his only method of escape was precipitating his horse down the steep declivity of the rock called Horseneck ; and as none of his pursuers dared to imitate his example, he escaped.
Extract From Buckingham's Travels
The town of Khan-e-Keen consists of two portions, occupying the respective banks of the river Silwund, which are connected together by a bridge across the stream. The river here flows nearly from south to north through the town; about half a mile to the southward of the bridge the bend of the river is seen, where the stream comes from the eastward...
The Clove is a native of most of the Molucca islands, where it has been produced, from the earliest records, so abundantly, that in exchange for their spicy produce, the inhabitants were enabled, before the intrusion of the Europeans into their country, to procure for themselves the productions which they required of almost every other region.
Songs And Dances Of The New Zealanders
The New Zealanders have a variety of national dances; but none of them have been minutely de-scribed. Some of them are said to display much grace of movement: others are chiefly remarkable for the extreme violence with which they are performed. As among the other South Sea tribes, when there are more dancers than one, the most perfect uniformity of step and attitude is preserved by all of them...
Bamboo Plant
The bamboo is a native of the hottest regions of Asia. It is likewise to be found in America, but not in that abundance, with which it flourishes in the old world. It is never brought into this country in sufficient supply for any useful purposes, being rather an object of curiosity than of utility. But in the countries of its production it is one of the most universally useful plants.
Philosophy And Consistency
Among all the excellent things which Mrs. Barbauld has written, she never penned any thing better than her essay on the inconsistency of human expectations; it is full of sound philosophy. Every thing, says she, is marked at a settled price. Our time, our labor, our ingenuity, is so much ready money, which we are to lay out to the best advantage.
Waterton's Account Of The South
The character and habits of that singular annual, the Sloth, according to Charles Waterton, the enthusiastic traveller in the wilds of' South America, have been strangely misrepresented by naturalists. This singular animal (says he) is destined by nature to be produced, to live, and to die, in the trees. Ile is a scarce and solitary animal, and, being good food, he is never allowed to escape.
Chick In The Egg
The hen has scarcely sat on the egg twelve hours, when we begin already to discover in it some lineaments of the head and body of the chicken that is to be born. The heart appears to beat at the end of the day; at the end of forty-eight hours, two vesicles of blood can be distinguished, the pulsation of which is very visible.
Country Life
It has been very well said by a celebrated author, 'that great cities are the graves of the human species.' Another author has observed that if the havoc committed upon the human race by the un-wholesome atmosphere and pernicious habits of great and populous places were equally made in the country, the human kind could only be perpetuated by a continual series of special miracles.
Effects Of Expansion
A cannon ball, when heated, cannot be made to enter an opening, through which, when cold, it passes readily. A glass stopper sticking fast in the neck of a bottle, may be released by surrounding the neck with a cloth taken out of warm water, or by immersing the bottle in the water up to the neck: the binding ring is thus heated and expanded sooner than the stopper, and so becomes slack or loose up...
Dexterity Of A Goat
A correspondent informs us, that when in India, he was often amused by a juggler who came under the windows with a goat and a basket of blocks, one inch square, but very accurately levelled. Placing the four feet of the goat closely together vu one block, he added others under, in succession, till the goat was mounted in the air to the second story!
The word attraction is employed to denote that power or force by which all kinds of matter, whether of the size of atoms or of worlds, are drawn towards each other. There is, perhaps, no law of nature which produces phenomena so universally and continually presented to our observation, as attraction.
Eskimo Dogs
The dogs of the Eskimo offer to us a striking example of the great services which the race of dogs has rendered to mankind in the progress of civilisation. The inhabitants of the shores of Baffin's Bay, and of those still more inclement regions to which discovery ships have penetrated, are perhaps never destined to advance much farther than their present condition in the scale of humanity.
Montgomery Excess In The Pursuit Of Knowledge
The principal end why we are to get knowledge here, is to make use of it for the benefit of ourselves and others in this world ; but if by gaining it we destroy our health, we labor for a tiling that will be useless in our hands; and if by harassing our bodies, (though with a design to render ourselves more useful,) we deprive ourselves of the abilities and opportunities...
Restored View Of Pompeii
It is certainly surprising, that this most interesting city should have remained undiscovered until so late a period, and that antiquaries and learned men should have so long and materially erred about its situation. In many places masses of ruins, portions of the buried theatres, temples, and houses were not two feet below the surface of the soil...
Anecdotes Of The Sloth
It must be observed, that the Sloth does not hang head-downwards, like the vampire. When asleep, he supports himself from a branch parallel to the earth. He first seizes the branch with one arm, and then with the other; and after that, brings up both his legs, one by one, to the same branch, so that all the four are in a line: he seems perfectly at rest in this position.
Great American Aloe
(Agave Americana.)The flowering of this plant used to be considered as a very rare occurrence, and as not taking place till it attained the age of one hundred years; but the specimens being now numerous the delay in flowering is found not to be fact. Its interest as a marvel has, consequently, fallen off; but the uses of the plant still continue.
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