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Story Of The Beaver
Working like a beaver is a common expression and means exactly what it says, for there is no creature possessed of greater industry than this little fur-bearing animal found along the streams of North America and some of the larger European rivers such as the Rhone and Danube.
Story Of The Lion
As bold as a lion is the phrase most commonly used to express the highest order of courage, for by general consent the people of all countries have bestowed upon the lion the title of King of Beasts.
Story Of The Elk
The fiercest and most interesting combat I ever witnessed between wild animals was a struggle between two male elk for the leadership of a herd.The challenger was a fine bull weighing about a thousand pounds.
Story Of The Tiger
My first direct knowledge of the jungle tiger was obtained in a manner startling in the extreme to both the beast and myself. I was out but a short - distance from our camp near Calcutta when I noticed a band of monkeys in the distance.
Story Of The Mountain Lion
Many a young hunter in the Rocky Mountains has been startled out of a sound sleep by a wild, unearthly cry unlike any other sound of the forest. What's that ? - he would ask, listening to catch a repetition of the sound.
Story Of The Camel
The Arabs who inhabit desert regions would be helpless without the camel, which animal is to them as essential as the railroad is to the American citizen.
Story Of The Jaguar
Once, when in South America, I witnessed an entire village thrown into a state of terror by a jaguar. The animal had been without food for many days, and starvation had made it desperate. It descended upon the village at night, and while prowling around in search of human prey it entered a church, the door of which stood upon.
Story Of The Buffalo
Were a second Col. W. F. Cody to become a scout in the great West, he could not win the title borne by the illustrious Buffalo Bill, for the innumerable herds of buffaloes of thirty years ago, have disappeared.
Indian Buffalo
The Indian buffalo has been domesticated and is extensively employed as a beast of burden by the Hindoos. It has also been introduced into several of the adjoining countries. The animal is about the size of a full-grown ox and is harnessed and driven in a manner similar to that our forefathers used with the ox.
Cape Buffalo
The Cape buffalo is a native of South Africa. It is exceedingly ferocious and cunning, often lurking among the trees until an unsuspecting traveler approaches, and then rushing on him and destroying him. The ferocious creature is not content with killing its victim, but stands over him mangling him with its horns, and stamping on him with its feet.
Story Of The Armadillo
In Central and South America dwells a little creature that might properly be called an animal battleship. It is the armadillo, and as may be inferred from its Spanish name it is protected by heavy armor which covers it so completely that by drawing in its head and legs no part of its person is exposed except the tail.
Story Of The Lynx
In my various travels I have met and studied no less than twenty species of lynx. The true lynx, that makes its home in Europe and northern Africa, is the best representative of the general class, but the American species have many similar characteristics.
Story Of The Elephant
Everybody knows that the elephant is the largest of living animals, that his tusks are ivory and that he has enormous strength. Many other things the reader knows of this big beast, and yet this story is written for the purpose of describing scenes and incidents, in which I took a prominent part, new and novel to you.
Story Of The Leopard
Some years ago a couple of leopards, which lived in England, afforded a strong proof of the innate individuality of these animals. One of them, a male, was always sulky and unamiable, and never would respond to offered kindnesses.
Story Of The Reindeer
The most enjoyable sleigh ride I ever took was behind a pair of reindeer. After that trip of nearly four hundred miles I could readily understand why Santa Claus selected the reindeer to carry him on his annual gift-making tour. The reindeer is a rapid, sure-footed traveler, and is guided as easily as one would guide a well-trained horse.
Story Of The Coyote
The coyote has been well-named by a western writer, the lean, gray vagrant of the plains. This animal is considerably smaller than the common wolf, from which it is also distinguished by its thicker and longer fur and more bushy tail.The coyote ranges from the south of Costa Rica, in Central America, to the lower portions of Hudson's Bay.
Story Of The Wild Sheep
Vice-President Roosevelt simply stated a fact known to all Western hunters when he described the difficulties attending a successful pursuit of the Rocky Mountain sheep, or big horn, as they are generally known.
Story Of The Mungoose
To my mind the best all-around rough-and-ready fighter, of his size, in the animal kingdom is the mungoose. In India this little creature delights in nothing so much as to meet a cobra, the most deadly of all snakes.The mungoose is about the size of a cat.
Story Of The Zebra
My first introduction to the zebra in his wild state was in the hilly country of Eastern Africa. The native hunters of my party wanted some zebra meat, of which they are extremely fond on account of the large amount of yellow fat it contains.
Story Of The Yak
On the plateau of Thibet I hunted the long-haired yak some years ago. We reached the most inaccessible region of that wild country, rarely visited by white men, in the spring and spent a, part of the summer there. During that period I frequently followed the yak and shot several large specimens of the animal.
Story Of The Prairie Dog
“Yip yip.”As I heard this sound I turned my head and saw hundreds of small legs and whisking little tails disappearing in burrows. I was on the edge of a prairie dog town.
Story Of The Wild Boar
The wild hog, or boar, inhabits many parts of Europe, especially the forests of Germany, where the chase of the wild boar is a common amusement. It has become extinct in this country for many years. Its tusks are terrible weapons, and capable of being used with fatal effect.
Story Of The Porcupine
I have a great deal of respect for the porcupine, and I have noticed that his fellow animals have a like feeling toward him. In the first place, he doesn't meddle with the affairs of others and he very quickly resents any attempt to meddle with his affairs.
Story Of The Hippopotamus
It is related of a former United States Senator from Ohio that he was one day at a circus and menagerie, where he was watching the feeding of the hippopotamus, when a party, among whom was a dentist, approached.
Story Of The Jackal
In India lives a wolf-like creature called the jackal, which gives a peculiar wailing howl.
Story Of The Tapir
In South America I shot any number of that queer animal which forms the connecting link between the elephant and the hog, which bears a close resemblance to a rhinoceros and which is called a tapir.
Story Of The Monkey
The proverb mischievous as a monkey reveals the estimation in which monkeys commonly are held. The more or less human-like form, the frequent tendency to assume an upright position, coupled with their hand-like feet are amply sufficient to distinguish the group to which these animals belong from all others.
Ugly Baboon
With the true baboons we come to the most hideous and repulsive-looking members of the monkey tribe, their repulsive appearance being only equalled by the fierce and untamable disposition of several of the group.
Intelligent Chimpanzee
The chimpanzee is a native of Western Africa, and is common on the banks of the Gambia and in Congo. It is also found on the peninsula of Malacca and several islands of the Indian ocean.
The Orang-outan inhabits Borneo and Sumatra. In Borneo there are two species of orang, called by the natives the Miaskassar and the Miaspappan. Some naturalists suppose that the Sumatran orang is also a distinct species.
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