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I have in my library a collection of the constitutions and by-laws of a number of organizations varying from an athletic club to a railroad and including societies of local, national and international repute. From these there have been selected a few paragraphs defining the duties of the Secretary where they vary, as they do vary slightly, from the example already given.
Other Duties As May Be Assigned By The Board Of Directors
Here we have an infinite variety of responsibilities depending on custom, on the character of the organization, in large degree upon the ability and training of the individual secretary and on the wishes of the governing body. In corporations the secretary usually has charge of the physical condition of the building in which the executive offices are situated...
Taking The Minutes
It is desirable, but not necessary, that the secretary should understand shorthand. Failing this knowledge, perhaps he will employ symbols which mean to him sentences or paragraphs in certain forms which he is accustomed to using. It is seldom that the events of a meeting follow each other so rapidly that the secretary cannot record them.
Preservation Of The Minutes
The minutes and all reports, financial statements, balance sheets, requests for appropriations, resolutions and whatever else is to come before the meeting are prepared on sheets of equal size, one copy of each being retained for the minute book, one copy for a purpose to be hereafter described and one copy mailed under sealed cover...
Minutes, Meetings And Manners
In Chapter X various forms are given for the recording of resolutions passed by meetings (Forms 3-23). This may be done in a personal way by mentioning the names of the proposer and seconder of a motion, or impersonally by a simple statement that the motion was made and seconded.
It is a useful practice to study ,business and legal forms and the laws governing the officers of corporations. The former may be obtained from various works on business which may be found in the libraries. For the latter I would recommend any one or all of the following Organization and Management of Business Corporations...
Mechanical Helps
In addition to the personnel of a secretarial department which makes it effective, there are certain mechanical devices which are helpful and in fact necessary for accuracy and speed in the accomplishment of its work. The chief one is the typewriter, of which, as everyone knows, there are many designs, about twenty in the United States, with their excellences and weaknesses...
Filing Room And Library
Reference has already been made to the filing room, and it will be necessary to speak briefly of filing later. It will suffice to say here that the correspondence files constitute one of the most important adjuncts of a business or any other office; and that, large or small, the filing room can be made a source of joy forever or untold annoyance, delay and expense...
Overlapping With Other Officers
Someone will say, in fact a friend did say, 'You are leaning towards a description of the general manager in your outline of the duties of a secretary'. Let us see. As a matter of fact, the line of demarcation between the duties of these two offices is not always a definite one. I know of three large corporations in my immediate vicinity which do not have a general manager.
The Private Secretary
Some years ago, the secretary of a technical society, of which I am a member, counted up thirty kinds of engineers. I am sure there are more varieties of secretaries. As has been pointed out already, their duties vary with the objects of the organizations with which they are connected. But there is the Private Secretary, and there is the Social Secretary, man or woman, whose work is for one person...
The Social Secretary
In 'Bleak House', Dickens describes inimitably a private and social secretarywho was also a secretary for foreign affairs. Esther Summerson says, 'But what principally struck us was a jaded, and unhealthy-looking, though by no means plain girl, at the writing-table, who sat biting the feather of her pen, and staring at us. I suppose nobody ever was in such a state of ink...
The Building And Loan Association Secretary
Although a separate chapter may not be written on the duties of every one of the thirty or more varieties of secretaries referred to in Chapter XV, there is one member of the profession who is so important in our present civilization, that he is entitled to respectful consideration in this treatise, that is the secretary of the Building and Loan Association.
For Any Secretary
O, for English 'as she is wrote', to paraphrase Pedro Carolino in his seriously written, ludicrous, Portuguese-English dictionary of 1855, 'The New Guide of the Conversation, in Portuguese and English.' In the preface to the second edition he says, 'We were increasing this second edition with a phraseology, in the first part, and some familiar letters, anecdotes, idiotisms and proverbs'.
When I determined to write a chapter on the financial compensation of the Secretary, the publisher of this book remarked that payments for the same secretarial service were so variable that definite statements could not be made with respect to them.
Famous Secretaries And Their Careers
Aaron was the secretary of Moses, his brother. Moses was 'slow of speech and of a slow tongue', while Aaron could 'speak well ', and Moses 'put words in his mouth'. He was the spokesman of Moses 'unto the people'. 'The good Turpin', Archbishop of Rheims, friend and secretary of Charlemagne, was one of his, approximately twelve Paladins or Peers whose adventurous careers of defeat and conquest kept Europe in a turmoil during the latter part of the eighth century.
In General
To young persons I would say; obtain as comprehensive and as thorough a general education as time and circumstances will permit. Add to this constantly as you inch along through life. Take up whatever profession or vocation you have a bent or sympathy for. Master it. Learn something new each day.
Energy For Sedentary Workers
Most people have enough energy to worry along, and it is a customary bit of indolence to regard that as all they need. Unfortunately we have no convenient rule for estimating how much energy we have, not to mention how much we should have.This book is not to help you worry along ; it is to help you forge ahead.
How To Do More Work Without Getting Tired
MEN were carrying pig iron, loading cars at the Bethlehem Steel Works. Each man carried 12 1/2 tons a day. Then Frederick W. Taylor, efficiency expert, computed foot-pounds and calories and reached the theoretical conclusion that each man, each human engine, should carry three times that amount of pig iron. But the men were exhausted at the end of the day.
Conquering Your Fatigue Problem With Food
As I promised, there are several ways to prevent fatigue. You can settle your fatigue problem with any one of these methods, or by gathering the simplest hints from all. If you have great ambitions and need great energy to pursue them, you can make a full use of all these methods and become a human dynamo of energy.
Improving Your Energy Machine With Exercise
YOUR work puts no athletic strain on you so you hardly see the need of regular physical exercise. You are reasonably tired at night and perhaps think exercise would add to this fatigue. Finally, energy comes from food so you reason that you provide for energy by eating well. Will exercise benefit you, a non-athlete?
Use Your Glandular Energies
You may have got the idea that I am asking you to coddle yourself, or that I am trying to show you an easy way to get somewhere in the world. To the contrary, I have been trying to give you a foundation which will not have to be coddled, a surplus of energy which will make you quit looking for easy methods.
Sex And Energy
DIABETES is a familiar and unemotional subject which will serve to introduce, by comparison, a subject which is made difficult with emotional involvements. Diabetes is caused by the failure of the pancreas, one of the ductless glands, to manufacture sufficient insulin, the glandular secretion which helps the tissues to absorb digested starches and sugars.
Test Your Efficiency
IN the first chapter I lamented that we have no convenient way to measure our energy, no instrument to tell us that the tank is commonly less than half full. This chapter is an attempt to answer that problem with an efficiency test. To give yourself this test, answer each question carefully.
Wildflowers - Introduction
ONE of the most delightful pastimes of the happy season of spring and summer is to find the wild flowers blossoming here and there in the fields and woods. Almost as soon as the snow has melted one can begin the search, for in sunny nooks the Swamp Cabbage sends up its strange flower-heads while the winter's ice still lingers in near-by pools.
Wild Flower Families
The Buttercup is a typical example of the great Crowfoot family, which includes a considerable number of our most familiar wild flowers. A large proportion of these are annuals, although some are perennials. They nearly all have acrid juices in the stems and leaves. Both sepals and petals are usually present, the former often being petal-like.
Poppy Family
EVERYONE who has seen the Poppies of our gar-dens in blossom has had an excellent opportunity to note the chief characteristics of the Poppy family. As the blossom buds appear each flower is covered by two large sepals, which generally fall off when the petals open.
Arum Family
THE Arum family is one of unusual interest on account of the extraordinary structure of the flowers. The common Calla of greenhouses is a familiar illustration of the group, as is also the quaint Jack-in-the-pulpit of swampy woods. In all of these plants the outer part of the flower consists of a large, more or less membranous part called the spathe, within which is an erect, club-like part...
Saxifrage Family
THE Saxifrage family is a large group closely related to the Rose family. It contains many species, both of herbaceous and shrubby plants, but definite distinguishing characters are notreadily named. It includes a few of our commonest spring wild flowers like the Early Saxifrage, the Bishop's-cap, and the Foam-flower, as well as a number of wild and cultivated shrubs like the Currant and the Gooseberry, the Mock Orange and the Hydrangea.
Purslane Family
ALTHOUGH the Purslane family is a comparatively large group it contains but two species of wild flowers which are widely distributed in the United States. The characters of the family are fairly well illustrated by the familiar Pussley, one of the worst of our garden weeds, and the almost equally familiar Portulacca of our flower-beds.
Heath Family
THE Heath family, as now restricted by botanists, includes a number of shrubby plants having attractive flowers and for the most part blossoming in early spring. While technically the woody stems of the Mayflower or Trailing Arbutus cause it to be classed among the shrubs, rather than among the herbaceous plants, the blossoms are so generally prized as wild flowers...
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