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Principles And Practice Of Hardening
Life, - remarks Seneca, - is a state of warfare, - and as a successful war cannot be waged by assuming always a defensive attitude.
Home Care And Treatment
The main object of home treatment of colds should be their prevention, and we are confident that were it possible to assure intelligent application, appropriate to each individual case, of the principles and practice set forth in the preceding pages their frequency would be materially reduced.
Nasal Obstruction And Mouth Breathing
Just as there are persons who go along for years with considerable near-sightedness or other defect of vision, and do not realise their imperfection unless perchance correcting glasses are fitted...
Adenoid Problem
Intimately connected with the subject of colds is the adenoid and tonsil problem, for it is a universal observation that colds show a decided pre-dilection for persons with diseased tonsils and especially for children with adenoids.
Tonsil Troubles
Not less injurious to the health of the individual than adenoids is the presence of diseased faucial tonsils.
Sinus Situation
In the chapter Anatomical Outlines we have briefly described a group of air chambers hollowed out of the bones of the face and skull and designated as paranasal or nasal accessory sinuses...
Voice And Speech
A word may be added as to the effect of cold on that part of the respiratory tract which is the seat of the voice.
Summary And Conclusions
The object of this work has been to set forth for the benefit of laymen, the best and most recent knowledge of the profession on the subject of the origin and nature of the common cold and its complications...
First Aid - Part 1
With injuries so common, everyone should know not only the elementary facts about first aid, but, what is more fundamental, how to prevent accidents. Home accidents could be greatly reduced if the following precautions, advocated by the National Safety Council, were observed...
First Aid - Part 2
The best way to control a hemorrhage is to apply direct pressure upon the bleeding point. Use a sterile gauze compress if it is available; if not, use a clean cloth. Bleeding from an artery occurs in spurts. From a small artery, such as that of a finger or scalp, the bleeding will be stopped by application of direct pressure.
First Aid - Part 3
TINCTURES are usually marketed untinted, but may be obtained with a dye to stain the area of application. If the tincture is irritating, it may be diluted with one or two parts of water.
First Aid - Part 4
First-degree burns are those in which the skin is reddened but not blistered or broken. In most cases, the only treatment necessary is to immerse the injured part in running cold water. This will relieve the pain and diminish the inflammation.
First Aid - Part 5
Because of the danger of rabies, every dog bite should be treated at once by a physician. If the dog is known to have rabies or is suspected of having rabies, the wound must be treated by cauterization with fuming nitric acid by a physician.
First Aid - Part 6
Prolonged exposure to the sun may cause not only severe sunburn but also a more serious condition-sunstroke. Those affected with heart or kidney disease or pulmonary tuberculosis are more likely to suffer from sunstroke than those in sound health. To prevent it, avoid prolonged exposure to midday summer sun.
Medicine Cabinet
THE average household medicine chest needs no more than the following items: Mild Tincture of Iodine U.S.P. 2% solution. Keep in a glass- or rubber-stoppered 1-oz. bottle for not more than one year. (Ordinary Tincture of Iodine is a 7% solution. It is too strong for everyday use.)
PAIN is a symptom of a disease or a disorder. It is Nature's way of warning us that something is wrong. In effect, pain is simply a 'Stop, Look and Listen' sign. But the sign does not, as many people think, point in the direction of the nearest drug store.
Pain - Part 2
Headache is a symptom of a great many disorders, some of them serious. Occasional headaches due to temporary conditions such as fatigue or a 'cold' may be relieved somewhat by aspirin-one or two tablets every three or four hours. A cold compress is generally soothing.
Liniments, Rubbing Salves And Plasters
Liniments for the relief of painful afflictions were applied with literally heroic vigor in the dark ages of medicine. Their use was based upon the assumption that morbid humors or juices were responsible for the pain and could be drawn away from the affected part by application of a 'counter-irritant' to the skin.
Colds - Part 1
Two billion dollars is the toll exacted annually by the common cold. The greater part of this represents a loss in wages as a result of absence from work due to colds. A considerable portion of the remainder is spent each year on medicines advertised and sold as cold preventives and cures.
Colds - Part 2
Neo-synephrin or ephedrine may also be obtained as jellies. Since forceful sniffing is inevitable in the use of jellies, and since such sniffing may spread the infection to the sinuses and ears, jellies should be avoided.InhalantsMenthol is an ingredient of inhalants such as Vapex, as well as of nose drops.
Colds - Part 3
The distressing fact that no means is now known by which colds can be either prevented or cured does not mean that colds should be ignored. Aside from the local discomfort of a stuffy nose, a cold is a potentially serious ailment, capable of causing many complications.
MORE than 35 different conditions can cause coughing. Among them are enlarged and inflamed tonsils and adenoids, sore throat, sinusitis, middle-ear infections, common colds, foreign objects in the lungs, measles, laryngitis, influenza, bronchitis, pleurisy, infection or congestion of the lungs, heart trouble...
Mouth Washes And Bad Breath
MOUTH washes have been endowed by advertisers with every kind of miraculous property. The mouth, according to them, has become the seat of all sorts of ailments, and it is the responsibility of every health-conscious consumer to 'disinfect' his mouth so that he can be saved from various malevolent fates.
Nasal Disorders
THERE are two facts that one should bear in mind with respect to the use of medicines in the treatment of nasal disorders. The first is that the mucous membrane of the nose is a structure of great complexity which no solution, vapor, liquid, drops, spray or salve can disinfect.
Sinuses And Sinusitis
THE term 'sinus,' although it is frequently so misused, does not signify a disease. It is simply a designation for certain small, air-containing cavities present in the skull. Those cavities which are connected with or closely related to the nose are called nasal or paranasal sinuses, to distinguish them from sinuses which exist in other parts of the skull.
EARACHE requires immediate medical care, since it may be a symptom of an infection of the ear canal, eardrum or middle ear-all potentially serious ailments. Until medical attention is obtained the pain may be relieved somewhat by applying a hot water bottle to the ear or exposing the ear to the heat radiating from a heat lamp.
UNDER normal conditions it is unnecessary to wash the eyes-there are glands situated close to the eyeball that do a better job of that than any lotion man can make. These glands are constantly secreting a fluid which bathes and cleans the eyes.
Asthma And Hay Fever
BRONCHIAL asthma and hay fever are known as allergic disorders. Although they differ from each other in the kinds of discomfort they cause, they have a very fundamental thing in common. Both occur in people who are sensitive to sub-stances which, when given in similar amounts to other people, are harmless.
Carsickness And Seasickness
ALTHOUGH the causes of carsickness and seasickness are not definitely known, many things can be done to make a trip bearable to those who are sensitive to the motion of a car or the pitch of a ship. On the day before the trip, the diet should be simple and moderate. No alcohol should be drunk.
Constipation - Part 1
MORE people are troubled by constipation than by any other common ailment. More money is spent on laxatives than on any other medicine. More nonsense has been written about constipation than about any other human disorder.
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