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William Ewart Gladstone
In the opening sentence of an article in the Edinburgh Review in 1839, on Gladstone's first appearance as an author, Macaulay described him as a young man of unblemished character and of distinguished parliamentary abilities, the rising hope of the stern and unbending Tories. . .
John Morley
John Morley is well known as a Liberal statesmen, and has been frequently mentioned as a possible leader of his party in the House of Commons, yet he is really and essentially a literary man, and has done more for literature than for politics.
Historical Literature Of The Later Victorian Period
More than 130 years ago the historian Robertson wrote : The universal progress of science during the two last Centuries, the art of printing, and other obvious causes, have filled Europe with such a multiplicity of histories and with such a vast collection of historical materials that the term of human life is too short for the study or even the perusal of them.
Edward Augustus Freeman
Although blessed with an ample fortune, Edward Augustus Freeman (1823-1892) wrote diligently as for daily bread, not merely the great histories which bring him solid fame, but monographs and articles for reviews, magazines and newspapers, on almost all manner of subjects.
James Anthony Froude
The greatest historian of recent times, most brilliant if not absolutely accurate in details, was James Anthony Froude.
Sir Henry Sumner Maine
Still another great writer in the historical field was Sir Henry Sumner Maine (1822-1888), whose special department was the development of law and the organization of society. Educated at Christ's Hospital and Cambridge, he graduated in 1844, and became Professor of Civil Law.
William Edward Hartpole Lecky
Prominent among the philosophic historians who discuss social movements rather than events, ideas rather individuals, is William Edward Hartpole Lecky.
James Bryce
Of the English philosophic historians none has been better known in the United States than James Bryce.
John Addington Symonds
Another noted historian, who gave attention, however, to art, literature and criticism instead of politics, was John Addington Symonds (1840-1893) .
John Richard Green
Among the few historians that have the faculty of making history entertaining, Green holds a foremost place.
Alexander William Kinglake
The prodigious scale on which modern history is often constructed is exemplified in Kinglake's History of the Crimean War, which occupies seven volumes, though the war lasted but two years.
Poets Of The Later Victorian Period
Down to the last decade of the Century the two great poets who are the literary glory of the Victorian era survived in revered old age, and still sent forth poems worthy of their fame.
William Morris
Although at first a product of the Pre-Raphaelite movement, William Morris developed a true originality of poetic idea and expression.
Algernon Charles Swinburne
Swinburne has been recognized from his first appearance as a poet unmatched in the mastery of rhythm and melody, and in the serious beauty of his descriptions.
Sir Edwin Arnold
By a sympathetic revelation of the principles of Buddhism in The Light of Asia, Edwin Arnold won wide fame for himself and favor for the religious system which moulds the lives of one-fourth of the human race.
William Watson
When Lord Tennyson died in 1892, the question of the succession in the laureateship was widely discussed, and many critics urged the claims of William Watson.
Alfred Austin
When it was announced in 1895 that the poet laureate-ship left vacant since the death of Lord Tennyson had been bestowed by Lord Salisbury on Alfred Austin, most Americans were astonished...
Herbert Spencer
The philosophical writer who has had the widest and most penetrating influence upon the intellect of the Century is Herbert Spencer, the apostle of evolution, even beyond Darwin.
Henry Drummond
In the borderland of literature between science and religion no writer has obtained more readers than Henry Drummond.
Hurrell Mallock
A singular fate has overtaken William Hurrell Mallock.
Andrew Lang
A most pleasant writer of light verse and graceful essays, an able translator of Homer and French lyrics, a judicious exponent of anthropology, and many other important matters is found in the gifted Scotchman, Andrew Lang.
George Macdonald
The earliest of the novelists of Scottish life, with marked religious purpose, was George Macdonald.
Richard Doddridge Blackmore
Although Richard Doddridge Blackmore has written many novels, he is known as the author of one Lorna Doone, a semi-historical romance, which has given fame to a Devonshire valley.
William Black
The Scotch Highlands and the rocky islands to the West are the region which William Black has made familiar by several fine stories, but he is quite as much at home in London drawing-rooms.
Hall Caine
As Black has given prominence to the Hebrides, Hall Caine has given his native Isle of Man a place in literature. He was born in 1853 and became an architect in Liverpool.
Sir Walter Besant
Sir Walter Besant had been a worker in other fields before James Rice, editor of Once a Week, took him into partnership in novel-writing.
Thomas Hardy
Far different in aim and effect is the stern realist, Thomas Hardy, loving painter of rural scenery, but grim pessimist in his delineation of character and fate.
George Meredith
George Meredith is unique among English novelists. He can never become popular, for he disdains elaborate plots and cares little for dramatic scenes.
Robert Louis Stevenson
The life of Robert Louis Stevenson was spent in the constant pursuit of health and happiness.
James Matthew Barrie
In the latter part of the eighties a small group of novelists appeared who depicted in a life-like manner the peculiarities of Scotch character.
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