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Jesus, At Twelve Years, Visits The Temple
THREE times a year, at Easter, Pentecost, and on the Feast of Tabernacles, the Jews were obliged to visit the Temple at Jerusalem. The parents of Jesus willingly complied with this requirement of the law. Jesus did not accompany them on these pilgrimages till He was twelve years of age, and then the journey brought them a great sorrow and filled their hearts with dreadful alarm.
Baptism Of Jesus
BEFORE introducing Himself as the Messias, Jesus wished to present Himself as the representative of fallen man, and as the Lamb of sacrifice bearing our sins, He effected this design by humbling Himself, and like a sinner subjecting Himself to the baptism of St. John.
Jesus Calls The Twelve Apostles
EVERY important act in the life of Our Lord was pre-ceded by prayer and meditation. And it came to pass in those days, that He went out into a mountain to pray, and He passed the whole night in the prayer of God.
Parables Of Jesus
OUR blessed Saviour chose to convey His instructions chiefly in parables and figures, according to the usage and style of Eastern countries. Amongst other parables, He proposed the following: Parable of the Sower.
Miracles Of Jesus
WHO can tell the number of Christ's miracles? He wrought them in the spirit-world, in the heavenly bodies, in men, in the senseless beasts of the field. He summoned angels to wait upon Him, expelled devils, darkened the sun, stayed the storm, calmed the angry billows, changed water into wine, converted sinners, opened the grave and called the dead to life.
Christ Announces To St. Peter His Supreme Pastoral Charge
ONCE Jesus came with His disciples into the region of Caesarea Philippi, a city on one of the sources of the Jordan, in a most lovely, fertile, and magnificent country. In ancient times, it had been the seat of the most atrocious idolatry : here the Jewish tribe of Dan had sacrificed to false gods; here Jeroboam had set up the golden calf.
Private Life Of Jesus During His Ministry
THE whole life of Jesus was one of humility, retirement, and silence; but when the time was come for Him to appear in public, He desired to be to the world an example of austerity and penance. He was the rich son of the richest father, yet He lived in the most abject poverty.
Sorrow Caused To Jesus And Mary By The Persecution Of The Jews
To learn, in a degree, how distressed Jesus was at so many and so grievous insults, consider, first, that He was most innocent. During all His life He had never done anything to harm or to offend anybody.
Jesus Triumphantly Enters Jerusalem
TOWARD evening, on the Friday before Palm Sunday, Jesus again went to Bethania. There a supper was prepared for Him in the house of Simon, and Lazarus was among the guests. Martha ministered to Our Lord, and Magdalen, for the second time, anointed Him with precious ointment.
Barren Fig-tree
EARLY next morning—Monday—Jesus and His disciples started for Jerusalem, and the keen air made Him hungry. The little valley of Bethany was famous for its dates and figs, for the very name of Bethany means the place for dates, while Bethphage is the place for the green or winter fig, a variety which re-mains on the trees through the winter, ripening only after the leaves fall.
Jews Lay Plans To Put Jesus To Death
HAVING ended His discourse, Jesus reminded His disciples of the approaching Passover: You know that after two days shall be the Pasch, and the Son of man shall be delivered up to be crucified. (Matt. xxvi. 2.)
The Last Supper
THE Jewish Passover was a rite prescribed by the Mosaic Law in remembrance of the delivery of the Israelites from the power of Pharao. Each family, says the sacred text (Exod. xii.), shall take, on the tenth day of the first month, a lamb, and on the fourteenth day shall sacrifice it in the evening, and sprinkle the doors of their houses with the blood thereof...
Farewell Discourse And Prayer Of Jesus
AFTER the Last Supper Our Lord addressed to His apostles a most touching discourse, in words the most pathetic and expressive of His love.
Jesus In The Garden Of Gethsemani
THE time had now arrived when the first act of the great tragedy of the Passion of Our Lord was to begin.
Treason Of Judas, And The Apprehension Of Jesus
JUDAS had not been idle during the interval which elapsed since the time he left the company of the apostles. And Judas also, who betrayed Him, knew the place: because Jesus had often resorted thither, together with His disciples.
Jesus Before Annas
NOW the impious mob led Our Lord away. Who can describe, or even imagine, the diabolical joy and low insolence of the soldiers and servants of the chief priests, as they dragged Jesus out of the garden and across the valley of Josaphat, over the brook Cedron, to Jerusalem, and into the high-priest's palace?
Jesus Before Caiphas
PETERS DENIAL OF JESUS ANNAS and his associates deemed the case of Jesus to be one which came within the province of the Sanhedrim, or great court, and Our Lord was accordingly sent by them to Caiphas. The attendants, therefore, led Him straightway across the courtyard to the hall, where the infamous high-priest was waiting with his colleagues to proceed with their nefarious trial.
Jesus Before Pilate
THE DESPAIR OF JUDAS AFTER a long night of the most outrageous treatment, Jesus was summoned, very early in the morning, before a full assembly of the Jewish high court, where sentence of death was passed upon Him. But as the Jews no longer possessed the power to inflict capital punishment, it was necessary that Jesus should be handed over to the Romans.
Jesus Before Herod
PILATE, in his perplexity and fear, was ready for any excuse to rid himself of this most embarrassing trial.
Jesus Is Condemned To Death
WHEN the soldiers conducted the lacerated, bleeding, and thorn-crowned Saviour into Pilate's presence, he was shocked and frightened at the result of his orders, and thinking it would not be possible for the Jews to remain unmoved at the deplorable appearance of their victim, he accompanied Jesus to the balcony, and showed Him to the crowd.
Way Of The Cross
WHEN the fatal words of condemnation had passed the lips of Pilate, great haste was made to carry the sentence into execution.
Crucifixion Of Jesus
JESUS at length reached the spot where He was to suffer the worst punishment His enemies could inflict. In order to degrade Him in the eyes of His nation, they caused Him to be led thither in company with two malefactors, who were about to receive the just re-ward of their crimes.
Seven Last Words Of Jesus
NO insult, no sneers, no taunt, however bitter, had been able thus far to exhaust the patience of Jesus as He hung upon the cross. He made no retort, He uttered not a syllable in answer to the outrageous conduct of the Jews. It was their hour, the hour of darkness, and they might consequently do and say to Him what they pleased.
Miraculous Events At Our Lord's Death
AN event so extraordinary as the death of a God-Man was necessarily accompanied by portentous signs, whereby God intended to glorify His Son, to manifest His anger against those who had crucified Him, and to express, in a material way, the spiritual effects which were to follow His death.
Side Of Jesus Pierced With A Lance
THE Jews feared much lest Pilate should leave the bodies of the three crucified men on their crosses all the next day, which was the Sabbath, and the most solemn day of the great paschal festival. To prevent so great a profanation, they sent a deputation to the governor, beseeching him to remove them as speedily as possible.
Jesus Is Taken Down From The Cross
HIS BURIAL SINCE Jesus had now fully accomplished the end for which He came into the world, the hands of His enemies could never be laid on Him again.
Resurrection Of Jesus
THE chief priests and Pharisees were not content, though they saw Jesus in the tomb. They remembered what He had said about rising again on the third day; and although they did not believe the prediction themselves, yet they were afraid it might make some impression upon others.
Jesus Appears Repeatedly To His Disciples
REPOSE and quiet reigned in the streets of Jerusalem. The dread cry of insatiate wrath against the Anointed of the Lord, which but three days before resounded through the city, was now hushed, and the disciples of Jesus timidly ventured to show themselves abroad.
Ascension Of Jesus, And The Descent Of The Holy Ghost
AFTER His resurrection, our blessed Lord remained forty days here on earth, appearing, as we have seen, sometimes to all apostles, and sometimes only to some, that He might thereby fully convince them of His being risen, and to accustom them by degrees to miss His corporal presence.
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