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'Manru,' an opera in three acts with music by Ignace Jan Paderewski and text by Alfred Nossig, after the Polish novel by Kraszewski, was first produced at the Royal Opera House in Dresden, May 29, 1901, and was heard for the first time in New York, :Feb. 14, 1902.
Pelleas Et Melisande
'Pelleas and Melisande,' a lyric drama in five acts with music by Claude Debussy and text after the play of Maurice Maeterlinck, was first presented in Paris.
The Sultan Of Sulu
'The Sultan of Sulu,' a musical satire with lyrics and dialogue by George Ade and music by Alfred G. Wathall was produced at the Studebaker Theatre, Chicago, March 11, 1902.
Le Jongleur De Notre-Dame
'Le Jongleur de Notre-Dame,' or 'The Juggler of Notre-Dame,' an opera in three acts with score by Jules Massenet and as text the poem of Maurice Una, was first produced in 1902 at the theatre of Monte Carlo.
'Feuersnot' or 'The Fire Famine,' a song poem in one act with text by Ernest von Wolzogen, suggested by a tale in 'The Collected Legends of the Netherlands,' and with music by Richard Strauss, was produced in Weimar Oct. 28, 1902.
Adrienne Lecouvreur
'Adrienne Lecouvreur,' an opera in four acts with music by Francois Cilèa and text by A. Colautti after the work of Scribe and Legouvé was produced in Milan in 1903.
'Hélène' or 'Helen of Troy,' a lyric poem in one act with words and music by Camille Saint-Saëns, was first produced in Monte Carlo in 1904.
Salome, a grand opera in one act, its text by Oscar Wilde, its music by Richard Strauss, received its premier production at the Royal Opera, Dresden, Dec. 9, 1905. It was prohibited in England owing to the fact that Biblical characters are introduced. In America, it was first produced Jan. 17, 1907, at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York, where its further presentation...
Madam Butterfly
'Madam Butterfly,' a Japanese lyric tragedy, is founded on the book of John Luther Long, and the drama by David Belasco with Italian libretto by L. Illica and G. Giacosa. Its music is by Giacomo Puccini. It was first produced at the Scala Theatre in Milan in 1904 and received an adverse verdict. The following year it was revived in slightly changed form and with changed fortunes.
Ariana Et Barbe-Bleue
'Ariana et Barbe-Bleue' or 'Ariana and Blue Beard,' an opera in three acts, the text arranged by Maurice Maeterlinck with music by Paul Dukas was produced in Paris at the Opéra Comique in March, 1907.
German Opera; Weber, Meyerbeer And Wagner
GERMAN opera reached an extraordinary development during the nineteenth century, the distinguishing characteristics being an extremely full and dramatically conceived treatment of the orchestra...
Virtuosity In The 19th Century; Paganini; Berlioz; Chopin; Liszt
STRICTLY speaking, there was no break in the continuity of art development represented in the virtuoso appearances recorded in Chapter XXX, and those with which we have presently to deal.
Mendelssohn And Schumann
ONE of the most fortunate personalities among modern composers was Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy (1809-1847), who was born in Berlin, the grandson of Moses Mendelssohn, the famous Jewish philosopher.
Italian Opera During The Nineteenth Century
THE strongest personality of the Italian composers (though by no means the loveliest), at the beginning of the nineteenth century, was that of Gasparo Spontini (1774-1851).
French Operatic Composers Of The Nineteenth Century
IN the earlier part of the nineteenth century the operatic stage of Paris shared with those of Berlin and Dresden the honor of producing brilliant novelties by the best composers.
Later Composers And Performers
BEFORE summing up the remaining names of musical history, a brief retrospect over the present century may be in place.
Music In Germany
In Germany, very naturally, the activity in the higher departments of music remains more intense than in any other country, and the seat of musical empire may be said to still abide in southern Germany, where it was established by Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven.
Music In Russia
The awakening of musical art has been remarkable in all parts of the civilized world...
Music In Bohemia
Another country in which a notable musical revival has taken place during the latter part of the present century is Bohemia...
Music In Scandinavia
Foremost of Scandinavian composers is Edvard Hagerup Grieg (1843-1907), who was born at Bergen, Norway.
Music In England
The relation of England to the higher art of music has been peculiar. In the sixteenth century and earlier it was one of the most musical countries in Europe.
The Musical World Of The Present - 1905
The purely English movement in music, which had already reached a notable progress when the earlier pages of this work were penned, has continued and grown in depth and strength.
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