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Exercises For Elasticity
All heaviness and stiffness must be avoided in poses in walking, in seating and in other gestures.
Elements Of Mimicry - Part 1
The elements of acting and mimicry at the disposal of an actor or singer, are, first of all, motions or gestures. These gestures engage the whole body or parts of it, and create the language of mimicry.
Elements Of Mimicry - Part 2
The eyes are capable of expressing nearly all the states of mind and of human passion.
Elements Of Mimicry - Part 3
The conventional theatrical make-up kiss has nothing to do with the emotions that prompt it in life.
Elements Of Mimicry - Part 3
The trunk is of importance in the expression of many emotions. In fear, it instinctively contracts, as it also does in admiration.
Expressions - Part 1
Facial mimicry, one of the principal expressions of the nervous life, is produced by the playing of many muscles controlled by the nervous system.
Expressions - Part 2
The expressions or imprints on our face and body are the result of the internal upheaval of our passions, of the workings of our minds, or of the excitement of our senses.
The Smile—the Laugh
The smile seems to be one of the first conscious expressions of the human being.
Love In Its Different States And Expressions
Love, in its various forms, as mother love, love between lovers, love of country, is among the strongest of human passions.
Intellectual And Other Expressions
Attention is a state of mind. In its expression the head is bent forward slightly, the eye-brows sink and approach the sides of the nose, the eyes look in the direction of the object that is attracting notice, and the mouth is slightly open.
General Expressions
Impatience, Restlessness, Desire, are all general expressions in which the richness of mimicry is dependent upon the source or cause of the emotion.
Effects Of Pathological States On The Expressions
Madness is a sickness of the brain which, like any other sickness, varies in kind and degree with different manifestations for different periods.
Evolution Of "Make-Up"
The origin or inception of the art of make-up cannot be recounted with infallible precision, due no doubt to the fact that very little thought was given to this particular practice.
What Is "Make-Up?"
The facial lines disclose to the eyes of the keen observer the character inherent in us. This fact in itself explains best what make-up really is—its intention and purpose.
Individuality Submerged In A Clever "Make-Up"
A painter who, as if by magic, give ; a reproduction with his brush of most any thing the eye perceives, must first know the laws of proportion, the art of designing, and must cultivate observation and application long before he learns the blending of colors into shades that rival nature itself.
Application And Removal Of "Make-Up"
Application. - Preliminary to applying make-up, self-protection comes into consideration.
Fundamental Rules
Nature in her infinite wisdom has, we are told, created all men alike with the exception of the facial lines, formation of head, etc.
In The Dressing Room
Your entire make-up utensils should be in front of your looking glass, and always within reach. Dress the lower part of your body in the costume you are going to wear before you begin the make-up.
Optical Influence And Delusion Through Lighting Effects
In advance of your plans for make-up, find out every particular of the lighting arrangements to be used on the stage where you are to appear, as the colors of your make-up must be in absolute harmony with the light effects or your best efforts will be in vain.
The Make-up Box
The make-up box should contain...
The Hair
One's own hair serves much better than a wig. This applies especially to the ladies, who should study all the possible ways of hairdressing from the most antique to the present times.
Beards And Mustaches
There is not the least doubt that experience is the best teacher when it comes to making beards and mustaches.
The Forehead
The forehead is a very expressive part of the body, and, in order not to make a mistake, it is well to study all the wrinkles and forms that the skin may take and to apply the colors in accordance with nature, which is tracing direction and form.
The Eyes, Eyelashes, Eyebrows
The principal characteristics of the eye are form, size, brilliancy and color.
The Cheeks
The cheeks can be diminished or en larged.To enlarge the cheeks and make the face appear fuller, some people use nose putty.
The Nose
The nose is a very prominent part of the face. As it is a delineator either of beauty or ugliness, it must be well attended to when making-up.
The Mouth
The mouth is considered one of the chief indicators of character and expression; consequently it is very important in the make-up.
The Teeth
An even, white set of teeth will always prove a great asset to one's general appearance.
The Chin
Transforming the chin by artificial means to suit a certain character is rather difficult.
The Neck
The make-up of the neck should always be in harmony with that of the face. In playing parts where the neck is covered by the co lar of the costume, make-up is unnecessary.
The Arms, Hands, Fingers And Nails
The Arms.—The arms of men are seldom exposed. When necessary (like Mephisto in prologue) the muscles should be brought out with high lights and shadows.
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