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How Thierry Vanquished Ganelon
IT is written in the old chronicle, that after these things Charles sent and summoned many menfrom many lands to come and try if Ganelon had done him a treason or no; for the twenty thousandwho were betrayed being dead and the pagans utterly destroyed, there was none left to bear witness against him.
Rinaldo And Bayard
CHARLEMAGNE was overwhelmed with grief at the loss of so many of his bravest warriors at the disaster of Roncesvalles, and bitterly reproached himself for his credulity in re-signing himself so completely to the counsels of the treacherous Count Ganelon.
How The Child Of The Sea Was Made Knight
KING FALANGIEZ reigned in Great Britain, and died without children. He left a brother Lisuarte, of great goodness in arms, and much discretion, who had married Brisena, daughter of the King of Denmark; and she was the fairest lady that was to be found in all the islands of the sea.
Why Don Sancho Attacked His Neighbors
HISTORY relates that after the death of King Don Ferrando of Spain, the three kings, his sons, Don Sancho, Don Alfonso and Don Garcia, reigned each in his kingdom, according to the division made by their father.
Don Garcia Defies Don Sancho
WHILE King Don Sancho was busied in these wars, King Don Garcia of Galicia took by force from Doņa Urraca his sister a great part of the lands which the king their father had given her.
Don Garcia Takes Don Sancho Prisoner
A SORROWFUL defeat was that for King Don Sancho, and he put himself at the head of his army and hastened through Portugal to be-siege his brother in Santarem.
The Siege Of Zamora
WHEN King Don Sancho heard what the Cid said, his anger kindled against him, and he said, You have given this counsel to my sister because you were bred with her. And my Cid answered and said, Faithfully have I discharged your bidding, and as a true vassal.
How Don Diego Fought The Three Brothers
WHEN the day appointed was come, Don Arias Gonzalo early in the morning armed his sons, and they armed him. As they rode through the gates of their house, Doņa Urraca with a company of dames met them, and said to Don Arias, weeping, Remember now how my father, King Don Ferrando, left me to your care, and you swore between his hands that you would never forsake me...
Robin Hood And The Knight
IN the days of Richard I there lived a famous; outlaw who was known by the name of Robin Hood.
Little John And The Sheriff Of Nottingham
IT will be remembered that when the poor knight left Robin Hood in the forest Little John went with him to act as his yeoman. He stayed for some time in Sir Richard's service, and a light and pleas-ant post he found it, for he was free to do pretty much as he liked.
How Robin Hood Was Paid His-loan
TWELVE months had come and gone since Robin Hood lent four hundred pounds to the poor knight to redeem his land, and now the day had arrived when he had promised to pay back the money.
The Golden Arrow
THE knight took his leave and went on his way, and Robin Hood and his merry men lived on for many a day in Barnsdale. Now the Sheriff of Nottingham proclaimed a grand sport to be held that all the best archers of the north country should come one day and shoot at the butts, and that a prize should be given to the best archer.
How The Sheriff Took Sir Richard Prisoner
THE Sheriff of Nottingham was wroth when he heard that Robin Hood and his band of outlaws had taken refuge in the knight's castle.
How The King Came To Sherwood Forest
TIDINGS of the sheriff's death were sent to King Edward in London, and he came to Nottingham with a great array of knights to lay hold of Sir Richard Lee and Robin Hood, if that were possible.
How Robin Hood Went Back To The Greenwood
HAST thou any good cloth that thou wilt sell to me now?” said the king.
Robin Hood And The Butcher
IT happened one day when Robin Hood was in the forest that he saw a jolly butcher with a fine mare, who was going to market to sell his meat.
The Jolly Tanner
ABOUT this time there was living in Nottingham a jolly tanner whose name was Arthur-a-Bland. Never a squire in Nottingham could beat Arthur, or bid him stand if he chose to go on.
How Robin Hood Drew His Bow For The Last Time
BUT there came a day at last when Robin Hood had to bid farewell to the greenwood where he and his merry men had spent so many happy years. Word was sent to the king that the outlaws waxed more and more insolent to his nobles and all those in authority, and that unless their pride was quelled the land would be overrun.
An Introduction To That Spanish Gentleman
ONCE upon a time there lived in a certain village in a province of Spain called the Mancha, a gentleman named Quixada or Queseda, whose house was full of old lances, halberds, and other weapons.
He Sets Forth On His Adventures
ALL his preparations being made, he could no longer resist the desire of carrying out his plans, his head being full of the wrongs he intended to put right, and the evil deeds he felt called upon to punish.
The Knighting Of Don Quixote
WHEN he had finished his sorry supper, he took his host with him to the stable, and shutting the door threw himself down upon his knees before him, saying...
The Dreadful Adventure Of The Windmills
DON QUIXOTE persuaded a certain labourer, his neighbour, an honest man, but one of very shallow wit, to go away with him and serve him as squire.
Don Quixote And The Goatherds
AS they rode along, Don Quixote turned to his squire and said to him: Tell me now in very good earnest, didst thou ever see a more valorous knight than I am throughout the face of the earth?
How Don Quixote Arrived At An Inn Which He Imagined To Be A Castle
FOR some time after the Yanguesian carriers had gone on their way Don Quixote and Sancho Panza lay on the ground groaning and saying nothing.
How Sancho Paid The Reckoning At The Inn
Now whilst Sancho Panza lay groaning in his bed, Don Quixote, who, as we have said, felt somewhat eased and cured, made up his mind toset off in search of new adventures.
The Adventure Of The Two Armies
WHILST they were riding on their way, Don Quixote saw a large, dense cloud of dust rolling towards them, and turning to Sancho said: This is the day on which shall be shown the might of my arm and on which I am to do deeds which shall be written in the books of fame...
Don Quixote Does Penance As Did The Knights Of Old
DON QUIXOTE mounted once again on Rozinante, and commanded Sancho to follow him. Dapple, the ass, had been stolen from them one night while they slept, and Sancho was now obliged to walk.
Sancho's Journey To The Lady Dulcinea
DON QUIXOTE, left to himself, climbed to the top of a high mountain, and spent his days making poems about the beautiful Dulcinea, which he recited to the rocks and trees around him.
The Story Of Cardenio
THE next day they arrived at the place where Sancho had left the boughs strewn along his path, and there he told them they were near to Don Quixote, and that they had better get dressed.
The Story Of Dorothea
AS soon as Cardenio had finished his melancholy story, the curate was about to offer him some consolation, when he was stopped by hearing a mournful voice calling out...
The End Of The Penance
WHEN the unfortunate Dorothea had finished her story, she remained silent, her face flushed with sorrow; and as the priest was about to comfort her, Cardenio took her by the hand and said...
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