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The Adventures Of Sir Launcelot
AFTER Sir Launcelot had parted from his fellows at the Castle of Vagon, he rode many days through the forest without adventure, till he chanced upon a knight close by a little hermitage in the wood.
How Sir Launcelot Saw The Holy Grail
FOR many days after he had left the hermitage, Sir Launcelot rode through the forest, but there came to him no such adventures as had befallen him on other quests to the increase of his fame.
The End Of The Quest
AFTER he had rescued Sir Percivale from the A twenty knights who beset him, Sir Galahad rode on his way till nightfall, when he sought shelter at a little hermitage.
The Fair Maid Of Astolat
At last, the Quest of the Holy Grail was ended, and by ones and twos the knights came back to Camelot, though many who had set out so boldly were never seen again about the Round Table.
Kynon's Adventure At The Fountain
KING ARTHUR was at Caerleon upon Usk; and one day he 'sat in his chamber, and with him were Owain, the son of Urien, and Kynon the son of Clydno, and Kay the son of Kyner, and Guenevere and her handmaidens at needlework by the window.
Owain's Adventure At The Fountain
NOW, - quoth Owain, - would it not be well to go and endeavor to discover that place?
Gawain's Adventure In Search Of Owain
IT befell that, as Gawain went forth one day with King Arthur, he perceived him to be very sad and sorrowful. And Gawain was much grieved to see Arthur in this state, and he questioned him, saying, - O my lord, what has befallen thee?
The Adventure Of The Lion
Owain one day sat at meat, in the city of Caerleon upon Usk, a damsel entered the hall upon a bay horse, with a curling mane, and covered with foam; and the bridle, and as much as was seen of the saddle, were of gold.
How Pwyll Outwitted Gawl
ONCE upon a time Pwyll was at Narberth, his chief palace, where a feast had been prepared for him, and with him was a great host of men. And after the first meal Pwyll arose to walk; and he went to the top of a mound that was above the palace, and was called Gorsedd Arberth.
How Manawyddan Caught A Thief
PWYLL and Rhiannon had a son, whom they named Pryderi. And when he was grown up, Pwyll, his father, died. And Pryderi married Kicva, the daughter of Gwynn Gloy.Now Manawyddan returned from the war in Ireland, and he found that his cousin had seized all his possessions, and much grief and heaviness came upon him.
The Story Of Lludd And Llevelys
BELI the Great, the son of Manogan, had three sons, Lludd and Caswallawn and Nynyaw; and according to the story he had a fourth son called Llevelys.
The Adventures Of King Horn
MURRY was King of Suddenne in the west country, a wise king whom all his subjects honoured. Godhild was his queen, and no woman of that day was lovelier than she. Their son was named Horn; and when Horn was fifteen years old, the sun shone and the rain fell on no fairer boy.
Horn Is Dubbed Knight
THE country to which Horn and his comrades had come was called Westerness: Aylmer the Good was king of it. But of that the wanderers knew nought as yet.
Horn The Knight Errant
RW HEN Horn, had saddled his great black horse, and put on his armour, he rode forth to adventure, singing gaily. Scarce had he gone a mile when he spied by the seashore a ship, beached, and filled with heathen Saracens.
Horn In Exile
ERE Horn had sailed long, the wind rose, and the ship drove blindly before it for many leagues, till at length it was cast up on land.
Horn's Return
THERE was now no heir to Thurston's kingdom, since Harild and Berild were slain; and in a little time, when the king's grief abated, he be-thought him of what should befall his people when his time came to die.
The King Of Suddenne
WHEN they had made an end of slaying, Horn revealed himself to Aylmer, and reproached him for giving his daughter in marriage to Modi, whom she did not love...
Havelok Hid From The Traitor
IN former days there was a King of England called Athelwold; the very flower of England was he, and he ruled justly and well. All things in his realm he ordered strictly, and maintained truth and right throughout the land.
Havelok Married Against His Will
GRIM was a skilful fisherman, and caught many good fish. Great baskets did he make, and others his sons made; and they carried the fish inland in these baskets, and sold them.
Havelok Wins Back His Kingdom
WHEN they were married, Havelok knew not what to do. He had no home whereto he might take Goldborough. Godrich had such hatred for Athelwold's daughter that he would do nought to aid them; and Havelok was in sore straits till he bethought himself of Grimsby.
The Fair Unknown
SIR GAWAIN had a son, and he was fair to look on, bright of face and well-favoured in body. He was named Geynleyn. But for love of his fair face his mother called him Beautys, and no other name ; and he never asked her what he was truly called, for Sir Gawain had wedded this lady secretly, and none knew that he was Geynleyn's father.
The Fight With The Two Giants
AS they slept at night the dwarf woke, fearing that thieves might steal their horses. Suddenly his heart began to quake, for less than half a mile away he saw a great fire.
In The Castle Of The Sorcerers
WHEN they had tarried at this castle a certain time, they rode forth again. It was the month of June, when the days, are long and birds' songs are merry.
The Old Woman And The Knight
IN the old days of King Arthur all the land was filled with fairies, and the elf queen and her merry company held many a dance in the green meadows where now you will see never one of them. But that was many hundred years ago.
Death And The Three Revellers
THERE was once in Flanders a company of young men who spent much time in drinking and rioting among the taverns, wasting their lives in gambling and dancing day and night.
Patient Griselda
THERE is on the western side of Italy a large and fertile plain, wherein lie a tower and town founded long ago by the men of the olden days. The name of this noble country is Saluzzo.
Ogier The Dane
OGIER the Dane was the son of Geoffroy, who wrested Denmark from the Pagans, and reigned the first Christian king of that country. In his education nothing was neglected to elevate him to the standard of a perfect knight, and render him accomplished in all the arts necessary to make him a hero.
A Roland For An Oliver
GUERIN DE MONTGLAVE held the lordship of Vienne, subject to Charlemagne. He had quarrelled with his sovereign, and Charles laid siege to his city, having ravaged the neighboring country.
The Treason Of Ganelon
CHARLES the great king had tarried with his host seven years in Spain, until he conquered all the land down to the sea, and his banners were riddled through with battle-marks.
The Great Battle Of Roncesvalles
IN the morning the king arose and gathered to I him his host to go away to keep the feast of Saint Michael at Aachen, and to meet Marsilius there.And Ogler the Dane made he captain of the vanguard of his army which should go with him.
Charlemagne Revenges Roland
CHARLES and his host rode hard, and drew not rein until they reached the mountain top, and looked down on the Valley of Roncesvalles. They blew the clarions, but there was no sound, neither any that answered save the ringing mountain sides.
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