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The Universe: The Inwardness Of Events
(Topic: The Universe, Philosophy, Thought) Ours is the age of scientific analysis, and it might seem at first sight as though the whole of life had come under its sway. While our chemistry resolves every substance into its: elements, our psychology proposes to unravel every complex of the consciousness. We put both our outer and our inner world into the crucible, and are ready with an approved book formula for each.
The Universe: The Sins Of Saints
(Topic: The Universe, Philosophy, Thought) There is a saying reported of St. Teresa that 'she saw one good thing in the world, namely, that it would not condone the faults of saints, and that the power of its murmurs made them the more perfect.' The vivacious Spanish lady was here repeating one of the commonplaces of morals.
The Universe: The World's Beauty
(Topic: The Universe, Philosophy, Thought) In the glowing summer days we are Nature's willing thralls. She invites us into her world to come and play. With the glee of children, we accept her invitation, and wander entranced in her realm of enchantments. To us all, prince or peasant, she offers royal entertainment. We step out of doors and are at once encircled by a more than regal pomp. She feasts us with beauty.
The Universe: Of Face Architecture
(Topic: The Universe, Philosophy, Thought) THE interest in face architecture is, in certain circles, centred almost exclusively in one department of it, that of decoration. From 'smart society' emerge from time to time hints of the ever deepening mysteries of the lady's dressing-table. Fortune awaits the producer of a successful wash or dye or powder. There are face artists who specialise upon the lip, the nose, the eye, the eyebrow.
The Universe: Westward Of Fifty
(Topic: The Universe, Philosophy, Thought) A FAMILIAR line of pulpit exhortation is that which regards our present life as a preparation, good or bad, for a future and invisible one. What we do here and now will enormously affect what we become yonder and then. It would be fully as much to the point, and with some minds even more efficacious, if, in this view of life as a preparation, the preacher at times, for a change, confined himself...
The Universe: The Art Of Happiness
(Topic: The Universe, Philosophy, Thought) It is something, as a start in the world, to be convinced on good grounds that the Ordainer of our life on this planet intended joy as one of its chief products. That it means other things - service, sacrifice, education, development, probation, as well as a thousand aims beyond our ken we may well believe. But one of its governing designs is the joy of living.
The Universe: The Mission Of Illusion
(Topic: The Universe, Philosophy, Thought) AMONGST the subjects which no Christian teacher of today can afford to ignore is that of illusion and the part it plays in life and religion. It is a matter that will not be burked, and all who in any way stand for the interests of faith have to make up their minds upon it. To the present generation it is becoming increasingly clear that many things which it had been accustomed to regard...
The Universe: The Soul's Voice
(Topic: The Universe, Philosophy, Thought) One of the greatest events in the history of this planet was the beginning upon it of articulate speech. Evolution has, as yet, attained no greater triumph than in this discovery of soul to soul by the fitting of thought to sound. How it came about we know not, though science is ever groping towards some answer to the problem. Animals, we know, have their signal codes.
The Universe: Of Sex In Religion
(Topic: The Universe, Philosophy, Thought) In a study of sex in religion it would be open to us to follow one of two different directions. We might, regarding humanity as the subject of religion, as operated upon mysteriously by its unseen spiritual force, try to analyse the separate effect of this force as working upon the masculine or the feminine nature. Or, contrariwise, taking religion in its aspect as a human product...
The Universe: Of False Conscience
(Topic: The Universe, Philosophy, Thought) THE view advocated by Socrates, and by Plato after him, which practically identified virtue with knowledge, has been sharply criticised and can easily be shown to be defective. But the controversy has at least helped us to realise how essential a factor is knowledge to all moral progress, and how fatal an impediment to that progress is ignorance.
The Universe: Religion And Medicine
(Topic: The Universe, Philosophy, Thought) IN modern civilisation the clergyman and the doctor stand at such a distance apart that it is almost difficult for us to realise that originally they were one and the same person. Yet there was a time when medicine the whole business of healing was a purely ecclesiastical function. In savage tribes today the 'medicine man' is also priest. And the reason is evident.
The Universe: Spiritual Undercurrents
(Topic: The Universe, Philosophy, Thought) IF a man who has purchased an acre of land could only comprehend and utilise the values that he has here obtained he would be overwhelmed with the sense of his riches. He is going to make what he can of the surface, but knows practically nothing of what he owns underneath.
The Universe: On Being Inferior
(Topic: The Universe, Philosophy, Thought) One of the greatest disciplines of the inner life lies in the choice that is offered us as to the treatment of our own inferiority. It is a discipline which none of us is allowed to escape. Some of us are very low down. There are ranges and ranges of visible human life that are far above us. But the sense of inferiority is by no means confined to the poor or the meagrely gifted.
The Universe: Our Contribution To Life
(Topic: The Universe, Philosophy, Thought) THERE is food for abundant thinking in that apocalyptic conception of a great human judgment in which books are to be opened. The suggestion here of a kind of celestial book-keeping, in which a debtor and creditor account is kept between us and the universe, sounds startling enough, and yet, the more we ponder it, the closer does it seem to the facts.
The Universe: The Gospel Of Law
(Topic: The Universe, Philosophy, Thought) THERE are few subjects about which people have indulged more in the luxury of confused thinking than that of law in relation to religion. St. Paul has something to do with this, though the blame does not lie at his door. Men have imagined they were following him in opposing law to grace, in making law the antithesis of gospel. That is their mistake and not his.
The Universe: Of Fear In Religion
(Topic: The Universe, Philosophy, Thought) THE point is often discussed whether the comparative absence from the modern pulpit of those appeals to fear characteristic of the earlier evangelism has not militated against its power. The question here opened is one that has to be faced afresh by this generation.
The Universe: Life's Healing Forces
(Topic: The Universe, Philosophy, Thought) IN that creed of experience which people, by the time of middle age, have generally built up for themselves, a central article will, with most of them, we fancy, be a conviction of the immense healing power hidden away in every department of the world's life and available for every circumstance of it.
The Universe: Our Moral Variability
(Topic: The Universe, Philosophy, Thought) ONE of the supreme questions concerning a man's character is that of the range of its variation. We want to know about him not simply what he is to-day, but what he may be to-morrow. He is never in one stay, but is perpetually passing from one moral grade to another. This movement will be within certain limits.
The Universe: The Escape From Commonplace
(Topic: The Universe, Philosophy, Thought) THERE is the story of a man of leisure who found his future an endless vista, as it seemed, of days in which he would go through exactly the same round of getting up, dressing, feeding, and going to bed again too appalling in its monotony, and so escaped from it by suicide. In such a position we could sympathise with his feeling if we did not proceed to his extremity.
The Universe: Of Spiritual Detachment
(Topic: The Universe, Philosophy, Thought) IN the coming reconstruction of theology the builders will seek both their ground-plan and their materials in the region of the spiritual laws. These laws, which operate throughout the universe, focus and realise themselves in man. All the revelations, all the external facts that make up human religious history, have their origin and their interpretation here.
The Universe: Life's Present Tense.
(Topic: The Universe, Philosophy, Thought) GRAMMAR, in our school days, was the desert of Sahara. In its dreary sand realm of rule and form grew no single flower of human interest. How differently it opens to us in these later years ! Grammar, we find, is a page out of the soul. Its every line is burdened with the mystery, lit with the romance of the human spirit. Take a list of pronouns.
The Universe: A Doctrine Of Echoes
(Topic: The Universe, Philosophy, Thought) AN echo may, for general purposes, be considered as made up of two main factors, a sound and a reflecting surface. In multitudes of cases it would be difficult to say which of the two has the greater share in the effect. In the world's famous echo spots, such as Killarney, or that at the Castle of Simonetta, in Italy, which repeats a note sixty times, the result is, here as everywhere, in direct...
The Universe: Of Divine Leading
(Topic: The Universe, Philosophy, Thought) AFTER some thousands of years of conscious life on this planet our race continues to exhibit a strange confusion of opinion concerning the terms on which we inhabit it. Across the gulfs of time one generation calls to another as to what cheer, and gets only dubious replies.
The Universe: Amusement
(Topic: The Universe, Philosophy, Thought) RELIGION and amusement; the two things are here together on this God's earth of ours ; have been here from the beginning ; and we have not found vet the formula which unites them. Piety still looks askance at comedy, and knows not what terms it should make with it. It is singular that in a world which has never been without philosophers there should have been all along, on a theme so vital...
The Universe: Dream Mysteries
(Topic: The Universe, Philosophy, Thought) THE position accorded to dreams as a factor in religion is, we might almost say, one of the curiosities of modern thought. Schools of belief and teaching that are wide as the poles asunder are united in regarding them as, in this respect, of the highest importance. The Agnostic and the Christian believer are here at one.
The Universe: The Spiritual Sense
(Topic: The Universe, Philosophy, Thought) THE history of religion has been, for one thing, largely a history of false alarms. Again and again has the enemy breached and stormed positions supposed to be vital for her defence, to discover that the captive they hoped to make was not there. The history of that defence is indeed the most grotesque of stories. In some aspects it approaches to comedy.
The Universe: Our Thought World
(Topic: The Universe, Philosophy, Thought) WE are all of us absolute monarchs and govern each an empire compared with which old Rome or the modern Greater Britain are, in their extent, as a country parish. Every man's house, we say, is his castle ; but his mind is a world. It is hardly an extravagance of Jean Paul Richter's that 'a new universe is created every time a child is born.' All our life is a thinking.
The Universe: Morals And Eternity
(Topic: The Universe, Philosophy, Thought) THE conception of eternity is a differentia of humanity. Apart from any question of a future life, the mere fact that man is capable of this immense idea, that it lies there as part of his permanent brain furniture, places him in a class apart. Said an English farm labourer once to the present writer : 'There are two things that press upon my mind; one is the thought of boundless space...
The Universe: The Christ Of Today
(Topic: The Universe, Philosophy, Thought) THE title, without explanation, might seem almost an impertinence. Is the Christ of to-day, then, different from the Christ of yesterday or of tomorrow ? Is not the doctrine of His unchangeableness the centre of Christian orthodoxy ? That may be, and yet our title holds. For it is an expression simply of the relativity of our knowledge.
The Universe: The World's Surprises
(Topic: The Universe, Philosophy, Thought) MAX MÜLLER says of the early Aryans that they seem never to have got over their first surprise at the world, their sense of its utter strangeness, and of themselves as strangers in it. It is a refreshing utterance. We have not sufficiently appraised our sense of wonder as a spiritual asset. In fact, not to wonder has been in more than one age lauded as a virtue.
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