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Story Of The Deer
I never could understand how anyone could derive pleasure from hunting deer for the mere sport of shooting them. They are such gentle, timid creatures, so pleasing to the eye and so easily domesticated that it has always seemed brutal to me to see them shot down in mere wantonness.
Virginian Deer
The main group of American deer is represented by the well-known Virginian deer, found in the northern half of the American continent.
The mule-deer of Western America is so called on account of the enormous size of its ears.In height the mule-deer is fully equal to the Virginian deer, but it is a more stoutly built and much less graceful animal, with proportionately shorter limbs, while the ears are nearly double the size of those of the latter.
Fallow Deer
The visitor to England notices the deer which run in the large wooded parks as do our cattle in the fields of the American farmer. These are the Fallow deer.
Black-tail Deer
By the hunters in Colorado the mule-deer is commonly spoken of as the black-tail, although that name properly belongs to a species confined to the mountain-ranges bordering the Pacific in the neighborhood of the Columbia River, and unknown to the eastward of the Sierra Nevada.
Musk Deer
In the Himalaya Mountains is found the musk deer, a clumsily built animal standing about 20 inches at the shoulder, with peculiarly coarse, brittle, and rather long hair, somewhat resembling pith.
Pampas Deer
The American deer differ entirely from those of Asia and Europe in the character of their antlers, which are either in the form of simple spikes, like the little red brocket of South America, or divided in a fork-like manner, like the mule deer of the Rocky Mountains and Sierra Nevadas.
Deer Of The Philippines
Very different from all the other members of the deer family is Prince Alfred's deer from the Philippines, which has at all ages and all seasons a spotted coat.
Mexican Deer
At first sight, the Mexican deer is easily mistaken for the mule deer on account of its enormously long ears.
Barking Deer
One of the most interesting members of the deer family is the Indian Muntjac, known there as the barking deer, and in Hindustan as the kakar.
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