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Uterine Hemorrhage During Pregnancy
Uterine Hemorrhage, or a discharge of blood from the womb, during pregnancy, is usually a sign that miscarriage is threatening, and hence requires prompt medical attention. In summoning a doctor under these circumstances it is always desirable to send a note, rather than a verbal message, and to state clearly the nature and urgency of the case.
Process Of Natural Labor
Towards the latter part of the ninth month, certain changed take place which give warning that labor is not far off. One of the earliest of these is sinking of the abdominal swelling; the upper end of the womb, which at the beginning of the ninth month, reaches as high as the pit of the stomach, now falls a little below that point.
Duties Of A Nurse During Labor
If the nurse is not already in the house, the appearance of the first discharge or 'show' is a sufficient warning that she should be summoned. No time should be lost in obeying the call, for many women, especially if they have borne children previously, pass through all the stages of labor very quickly.
Duties Of A Nurse During Second Stage Of Labor
When the pains alter in character, compelling the patient to make efforts to bear down, and the face begins to get flushed and the skin to become moist with perspiration, the nurse may feel pretty well assured that the first stage is over; and if the medical attendant has not arrived, she should request him to be summoned without delay.
Management Of The Newly-born Child
After making the mother comfortable, the next duty of the nurse is to attend to the washing of the child. This should be done, if possible, before the medical attendant leaves the house, in order that he may have an opportunity of examining the child thoroughly.
Management Of The Mother After Labor
After the patient has been made comfortable in the manner already described, it is above all things desirable that she should have several hours of undisturbed rest, and, if possible, sleep. There used to be a curious notion prevalent amongst nurses that a woman ought not to be allowed to fall asleep directly after delivery.
The Building Of The Soul - Part 1
God formed man of the dust of the ground and he became a living soul. Hebrew Scriptures. An individual man is a fruit which it cost all the foregoing ages to form and ripen. - Emerson. Because of the absence of certain necessary facts it is impossible to write a natural history of the soul. A full account of anything must include a statement of its origin ; but the origin of the soul cannot be fully known.
The Building Of The Soul - Part II
God formed man of the dust of the ground and he became a living soul.- Jewish Bible. At our last meeting the suggestion was made that, at some far off period in our world's history, a separation took place in the advancing current of life. In process of time, one of those parted streams, running through a long series of changes, reached its culmination in mankind.
The Saints' Calendar
And a book of remembrance was written before him. Hebrew Prophet. In common conversation and in literature the term Saint occurs so frequently that it serves to arrest attention and merits a special study. In its singular and plural forms it is used more than a hundred times in the Jewish and Christian Scriptures. On the pages of church history it is constantly appearing. It is in-woven with many of the middle-age legends.
The Gospel: Old And New Part I
Behold I bring you good tidings of great joy which shall be to all people. - New Testament. The standing plaint of the world comes from the contrast between that which the ardent and forward-looking mind sees ought to be and that which actually exists. Between thought and deed, desire and performance, prayer and its answer, a bridgeless chasm always seems to lie.
The Gospel: Old And New Part II
Behold I bring you good tidings of great joy which shall be to all people. NEW Testament. In studying the history of all the nations of antiquity it will be seen that each one made some valuable contribution to civilization. In making this survey the merit of Palestine appears in great clearness. More than any other nation the Hebrew, in its early career, enthroned the idea of the unity of the Divine Being, and later, it gave to the world Christ and his gospel of the soul.
Education Of The Heart
Train up a child in the way he should go. Out of the heart are the issues of life. Hebrew Proverbs. In all its many and varied forms, so much has been written concerning education that it would seem as if the subject were wholly exhausted. Taking literature as a guide, we cannot go beyond a time when it was being discussed. The book of Hebrew proverbs contains many sentences in praise of instruction...
Man Thinking
I meditate on all thy works. Hebrew Poet. There is nothing more marks the dignity and glory of mankind than the power of thought. Using this statement as a guide, let us see whither it will lead us. Different expressions have been employed to de-scribe the place man occupies in the plan of creation. Carlyle calls him the 'tool using animal.'
Man Feeling
While I was musing the fire burned; my heart was hot within me. Hebrew Poet. There was a time when a large part of the pulpit's task consisted in instruction. That time has gone by, because the necessity for that kind of ministration no longer exists. The schoolhouse, the public libraries, the magazines, and newspapers have gradually displaced that form of the preacher's work. Many of those who listen to a sermon are as well educated as the man who preaches it.
Man Acting
My Father worketh hitherto and I work. - Jesus. Having considered man as a being possessing thoughts and feelings, it is almost impossible to avoid seeing him as a being capable of many and varied actions. In the former survey, attention was held by the question as to what he is; in the latter, by the question as to what he does. Speaking after the manner of the physiologists, it is the difference between organ and function.
Man Worshiping
Exalt the Lord our God and worship at His holy hill. - Hebrew Poem. These sentences introduce man as sustaining a fourth relation to the universe and the power which produces and upholds it. Appearing as a being who inquires into the causes and laws underlying and permeating all the operations of nature, he is called a Thinker. When he is deeply impressed by what he has discovered and is overtaken by wonder or is moved to laughter or tears by joyous or sad events...
Pillars Of Society
I was glad when they said to me: Let us go up to the house of the Lord. - Hebrew Poem. The law was our schoolmaster. New Testament. Thought and emotion are expressions of the soul, but, in themselves, they have no permanent quality. They are as fugitive as snowflakes falling upon water, or as the flame that fringes a sunset cloud. Would they endure? Then they must create for themselves a material form. For this reason came the various arts of sculpture and painting and writing.
The Endless Journey
Therefore leaving the beginning of the doctrine of Christ let us go unto perfection. In all the historic period there have been those who have dreamed of and tried to picture a perfect civilization. Plato wrote of the Ideal Republic. Jesus spoke frequently of a kingdom of God. Sir Thomas More called his ideal condition Utopia. Sydney called his Arcadia and Lord Bacon grew eloquent over the New Atlantis. Of course it is unnecessary to say that the dream has never become a reality.
The Search For Deeper Things
For the spirit searcheth all things, even the deep things of God.-Paul. It is a fundamental law of all just criticism that everything must be judged by its own kind. Painting should be compared with painting, sculpture with sculpture, poetry with poetry, religion with religion. The naturalist understands the naturalist, the musician understands the musician, the theologian understands the theologian, the mystic under-stands the mystic.
The Unitarianism Of Nature
There are diversities of operations, but it is the same God which worketh all in all. - Paul. If one should undertake to write a history of Unitarianism, as a form of Christianity, he would find his task as delightful and inspiring as would be that of composing a history of any religious sect. There is as much in it to eulogize and as little for which to apologize as may be found in any other form of Christianity.
Eddies In The Stream Of Life
The earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God. The whole creation groaneth and travaileth together until now. -Paul. Each age manufactures or adopts some word already made that serves to indicate its prevalent character or tendency. As upon rock strata marks are found showing how high the waves of some prehistoric sea once rose, so there are words that reveal how high the waves of human thought and feeling and custom have ascended in a given era.
Breadth In Religion
The measure thereof is longer than the earth and broader than the sea. - Job. When these words were written the vastness of a thing was fitly described by comparing it with sea and land. Now other means of comparison are needed. The mariner's compass has converted the unknown and mysterious sea into the known and common. Steam has greatly shortened all distances on our globe. Electricity has made the whole earth into a neighborhood.
Wilderness Days
Then the Spirit driveth him into the wilderness and he was there forty days. - New Testament. Bible students all notice how frequently the number 'Forty' is employed. In the story of the Flood it is related that the rain fell for forty days and forty nights. When Moses was forty years old he went out from Pharoah's palace to visit his countrymen. After slaying the Egyptian he fled to Arabia, where he remained forty years. The people of Israel consumed forty years in making their emigration...
Pillars Of Peace
Add to your faith courage and to courage patience. - Peter. Patience and resignation are the pillars of human peace on earth.-Young. When viewing a fine result of nature or art, at first it is not seen how many and what varied qualities combine in producing it. It is after a prolonged view or after repeated visits, subjecting it to the test of all his changing moods, that one fully realizes the presence of all the elements which, meeting, make it so attractive.
Reason In Religion
I lead in the way of righteousness in the midst of the paths of judgment.-Hebrew Proverb. There is a statement of religion possible which shall make all skepticism absurd.-Emerson. Geologists can write a history of the earth, botanists of plants, and astronomers can make a map of the sky ; but who can discover and interpret the laws of the soul, find the origin of its budding powers, or give the position and rank of all the bright worlds that rise and shine in its mysterious firmament?
The Practical In Religion
Ye see then how that by works a man is justified.-New Testament. Religion relates to life, and the life of religion is to do good. Swedenborg. In nature dualism is universal. The globe and the atom alike have their north and south poles, one of which attracts the other repels. Tides flow and ebb. The heart contracts and dilates. Wind is air in motion. All movement is force in action, and force is a new form of heat.
Dr. Robert's Prepared Prescriptions
ANTI-ABORTION, for preventing and stamping out abortion in cows. ANTISEPTO (powdered), for washing the genital organs of live stock. ANTISEPTO (liquid), for washing genital organs of cattle in treating abortion. ANTISEPTIC POULTICE, for poulticing swollen and inflamed parts (man or beast) ABSORBENT, for lump jaw, removing enlargements, and healing wounds. BADGER BALM, for sore teats and inflamed udder of cattle.
Livestock - Introductory To Safeguarding Health
THE only way by which the farmer, dairyman, poultryman or live stock owner can realize the most from his investment and his labor is by continually guarding the health and welfare of his live stock as a precautionary measure, and by employing the most advanced prescriptions and discoveries in eradicating disease as soon as it appears.
Biographical Sketch
Dr. David Roberts has for years occupied a conspicuous place among the veterinarians of the United States. Gov. Davidson appointed him State Veterinarian of Wisconsin in 1906, in which office he succeeded his brother, Dr. Evan D. Roberts, of Janesville, Wis., who had held the office for six years.
Department Of Free Veterinary Advice
We have a thoroughly equipped organization, all under the direct supervision of Dr. David Roberts, and with the systematic arrangement of our work we can handle an unlimited amount of correspondence. We invite Farmers, Dairymen, Poultrymen, Livestock Owners and Veterinarians to write Dr. Roberts on any subject pertaining to live-stock, and you will receive a prompt, courteous...
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