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Stamps - Why Do We Specialize?
ALTHOUGH a few phases of this subject have been thoroughly discussed. there are other points to be taken into consideration, the discussion of which, I think, will justify me in writing this article. Why do we specialize in preference to collecting in general?
Adhesive Postage Stamps Of The United States Of America
WITH the advent of specialism, there is created a desire for increased knowledge concerning the stamps of the country specialized, and there are no stamps more worthy of the attention bestowed upon them than the adhesive stamps of the United States.
Stamps - The Printers Victim
SURCHARGES seem to have been fully discussed of late in our philatelic journals. Some uphold them—the whole business—for what, I cannot say. It requires an expert to distinguish the genuine from a counterfeit, with enough of a degree of surety to feel confident enough to place it in his album.
Postal Administration Of The United States Of America
THE object in view in writing under the above heading, is to touch upon such points as may present more than ordinary interest to the large number of persons now engaged in the study of Philately, and the pleasures derived from the same.
Stamps - Classes To Collect
TODAY is a day of specialism. Each month finds us deeper and deeper into the study of our stamps. You will find that specialists study their stamps to an extent far greater than the general collector, for, in his limited field, his energies are not scattered to the extent that those of a devoted general collector are.
Stamps - Does It Pay?
SO far as the dissemination of knowledge is concerned, the magazines devoted to Philately are by no means in the background. There is so much to be learned of and about stamps, that the acquirement of a thorough knowledge of the science is, indeed, a difficult task.
Stamps - Ye Editor's Corner
IN making our customary how to the Philatelic public, we think it necessary to justify our appeal for support in the face of the large number of journals devoted to this science, and which appear and disappear with almost monotonous regularity.
Stamps - Literature A Fraud List
WE are in receipt of a copy of an Alphabetical list of advertised Philatelic Frauds, as collected and arranged by A. B. Merrill. This little book is a very valuable one especially to dealers, as it contains a list of frauds in the several branches of Philately...
Stamps - Art In Philately
IT certainly will require little or no demonstration to show that art is not only possible, I but really to be found in connection with Philatelic pursuits. But it may sound like a wild statement to say that without art there can be no true philately.
Canadian Revenue Stamps
WITHOUT a doubt the most handsome sets of fiscal stamps in the world will be found in those which have been and are now issued in the Dominion of Canada. This factor probably has a great deal to do with the large and ever-growing number of Philatelists who have taken up this branch of collecting.
Stamps - A Philatelic Legend
THERE is a story, almost old enough to be called a tradition, which the stamp collectors of Paris are never tired of telling. Outside of Parisians, few of those to whom the name of that great French Philatelist, Lucius Fontaigne, is familiar, have ever heard the romantic tale which certain Philatelic veterans delight to rehearse to the younger collectors of to-day.
Stamps - Take Your Choice
THE conservative idea entertained by many collectors, which disapproves the collection of stamps, except in the established lines and manner, is now being generally disabused. In its stead, a spirit of liberality prevails, which allows one to collect anything in the way for which one may have an especial liking, and still be considered as a true Philatelist.
Stamps - Philatelic Advertisements
ONE of the most striking peculiarities of the modern Philatelic magazine is the utter absence of art and originality in the advertising departments.
Stamps - Philatelic Journalism
THERE is no doubt of a decided improvement in the Philatelic press during the past year. If this much-wished-for state will only continue, it will be the means of advancing Philately in the eyes of the people who are always ready to laugh at those making a scientific study of stamps.
Adhesive Postage Stamps Of The United States Of America
BY an Act of Congress, approved March 3rd, 1851, the rates of postage were reduced, necessitating the issuance of a new series of postage stamps. Messrs. Toppan, Carpenter, Cassilar & Co., of Philadelphia, secured the contract.
Stamps - Northwestern Notes
NOW that the amalgamation of the two Canadian Philatelic Societies is being agitated, would it not be a good plan to see how many members favor the move• merit, and if they are in the majority to form one society under a new name, re-electing officers at the coming convention.
Stamps - Ye Editor's Corner
WITH this number we take great pleasure in presenting to our numerous readers a counterfeit of Mr. Walter A. Withrow, a young and rising Philatelist of Indiana.
Stamps - Literature
ROGERS AMERICAN PHILATELIC BLUE BOOK. AFTER waiting with a patience quite equal to that of Job of old, for a period of nearly six months, we have received the long promised Blue Book.
Stamps - Whither Are We Drifting?
EACH mariner on the Philatelic seas remembers full well the day upon which he first shipped before the mast, unlearned, yet eager to learn—with what joy he embarked upon the long voyage outlined before him.
Stamps - Postal Administration Of The United States Of America
The business conducted by lottery companies through the instrumentality of the mails has practically ceased, although to a certain extent carried on by means of private carriers.
Stamps - A General Chat On Philately
NOW and then little points here and there concerning our hobby come to my mind, and as some of them are of interest and contain much worthy of considerate thought, I herewith jot down some of them.
Stamps - Philatelias Detriments
ANY are the worshippers at Philatelia's shrine, and many are the characterstherein represented.
Stamps - Interesting Items
WHILST reading a copy of the Eastern Philatelist some time ago, I was approached by a neatly dressed individual, who asked me if I was a collector of stamps.
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