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Constipation - Part 2
When constipation occurs only occasionally-let us say once every few weeks or so-the best thing to do is not to molest the bowel. The normal bowel rhythm will almost in-variably reestablish itself in a day or two without the aid of laxatives.
Spastic Constipation
SPASTIC constipation, a disorder in the function of the colon, is very common, and is often accompanied by fatigue and 'nervousness.' The disturbance in function is often the most dramatic element in the living pattern of the patient, but it is only one element and, from the medical point of view, often not the most important.
COLITIS means only inflammation of the colon, although it has been misapplied to designate any disorder of the colon accompanied by colic, gas, constipation or diarrhea. As with constipation, the causes of colitis can be classified into two groups-organic and functional.
PILES, or hemorrhoids, is a widely prevalent and trouble-some, though usually preventable, disorder. In a small percentage of cases, hemorrhoids are caused by an organic disease such as tumor of the rectum or disease of the liver, or by injuries incident to childbirth.
'Gas' And Bloating
THERE is a pocket of air called the stomach bubble in the upper part of the normal stomach cavity. During a meal the bubble, which can be seen with the X-ray screen, is compressed in the upper part of the stomach. A small amount of air-more or less, depending on the individual, is also swallowed with each bite.
Alkalizers And Acidosis
THE discoveries of medical science in the past two or three decades have followed one another in breath-taking succession. The alert physician has been hard pressed to assimilate them; the lay public is usually bewildered. Even when certain fundamental concepts about the body have long been established, it may take years before some real understanding of them is obtained.
IT IS clear, then, that in health, in all everyday ailments and even in most serious ailments there is never any danger of acidosis, and that 'alkalizing' remedies to 'alkalize' the blood and tissues or to keep them on the alkaline side are unnecessary.
Diet - Part 1
IT WOULD be putting it mildly to state that there is much confusion, ignorance and deliberate exploitation in the field of diet and nutrition. The great advances in the science of nutrition in the past thirty years have made the public aware that there is more to diet than simply filling the stomach three times a day...
Diet - Part 2
The importance of minerals for normal health and nutrition is well established. The relation between simple goiter and a deficiency of iodine in food and water was an important discovery. It explained the prevalence of goiter in the Great Lakes region of the United States where there was a deficiency of iodine in food and water...
Diet - Part 3
Among the most important discoveries in nutrition have been the substances known as vitamins. Vitamins are organic substances, not related chemically to one another, but having as a common characteristic the fact that they are indispensable to the growth and well-being of one or more animal species.
Diet - Part 4
People have always assumed that instinct and appetite could be relied upon to guide them in the proper choice of foods. Unfortunately this is not the case, for while many have learned to reject what is harmful, too few know the essentials of good nutrition. And good nutrition does not mean only the traditional three square meals a day.
Diet - Part 5
The choice of a suitable preparation of vitamin D is difficult not only for the consumer but also for the physician. There are hundreds of products on the market sold in inter-state commerce and therefore subject to supervision and checking by the Federal Trade Commission and Food and Drug Administration.
Some Common Food Fallacies
1. Hot breads are hard to digest. If the bread is thoroughly baked, it is digested as well when hot as when cold. When bread or biscuits are not well baked, the inner part, consisting of soggy dough, is not thoroughly digested by the digestive juices and this may cause 'gas' and cramps.
Teeth - Part 1
THERE is a vast array of misinformation and downright fraudulent advertising on the subject of the teeth and their care. Amidst the welter of powders, pastes, lotions, mouth washes and other 'hygienic' remedies advertised by dentifrice manufacturers two main facts stand out...
Teeth - Part 2
TOOTH POWDERS, BEST BUYS. CD (Cooperative Distributors, NYC).Craig-Martin (Comfort Mfg. Co., Chicago). Unlike Craig-Martin paste, contains no starch.ALSO ACCEPTABLE(In order of cost per ounce)Listerine (Lambert Pharmacal Co., St. Louis, Mo.). Contains as a soap substitute 2.5% of sodium lauryl sulfoacetate...
Teeth - Part 3
For cleansing the teeth the brush is the thing. Proper selection and use of a brush are more important for good dental hygiene than any toothpaste, tooth powder or mouth wash.To accomplish its cleansing function best and most safely, a toothbrush should have the following characteristics, according to the best dental opinion available...
Obesity - Part 1
THE belief that overweight is undesirable is founded on sure scientific grounds. Aside from the fact that it is an obstacle to good appearance, stoutness definitely predisposes to many chronic diseases, some of them serious. Diabetes, gall-bladder trouble, heart disease, arthritis and foot troubles are some of the disorders that are frequently associated with obesity.
Obesity - Part 2
In the treatment of obesity these two fundamental facts should be kept in mind: 1 That the source of excess fat is food intake, and 2. A person becomes fat because he has eaten more food than his body requires. Consequently, diet is the basis for any logical treatment of obesity; other measures can, at worst, be extremely dangerous; at best they serve only to supplement the dietary method.
Obesity - Part 3
Without attempting to list a detailed diet program, the following diets are suggested for those who wish a slight or moderate reduction in weight... 1
'NERVOUSNESS' in one form or another is very common. Some psychiatrists believe it is universal. Few people are so well adjusted psychologically that they can face all life's problems with equanimity and never be troubled by an attack of 'nerves,' especially in these days of war, civilian bombings, racial persecution, unemployment and economic insecurity.
INSOMNIA, or sleeplessness, is not a disease. It is a symptom of any one of numerous ailments. To cure insomnia, therefore, it is necessary to cure the ailment which causes it. Some organic ailments, such as cerebral arteriosclerosis, and heart disease, may cause insomnia.
Fatigue, Weakness, Poor Appetite And Tonics - Part 1
HUNDREDS of years ago, before the advent of scientific medicine, doctors treated many ailments with fantastically compounded mixtures. The causes of disease were not known and treatment was blundering and haphazard. Pure drugs had not been isolated from their crude plant form.
Fatigue, Weakness, Poor Appetite And Tonics - Part 2
Another common symptom for which tonics are advertised is poor appetite. Like fatigue, poor appetite is a symptom of many disorders-acute and chronic, physical and psycho-logical. During acute infections, appetite is invariably poor, but no tonic can cure the infection.
Sexual Weakness, Impotence And Frigidity
YEARS ago, when no holds were barred, advertisements of remedies for sexual weakness or sexual disorders were rampant in newspapers and magazines. Exhortations to restore virility, manhood and masculine appeal, and to correct feminine weakness, used to appear below the strong figures of handsome men and the full curves of glamorous women.
Stimulants - Coffee, Alcohol, Tobacco and 'Pep' Pills
THE desire for a stimulant is frequently based upon the laudable ambition or need to complete an important piece of work. The student taking an examination, the business-man launching a new enterprise, the physician keeping a night vigil, look for some stimulant that will whip up the flagging energy of the body or keep the mind alert and clear.
Physical Therapy
ARE you depressed? Do you feel that you are licked? Are you tired of fighting? Do you think there is no hope and everything is going wrong and against you? Don't you quit! You don't know what tomorrow may bring. Every cloud must have a silver lining. Win back your energy and vitality!
Arthritis And Rheumatism
MORE than three million persons in this country suffer from some form of arthritis, or rheumatic disease of the joints. A considerable percentage of these are partially or completely disabled. Much of this disability and invalidism could be avoided if adequate medical and dental care were available...
FOOT disorders are one of the penalties man has had to pay for assuming the upright position. The changes affecting the foot during the long evolutionary process of mankind were probably more rapid than those affecting the rest of the body; which may account to a certain extent for his tendency to foot disorders.
Care Of The Skin And Its Disorders - Part 1
SKIN disorders are more often subject to self-treatment than almost any other disorder. Complexion irregularities are, of course, a source of great annoyance. And it is unfortunate indeed that the public receives virtually all its education about the skin, and even medical discoveries concerning it, from manufacturers of toilet articles and their henchmen, the advertisers.
Care Of The Skin And Its Disorders - Part 2
The only certain and safe way of removing hair permanently is by means of electrolysis. In this treatment electric current is passed through the hair root, thus destroying the hair at its source. Because extreme accuracy and skill are required, electrolysis should be administered only by experts; if possible, under the direction of a physician.
Care Of The Skin And Its Disorders - Part 3
There is at present no known way to restore the natural color to hair which has become gray. Products advertised to do this are usually dyes which impart the same color to all hair, regardless of the original shade.Unfortunately, none of the really effective hair dyes is completely safe, and the safe ones are not effective.
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