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Mr. Gladstone's `syllabus' And The Pope's Syllabus
`IT seems,' says the expostulator, ` not as yet to have been thought wise to pledge the Council in terms to the Syllabus and the Encyclical. That achievement is probably reserved for some one of its sittings yet to come.' This is in the expostulatory style, based not on facts, but on a dream of imagination.
An Apostrophe To Mr. Gladstone
RIGHT Honourable Sir,óResponding to the call you have made upon all English Catholics to give you the expression of their sentiments on the charges you have brought against their Pontiff and their holy religion, I have the honour to offer you mine.
The Europe Of Today
THE Europe of tomorrow depends on the Europe of yesterday and today. There are no gaps in politics any more than in Nature, for even wars and revolutions grow out of the past, though they may seem at the moment to end one chapter or open a new one.
Blind Nationalisms
THE disease from which Europe is still pering after thirteen years of peace is national selfishness with fear as its cause.
Peace Or War?
THE future of Europe will depend before all things on whether Europe is to remain at peace for the next ten years. On that there are diverse views.
Tariff Barriers
ASSUME then that it is with a peaceful, or more accurately a warless, Europe that we have to reckon in the years lying immediately ahead. If the main preoccupations of the Continent are not military they will inevitably for some years be economic.
The Two Europes
BUT economic recovery in Europe might come along other lines than these. It is worth while here to examine briefly the thesis very strikingly developed by M. Francis Delaisi in his book Les Deux Europes, to which reference has already been made.
Democracy, Or--?
IN another sphere Russia poses the great interrogation. Is Bolshevism to spread westward from Moscow ? It is better perhaps to speak of Communism, though with the reservation that what passes under that name is not necessarily the same thing in Prague and Berlin and Madrid.
Europe As It Might Be
To sketch in outline an imaginary picture of Europe as it might be in 1940 is not simply an exercise in the rather barren diversion of prediction. It is not indeed prediction at all. To suggest what Europe might be in 1940 is very likely to suggest something totally different from what it will be.
Books In Manuscript
THE word ` Manuscript ' (often written MS., in plural MSS.) is derived directly from the Latin expression codices manu scripti (books written by hand), and has always implied precisely what is indicated by its derivation.
Materials For Writing, And Forms Of Books
PROBABLY the earliest efforts of the human race to record its thoughts and history were by scratching with some hard instrument on stone or bone. The permanence of the result has always made stone or metal a satisfactory substance to receive engraving, whether for sepulchral tablets, for some official records, such as State decrees, or for honorary inscriptions.
History Of Writing
AFTER the invention of speech, the invention of writing was only a question of time. No race of human beings which could speak would rest for long contented with oral communication, but would endeavour, whether for the transmission of a message or for permanent record, to represent words by visible characters.
Scribes And Their Ways
IN Greece and Rome, scribes ( grammateis ; calligraphoi ; librarii, scribee) formed a distinct and important profession. We have, however, very little direct evidence which would enable us to characterize in any special way their modes of work.
THE set and traditional forms of letters allow so little scope for artistic variety, that however interesting the subject-matter of a manuscript may be, we sometimes feel a sense of disappointment and even of distaste as we turn the page of a bare written volume, in which the writing is perhaps to us not easily legible, and design and colour have no place.
Errors Of Scribes And Their Correction
THE object of most of the work bestowed at the present day on manuscripts is to discover and edit new literary or historical treasures, or to restore the actual words as written by an ancient author, by the exercise of a trained intellect on the more or less faulty materials which have survived to the present time.
Famous Libraries
OF the libraries of ancient times very little is certainly known. Statements like that of Strabo, that Aristotle was the first collector of a library, add nothing to our knowledge, until we know more of the exact sense in which the words are used, and of the extent of what is here called a ' library '...
Famous Manuscripts
IN the present chapter, short descriptions will be given of a few of the best known manuscripts which have come down to us, arranged in order of date. Most of our examples are taken from manuscripts still preserved in the British Isles.
Literary Forgeries
FORGERIES occupy no inconsiderable part of literary history, and it is even true that Paleography, the study of ancient writing, began in the endeavour to supply tests by which genuine deeds of a legal kind could be established, and forgeries detected.
Treatment And Cataloguing Of Manuscripts
LET us suppose that a private collector has purchased a MS. at some sale, that it has just reached him, and that he is inexperienced in the treatment of such volumes.
Public And Private Records
THE desire to study the history, either of the place in which we live or the family we represent, is natural only to the minority who think of the past at all.
Money Making
MONEY, money ! Who does not know what that word means ? Who does not love to see money, to handle it, to hear it chink ? and who does not like to possess it ?
Money Earning
I HAVE told my young readers that money is coined at Philadelphia, and a few other places in the United States.The laws of the country do not allow people to make it in other places. If everybody were permitted to coin money, some would make it of metals not sufficiently pure, and others would make the coins too small...
Money Loving
IN the preceding chapters the reader has learned how money is made, and also how it may be earned. In this chapter I shall speak of the manner in which money is often abused, and shalltry to show the young reader that those who thus abuse it are not half so wise nor half so happy as they might be.
Money Using
The richest man goes out of the world just as poor as the man who has had nothing but poverty and want for his portion in this life. Go into the graveyard, and you will see that the bodies of the rich and poor lie side by side.
Philosophy Of Money
I HAVE a few more things to say to my young readers about money. It would be a pity if we could find nothing more to say about it, seeing that almost everybody is thinking and talking about it,and trying to get it. But I should be sorry, if what I say on this subject should prove as useless as a great deal that is said about it.
History Of Money
WE live in a very imperfect world. Mankind are imperfect, and so are all the works of man. But I think the world is growing better. Under the influence of the gospel of Jesus Christ mankind are every year improving and by the new and wonderful inventions which are so often made in our day, the works of man are becoming more and more perfect.
Morals Of Money
THERE is nothing that delights children more than to hear a good story ; and if they can get hold of a book that is filled with well-told stories, they would rather read it than do anything else. I want to tell my young friends that the very best stories in the world are found in the Bible.
The articles which have appeared in the October and November numbers of the Nineteenth Century, on the subject of miracles, have suggested to the writer that out of the innumerable miracles in the Catholic Church, which are considered as well authenticated, a few might be selected, the accounts of which would also show the kind of evidence by which they are supported.
Our Lady Ad Nives
The beautiful feast of Our Lady of the Snow is kept with particular solemnity at the Sta Maria Maggiore, the Basilica, which was founded by the Roman Patrician and his wife, who desired to know how they might best spend the fortune which, having no children, they wished to bequeath to Our Lady, and were told to raise a church in her honour...
Finding Of The Holy Cross
After that famous victory, which the emperor Constantine gained over Maxentius, in the year 312, on the eve of which the banner of the Cross of the Lord had been given to him from heaven, Helen, the mother of Constantine, being warned in a dream, came to Jerusalem to seek for the Cross.
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