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From Athens To Pentelicus
I PROPOSE to give you some account of a trip through Greece in a series of talks. I do not know that I have any thing very new or entertaining to offer ; I feel, however, that I may take for granted that you are interested in this journey as friends of myself.
From Pentelicus To Parnes
THE Monastery of Penteli is situated in a beautiful dell surrounded on all sides by mountains, with the exception of the narrow pass which leads us into the sacred enclosure.
From Parnes To Marathon
WHEN you last saw me, I had hurriedly started down Parnes to Marathon, with the design of taking you along, if I could. It was a sudden spirt of enthusiastic haste, not wholly consonant with the golden leisure of this Greek trip...
As soon as the speech had come to an end, I rose and looked out of the wineshop, desiring to take a short stroll before going to bed, in order to catch a breath of fresh air and to see a Greek evening in the Marathonian vale.
From Marathon To Marcopoulo
THE first stage of my trip was now accomplished. When I left Athens on foot, you will recollect that I was not certain of reaching Marathon ; but Marathon now lies behind me a conquered territory, and I am resolved to push forward to some other destination ; where it is, I do not exactly know, but I am going to follow the image.
Rainy Day At Marcopoulo
As I rose in the morning and looked out of the window, every appearance indicated that I was weather-bound. It had rained all night; though the rain had ceased falling just at that moment, the clouds looked leaden and surcharged, and flew by the window with a sullen threatening.
From Marcopoulo To Aulis
Two nights and one day I had remained with the host of Marcopoulo, when early in the morning of the second day I asked him for his bill. Five francs he replied.
Aulis And Chalkis
When I had come back from the bay, it was dark and the wineshop had closed, accordingly I went into the adjoining house where I was to remain for the night.
From Aulis To Thebes
Early in the morning Varvouillya stood before the wine-shop with his two donkeys ; he called me out, who was there celebrating a farewell to Aulis in company with three or four citizens.
Thebes And Plataea
Slowly the pedestrian winds up the hill into Thebes. After he has passed through a small modern suburb and entered the town on the declivity, he soon reaches the central place of business, which is indicated by wagons loaded with cotton, by a stage-coach and by numerous wineshops.
From Thebes To Lebedeia
We must get up early if we wish to make the present trip in one day, at our customary gait. For we cannot think of hurrying through this classic landscape, as if we had on our hands a piece of pressing business.
Stop At Lebedeia
It was getting late in the afternoon when I reached the khan, to which a mule-driver of a very friendly and talkative turn, conducted me. The house is unpretentious, the chief decoration being a porch to the second story...
Story Of The Deer
I never could understand how anyone could derive pleasure from hunting deer for the mere sport of shooting them. They are such gentle, timid creatures, so pleasing to the eye and so easily domesticated that it has always seemed brutal to me to see them shot down in mere wantonness.
Virginian Deer
The main group of American deer is represented by the well-known Virginian deer, found in the northern half of the American continent.
The mule-deer of Western America is so called on account of the enormous size of its ears.In height the mule-deer is fully equal to the Virginian deer, but it is a more stoutly built and much less graceful animal, with proportionately shorter limbs, while the ears are nearly double the size of those of the latter.
Fallow Deer
The visitor to England notices the deer which run in the large wooded parks as do our cattle in the fields of the American farmer. These are the Fallow deer.
Black-tail Deer
By the hunters in Colorado the mule-deer is commonly spoken of as the black-tail, although that name properly belongs to a species confined to the mountain-ranges bordering the Pacific in the neighborhood of the Columbia River, and unknown to the eastward of the Sierra Nevada.
Musk Deer
In the Himalaya Mountains is found the musk deer, a clumsily built animal standing about 20 inches at the shoulder, with peculiarly coarse, brittle, and rather long hair, somewhat resembling pith.
Pampas Deer
The American deer differ entirely from those of Asia and Europe in the character of their antlers, which are either in the form of simple spikes, like the little red brocket of South America, or divided in a fork-like manner, like the mule deer of the Rocky Mountains and Sierra Nevadas.
Deer Of The Philippines
Very different from all the other members of the deer family is Prince Alfred's deer from the Philippines, which has at all ages and all seasons a spotted coat.
Mexican Deer
At first sight, the Mexican deer is easily mistaken for the mule deer on account of its enormously long ears.
Barking Deer
One of the most interesting members of the deer family is the Indian Muntjac, known there as the barking deer, and in Hindustan as the kakar.
From Lebedeia To Chaeroneia
THE prolonged stay in Lebedeia has come to an end, and the traveler is now stepping lightly over the highway with a new view in his eye and a new hope in his heart.
From Chaeroneia To Arachoba
As the pedestrian passes out of Chaeroneia, he will take no small delight in the fountain which comes gurgling down the hillside in a multitude of rillets like a bevy of babbling girls, and runs and hides in the grass of the plain.
New Life Of Old Parnassus
THE first and simplest natural fact concerning Arachoba, and the one which impresses itself most strongly upon the mind of the traveler who has had to climb so long and laboriously, is that the town lies near the top of Parnassus.
Two Worlds Of Parnassus
THERE is a tone of rejoicing throughout the town this Saturday evening; the matron smiles, the maiden moves with a lighter grace, the old man tells a new story everybody seems to be looking forward to some new joy; what is the matter?
Political Parnassus
ARACHOBA is just now in the midst of a hot political contest over the election of Demarch.
Rambles Over Parnassus
You, my friends, as citizens of a free commonwealth have an interest in politics; I am certain you would like to hear how the election resulted.
Delphic Oracle
LONG have we loitered at Arachoba, to some purpose it may be hoped. The town represents the old in the new more adequately than anything we have yet seen ; it gives the feeling of old Hellenic life still blooming as in the days of its youth.
Delphic Town
THE history of Delphi is a history of the spiritual life of Greece. The social and political changes of the country took place elsewhere, but their inner significance is best imaged in the mutations of the Delphic Oracle from its early importance to its cessation.
Delphic Days
Apollo, says the legend, stopped at Delphi in his wanderings over the Earth, and set up his temple.
Delphic Faun
AFTER lingering some days at Delphi, the traveler will feel a strong desire to wander over the mountain back of the town, and see with his own eyes what may be there, and not hear it merely from others.
Religion Of Beauty
THAT was indeed a wonderful epoch in Universal History when Religion and Beauty, when the spirit and the senses were united in a supreme world-embracing harmony.
Kyrie Eleeson Christos Aneste
THE traveler will pass Lent at Delphi, he will witness there the ceremonies of Faster ; a new note, deepest, most intense of all, thus mingles with the old Delphic music and brings it to a conclusion.
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