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Story Of The Llama
When Pizarro and his Spaniards conquered Peru they found a beast of burden in use by the Peruvians, and along with the other booty gained they acquired this animal; which is called the llama.
Story Of The Carpincho
This animal is generally known as the water-hog, and is found in the large rivers of South America. It is now almost extinct, a few specimens being still to be found near the head waters of the Amazon.
Story Of The Ant Eater
As its name imports, the ant-eater lives principally upon ants and termites, or white ants, as they are called, which it takes by thrusting its long, slender tongue among the ants, which adhere to it by a gummy saliva.
Story Of The Ostrich
Ostrich farming has become an important industry in several parts of Africa and Asia, and has been introduced recently into the United States and is successfully carried on in Arizona and California.
Story Of The Lizard
In this country there are many harmless species of lizard, but in the Rocky Mountain region are found some that are exceedingly poisonous.
Story Of The Kangaroo
In the summer of the year 1770, when Captain Cook was refitting his vessel at the mouth of the Endeavour River in New South Wales, a party of his crew who had landed to procure food brought back reports of a strange animal of large size, which sat upright on its hind-limbs and tail, and progressed by a series of enormous leaps.
Story Of The Hedgehog
School children in England become familiar with a strange little animal that is rarely seen in this country, although it inhabits parts of Africa and Asia.
Story Of The Wild Goat
I have hunted the wild goat in the Rocky Mountains, in equatorial Africa, in bleak Siberia and in the lofty Himalayas. In each of these widely separated districts the animal shows the same general characteristics and the hunter must needs use great caution if he hopes to secure his quarry.
Story Of The Musquash
There are few American boys who have not had some experience with the musquash, commonly called muskrat. I have trapped hundreds of them accidentally.
Story Of The Wart Hog
I do not know of any uglier animal than the wart hog, with its huge tusks, big warty protuberances below the eyes and fierce-looking bristly mane.
Story Of The Raccoon
The raccoon is about the size of a large fox, and an inhabitant of Canada and various parts of the United States. It derives its name, lotor, from the habit it is said to possess of washing its food before eating it.
Story Of The Cobego
While in the interior of Mindanao, one of the largest islands in the Philippine group, I was once somewhat startled to see a large bird, as I then thought, fly over me.
Story Of The Gazelle
The gazelle is regarded as the embodiment of grace and beauty, and is celebrated in song and story. It is usually of a sandy color and has a white streak on the side of the face from the base of the horn nearly to the nose, thus cutting off a dark triangular patch in the middle of the forehead, while the streak itself is bordered by a dark line.
Story Of The Chameleon
There is a popular belief that the chameleon lives entirely upon air.The reason for this belief was found in the facts that the chameleon is a very sluggish creature and goes so long without eating that people who had observed it were led to think, first, that it could not move fast enough to catch insects, which would naturally be its food, and secondly, never having seen it eat they imagined it never did.
Story Of The Fossa
The fossa of Madagascar, which is the largest flesh-eating animal found in that island, is the species connecting the more typical members of the cat family.
Story Of The Walrus
Thousands of walrus are killed every year in the Pacific ocean, but at the present rate hunting them must soon cease as the animal is fast being killed off and will probably be extinct in a decade or two.
Story Of The Mole
One morning, after a rain, I traced the fresh passageway of a mole for one hundred yards. The little animal had made this gallery in one night.I was impressed with the enormous amount of work such a small animal could perform, and I made some figures in comparison with the labor of a man.
Story Of The Pangolin
In Africa, south of the Sahara desert and in some parts of India, I have often come across an animal which always made me think of a huge pine cone supplied with a head and legs. This animal is known as the pangolin, which feeds upon ants, although belonging to a different family from the true ant-eaters.
Story Of The Opossum
A favorite sport in the southern part of the United States is possum hunting, and is particularly popular with the colored population.The time to hunt opossums is a bright moonlight night, and the best locality, a marsh or swamp where persimmon trees grow.
Story Of The Caffre Cat
With the caffre, or, as it is frequently termed, the Egyptian cat, we have a species which is regarded as the parent stock from which the domestic cat has sprung.The caffre cat is about the size of a large domestic cat, and is generally of a yellowish color, darker on the back, and paler on the under-parts.
Story Of The Shrew
The shrew family has so many varieties that I will have to confine myself to some of the most interesting and important ones.
Story Of The Tenrec
There lives in Madagascar an insect-eating animal which has many of the characteristics of the hedgehog. The name tenrec is given the group, which comprises several species.
Story Of The Rabbit
From the day of its birth till the day of its death a rabbit spends most of its time dodging or fighting the enemies that seek its life.
Story Of The Chamois
The chamois is a strongly-built animal, with relatively long and stout limbs, and a very short stumpy tail; in height it stands about two feet at the withers. It is closely akin to the antelope.
Story Of The Duckbill
The duckbilled platypus is one of the most remarkable animals I have ever seen.
Story Of The Peccary
In South America I made the acquaintance of a gentleman who had a large plantation which had suffered much damage from the frequent visits of a herd of peccaries.
Story Of The Linsang
Next to the ocelot, I think the linsang is the most beautifully marked animal I ever met.
Story Of The Aardvark
When in South Africa among the Boers, I frequently shot those ugly and ungainly animals the Boers call aardvarks, or, in English, earth-pigs.
Story Of The Gorilla
The gorilla, an enormous ape from Western Africa, is the largest member of the monkey family, but others have a much greater resemblance to man and have many human characteristics wanting in the gorilla.
Story Of The Weasel
No one would think, on seeing a weasel for the first time, that the graceful, slender little animal, with its brown back, pretty, white throat, funny face, and sparkling eyes, was such a fierce, bloodthirsty creature.
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