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British History - 19th Century - Ch. 22
Mill, Darwin and the new era - Bright, Gladstone and Disraeli enfranchise the town labourer, 1866 - 7 - Gladstone's Reform Ministry, 1868 - 74 - Irish Church and land - The Education Act - University, Civil Service and Army Reform.
British History - 19th Century - Ch. 23
The Franco-Prussian War - The new era in foreign affairs - Fall of Gladstone - Disraeli's Ministry, 1874 - 80 - Trade Union and social legislation - The Eastern Question - Disraeli, Gladstone and the Turk.
British History - 19th Century - Ch. 24
Gladstone's second Ministry, 1880 - 5 - South Africa - Egypt - County franchise - Ireland - The Home Rule split, 1886.
British History - 19th Century - Ch. 25
The Salisbury Ministries - Socialist influences - The new Trade Unionism - Municipal development - The fin de sičcle--Ireland, Parnell and the Liberal interlude.
British History - 19th Century - Ch. 26
Salisbury and Chamberlain - Imperialism - Africa - Cecil Rhodes - The Soudan conquered - Venezuela - The Boer War - The Queen's Jubilees and Death.
The Formation Of Christendom
IT is somewhat paradoxical, but strictly true, to say that the greatest and most important revolution which ever took place upon earth is that to which least attention has hitherto been paid, and concerning which least is known—the substitution of `Christendom' for the heathen world.
Champagny's Roman Empire
I owe my readers an apology for not having earlier invited their attention to the historical works of the Count de Champagny.
Champagny's Caesars Of The Third Century
IN the three volumes before me M. de Champagny completes a great work, undertaken many years ago; and to the earlier part of which I have already called the attention of my readers. It is to any man no small blessing to have been led to select as his own some undertaking the achievement of which is, in itself, important, and for which he is adapted by his position, talents, and attainments.
The Gallican Assembly Of 1682
WHO can despair of the vitality of truth, when the real history of the struggle between the Holy See and Gallicanism, under Lewis XIV., after lying buried for two centuries, under a vast mountain of falsehood, has at last come to light ?
The Church And Napoleon I
THE three volumes before me are a reprint of the part which has already appeared of a series of articles in the ` Revue des deux Mondes.'
Pius VII And Napoleon I
THE history of the relations between Pius VII. and Napoleon I. naturally divides itself into two periods. The first embraces the years in which Pius was a Sovereign in possession of his dominions, and communicated with Napoleon as one monarch with another.
Pius VII At Savona And Fontainebleau
IN two former essays on the history of Pius VII. and Napoleon I, I have traced the very able narrative of M. D'Haussonville from the Conclave in which the Pope was elected, in the year 1800, down to the beginning of 1811.
In order to understand the significance of the processes which result in intestinal toxemia or autointoxication, and the rationale of the methods by which they may be successfully combated, it is necessary to have at least an elementary knowledge of the nature of bacteria and other micro-organisms...
The Influence Of Food Upon Bacteria
The observations of Bienstock and numerous other bacteriologists have shown that the character of bacteria may be modified to an astonishing degree by a change of food or culture media ; that is, a change of the soil in which the bacterial plant grows, produces remarkable and characteristic changes in the character of the plant and of its products.
Useful Or Beneficent Bacteria
Notwithstanding the prodigiously mischievous effects that are justly attributed to the action of bacteria, it must be admitted that they are essential in the economy of life.
Bacteria Are Everywhere
It is difficult to find a spot on the earth's surface where bacteria do not abound. They are most abundant in the air of crowded cities, but also are found in the air of mid-ocean.
How The Intestine Becomes Infected
Bacteria are so constantly present everywhere the wonder is, not that the intestine becomes infected, but that the body is not more quickly and more often overwhelmed by these parasitic enemies of life. The air we breathe, often the water we drink and the food we eat, swarm with bacteria or their spores.
Are Intestinal Bacteria Essential To Life?
The rootlets of plants are surrounded by bacteria that perform a useful office for the plant by fixing the nitrogen of the air and converting it into compounds that the plant can use in the manufacture of protein and plant protoplasms.
The Normal Flora
Probably not, under the ordinary conditions of human life. We live under a great handicap that shortens our lives and subjects us to endless miseries and tortures.
Is Intestinal Putrefaction A Necessary Evil?
That nature intends the human alimentary tract to be free from putrefactive changes is evidenced by the pains she takes to prevent the development of putrefactive changes in the intestine and to protect the body against the products of decay when changes of this sort occur.
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