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Acrobatic Monkey
The Agile Gibbon is a native of Sumatra. This species, too, is included in the man-like apes. It derives its name of Agile, from the wonderful activity it displays in launching itself through the air from branch to branch.
Long-nose Monkey
The kahau, or proboscis monkey, is a native of Borneo. It derives its name from the cry it utters, which is a repetition of the word kahau.
Sacred Monkeys Of India
The monkey called the Entellus is held sacred in some parts of India, particularly in Lower Bengal. The origin of the extreme veneration, which multitudes cherish for this animal, is involved in the obscurity of their early history, and may be traced back to the most remote periods.
The marmoset is a most interesting little creature. It is exceedingly sensitive to cold, and when out of its own country is usually occupied in nestling among the materials for its bed, which it heaps up in one corner and out of which it seldom entirely emerges.
Story Of The Antelope
No animal in a wild state appeals more strongly to my sympathy than the antelope. I have spent hours watching these timid, harmless, large-eyed creatures, of which there are about seventy different species. The love of the mother doe for her fawn is so tender and gentle as to be almost human, and the absolute faith of the little creature in its mother is ideal.
Under the title of oryx are five species of antelope, found throughout the desert regions of Africa, and also in Arabia and Syria. In South Africa the best representative of the oryx family is the gemsbok, which stands about four feet in height, is greyish in color, becoming white beneath.
The African eland is the largest of the antelope tribe. They vary in color from a tawny yellow to a slaty blue, while in the extreme northern part of their range they are sometimes marked with white stripes.
There is not much sport in hunting nilgai, the largest of the Indian antelope. In closely settled districts they are as tame as domestic cattle, and in the unsettled districts where they are shy, they are easily ridden down by a good horse.
Gnu, Or Wildebeest
Next to a monkey, I believe the gnu or South African wildebeest, as the Dutch hunters call them, is the most inquisitive of all animals.
Pala Or Roy-bock
The pala or roy-bock is an inhabitant of Southern Africa, where it is seen in large herds. It is a remarkably fine animal, measuring three feet in height at the shoulder, and being gifted with elegantly shaped horns and a beautifully tinted coat.
Prong-buck Or American Antelope
Of all the antelope tribe none affords the hunter as good sport and as fine venison as the antelope found west of the Mississippi River, and known to scientists as the prong-buck or the prong-horned antelope.
Indian Black Buck
The handsomely colored black buck, or Indian antelope, stands about 32 inches at the shoulder. The usual length of the horn varies from 16 to 20 inches.
Addax Antelope
The addax, or spiral horned antelope, is a native of Northern Africa, ranging from the Nile to Lake Tchad and Senegal.
Swamp Antelope
The harnessed antelope of West Africa greatly resembles the kuau or pigmy antelope. The species shown in the accompanying illustration is from the Camerun mountains and the Gabun district.
The blessbok and the closely-allied bontebok, are smaller South African antelopes. In both species the horns are compressed, with the rings strongly marked.
Story Of The Rhinoceros
The rhinoceros is favorite game both in India and Africa. It has a ferocious disposition and is hard to kill. The easiest and least dangerous method is for the hunter to conceal himself and shoot it when it comes to drink at the pool.
Story Of The Musk Ox
As every school boy knows, the toad has a remarkable power of expansion, which is used in time of danger to terrify the enemy.
Story Of The Giraffe
One of the most curious sights I ever witnessed was a giraffe drinking. It was on the edge of Kalahari Desert in South Africa.
Story Of The Fox
Fox-hunting is a common but exciting sport in both England and America. Both the red and the gray fox leave a trail that is easily followed by the hounds.
Story Of The Seal
When the killing of wild animals is done for commercial purposes only it is deprived of all elements of sport and becomes merely a trade or occupation.
Story Of The Squirrel
People who are not intimately acquainted with the squirrel are apt to regard him as a timid little creature. He is one of the friskiest little animals in creation, but he is not timid by any means.
Story Of The Otter
Were it not for the otter's desire to eat goose or duck three times a day his days on earth would be greatly prolonged, but the farmers and poultry growers have no patience with the rapacious animal and sooner or later he forfeits his life for the dainty morsel he is constantly seeking.
Story Of The Civet
In parts of India, Africa and the Malay Peninsula I have oftentimes had my patience taxed by the conduct of my dogs in leaving the trail they were following to pursue the trail of a civet.
Story Of The Crocodile
I shall treat of the crocodile and alligator in the same chapter, since the habits and general characteristics of one are in great measure similar to the other.
Story Of The Sloth
One of the most singular animals is the South American sloth, a creature which a short time ago was thought to lead a most miserable life, owing to its awkward and painful movements when placed upon the ground.
Story Of The Tortoise
The turtle which inhabits the streams in almost every part of the United States has a counterpart in the tortoise, a creature of such dimensions as to seem almost incredible.
Story Of The Ocelot
I once spent a very interesting quarter of an hour in South America watching an ocelot catch a monkey. The beautiful cat had taken a position in a large tree much frequented by monkeys.
Story Of The Wolf
On numerous occasions I have matched my wits against the cunning of a wolf, and have been defeated oftener than I have been successful. I spent more than a month trying to trap an old gray prairie wolf, the leader of a band that was killing the cattle of a ranchman friend.
Story Of The Badger
The badger was formerly so common in Wisconsin that the early inhabitants of that state gave the nickname of badger state to the common-wealth.
Story Of The Hyena
In all my associations with hunters, travellers and naturalists, I have never yet been able to find one who would defend the hyena, which by common consent is classed as the most skulking, cowardly, cruel and treacherous of beasts.
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