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Prices Of Books - Introduction
THE treatment of such a subject as the Prices of Books necessarily obliges us to range over a wide field, for books have been bought and sold far back in the historical period, and to books, both manuscript and printed, we have to refer largely for records of the past.
Sellers Of Books
IT has been frequently remarked that a history of bookselling would be a valuable addition to our literature, but such a book would require extensive research. In place of this a history of some book-sellers has been produced ; but although the volumes of Mr. Curwen and Mr. Roberts are interesting in themselves, they do not go far to fill the vacant space still open for a history of bookselling.
Prices Of Manuscript Books
IN a treatise devoted to an inquiry concerning the varying prices of hooks, it is necessary that at least one chapter should be devoted to manuscripts. There is no field of investigation which offers a more interesting subject for study, and few that are more difficult to master.
Book Prices - Published Prices
IT was impossible for the scribe (however low his pay might be reduced) to compete with the printing-press, and we have good authority for saying that printed books could be obtained in the fifteenth century for one-fifth of what would have been the cost of the same books in manuscript.
Books Prices - Auction Sales In The Seventeenth Century
THE exact date of the first introduction into England of the convenient plan of selling books by auction is known to us through the amiable weakness of the auctioneers for writing prefaces to the sale catalogues...
Book Prices - Auction Sales In The Eighteenth Century
THE sales of the last quarter of the seventeenth century are of the greatest interest in the history of the subject, but they are not of any great value as guides to present prices, for circumstances and tastes have greatly changed.
Book Prices - Auction Sales In The Nineteenth Century
THE sales of the nineteenth century are so numerous, that they must be treated in a more summary manner than those of the two previous centuries.
Prices Of Early Printed Books
IT is impossible in the following chapters to do more than select some of the chief classes of valuable books in order to indicate the changes that have taken place in the prices. It will be noticed that the great enhancement of prices which is so marked a feature of the present age commenced about the beginning of the present century.
Prices Of Early English Literature
NO class of books has advanced in value of late years to so great an extent as the chief examples of old English literature, and of this class the books printed by our earliest printer, Caxton, stand in a foremost position.
Prices Of Shakespeare's Works
THE first edition of Shakespeare's Plays (folio, 1623) has been rising in price from the commencement of the nineteenth century; but the enormous prices now paid do not date further back than 1864, when a specially fine copy was bought by the Baroness Burdett-Coutts at George Daniel's sale for 716, 2S.
Prices Of Various Classes Of Books
IN this chapter some account will be given of a few of the various classes of literature which have not previously been alluded to ; but to give a general idea of some of these hooks which bring a high price, it will be necessary to be brief, Oldys refers to the sale of a book which he supposes to have been erroneously valued, but he was not quite correct in his statement.
The Shepherd Of My Soul - Ch. 1
It was announced by the prophets of old that the Messiah, who was to come, should bear the character of a good shepherd.
The Shepherd Of My Soul - Ch. 2
We cannot appreciate the beauty of this picture of our Saviour under the symbol of a shepherd, nor can we later understand the detailed description which is given of Him through the spiritual meaning of the Good Shepherd Psalm without first taking into account some of the features of pastoral life as it prevails in eastern countries.
The Shepherd Of My Soul - Ch. 3
How full of meaning and how comprehensive are these simple yet beautiful words which introduce the Good Shepherd Psalm! They at once sum up the whole round of the shepherd's life—his duties, his solicitude, his ceaseless care of his sheep.
The Shepherd Of My Soul - Ch. 4
Our attention is now directed to a particular phase of the shepherd's life, and here we see some of the ways in which he actually provides for his sheep day by day.
The Shepherd Of My Soul - Ch. 5
Throughout the pastoral country of the Orient there are numerous places of great peril for sheep. There are also, here and there, private fields and vineyards and gardens into which, if a member of a flock should stray and be caught, it is forfeited to the owner of the land.
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